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Signs from Heaven

Hi everyone, this is Kathi from Thank you for reading my blog signs from heaven. Today we're going to be talking about how I know that I am connecting with signs, or that the signs are for me and we're also going to talk…
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Signs and Messages from Heaven

I have been blessed and very grateful to have been receiving, and paying attention to, signs that I get from those in heaven every day, whether it be a visual sign, an angel cloud, animals, birds, house pets, a verbal sign, a song, hearing my…
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In Remembrance of Mom

Mom’s interpretation of art was amazing, and the world will not “look” the same without her incredible interpretation. What my mother brought not only to a canvas, but to our world will never be inspired, found, felt or interpreted quite the same again.
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Three Branches

Three branches from one tree grew up reaching out and upward from the loving direction of the tree trunk. The tree trunk kept them grounded, safe, encouraged, and loved. As they grew the branches started to be aware of each other and started encouraging each other to grow upward and reach for the sky.
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Our New Psychic Medium

Kathi is an incredibly gifted psychic medium who trained at the prestigious Arthur Findley College in Stansted, England. Oh, did I mention she also did some training with famous psychic medium John Holland? Yes, Kathi is pretty wonderful, and we are really happy to have her on our team.