If you haven’t had the chance to talk with Roger yet, you are really missing out on something great.  Roger is our in-house medium here at Angel Messenger, and he is a remarkable one at that. He has been filling clients across the globe with a sense of peace they thought they’d never find.

By age 33, Roger had experienced enough loss in his life that he just wanted to give up.  When he was 29, his sister committed suicide, and his oldest brother was diagnosed with Aids.  A few short years later, his mother died followed by his father three months later.  Within a year, his brother also died of a heart attack.

Roger had lost just about everyone he loved and was lost in devastating despair.  He no longer wanted to live, but a very personal spiritual experience enlightened Roger to his purpose in this life – to share his experience, strength and hope with others.  When you have experienced such loss in your life, it changes you.  Taking the path that Roger has taken has opened him up in a way that is empathic, understanding and more connected than your average medium.

Both my husband and myself have had readings with Roger and can attest to his ability to connect to the other side and bring through messages and evidence from Heaven.  He is truly remarkable and can sometimes even bring through messages from pets.  For my husband’s reading, Roger was able to give him a specific message from one of our cats.  He knew Charlie’s name and specific details that could only come from our kitty.

Roger’s energy connected with mine from the very first conversation I had with him, and I wanted to share a bit more of him with you.  I just had to talk to Roger about his abilities and what brought him to this place, and so I talked to him interview style …

Me:  “What happened that pulled you back from such a dark place when you lost 4 close family members in such a short period of time?”

Roger: “I had been involved with new thought progressive churches with my brother, and my brother received a physical healing.  My brother was able to get messages from his guide through automatic writing and gave me a message about my life.  After my brother’s passing, I had a strong spiritual connection with him.  Life began to revolve around healing and working with others, finding a purpose.”

“When did you first realize you could connect with deceased loved ones for others?”

“When I was real young, I could see angels and spirits but lost that for a while.  That message from my brother’s guide triggered those memories, the gifts and confidence.  Then (he laughs), I was a 30 year old cowboy and stopped by a store called “Rocks Unlimited”.  The woman tending the store kept staring at me and eventually said that I had the most beautiful aura she’d ever seen.  She said I was transitioning and that she would like to be my teacher.”

I could hear the smile in Roger’s voice at the fond memories of his teacher.  He ended up being her best and last student.  She was amazed at how Roger could literally step into a client’s energy during a reading, experiencing their aura.  I asked Roger how he connects with the spirits?

“Do you see them?  Hear them?  Sense them?”

“I use all the clairs.  At first, it was just clairvoyance.  I had to see to trust.  Now more guidance comes through claircognizantly, and I feel energy.  I might say, “This feels like diabetes.”

Claircognizance means just knowing information.  This is actually the hardest form of guidance for someone developing psychic ability to trust because there’s not really a way to explain how you know the information.  You don’t necessarily see or hear it, you just know it without reason.  It makes a lot of sense that he developed the clairvoyance first.  Many of the best psychic practitioners are claircognizant.  If they can learn to trust what they get, the information flows through so much easier.

Roger has even read for people that spoke other languages and couldn’t be physically understood very well, but he connects to a person’s energy in such a way that he can communicate with their needs simply through their energy – understanding them perfectly.  He sees auras and can tell you about your aura.  He looked at my aura and told me about one of my guardian angels that has been with me for quite a while.  He was right on about working with my throat Chakra and wanting to communicate more because I have been really been pulled to write much more than I have been.  He also brought up a recent healing around my heart Chakra dealing with my birth father, which was quite amazing because it had just happened a few days before.

I asked Roger, “Do you see or sense spirits all the time, even out in public?”

He answered, “I have sensed spirits at times and have passed on messages, but I generally only connect to spirits who’ve already transcended.  I don’t really connect with Earthbound energies unless there’s a good reason.”

“So Roger, have you ever talked to any famous ghosts?”

“Well, back in third grade I did a sort of seance with the neighbor kids.  We met Abraham Lincoln.  I’ve always felt connected to Lincoln.”

“I know you have worked with the police a bit.  What can you tell us about the types of cases you’ve worked on?  Any specifics?”

“I was a student of Pam Coronado and worked as part of a team that worked with missing person and homicide cases.  My forte was knowing whether or not a person was still alive.  I would receive a photo and then send along details I received.  If the person was alive, I would pick up on their personality.  If they had died, I would pick up on details about the death – place of death, if the body was moved, cause of death and even the number or perpetrators.  I once thought I saw a person in a bathtub, but it was actually a deep freeze.”

Knowing how difficult it can be to do this work, I asked Roger what he likes to do for fun. “What do you do in your down time?  How do you relax?”

“I like to walk and be with the horses and nature, go to the ocean and see the gulf.”  (Roger lives in Florida.)

Roger told me that he prepares for his sessions by first asking his guides to connect with the guides of his client.  When you have an appointment with Roger, he sends a personal invitation to your spirit guides prior to your session.  He uses sage and incense along with candles and prayers to prepare as well as an invocation of spirit by Doreen Virtue.

“It’s interesting,” Roger says, “because we will notice that the client’s intuition increases during the session, too.  And many times, loved ones and angels will come through with healing energy.  They assist with healing whatever needs to be healed.”

Roger does healing work as well, and he likes the client to be active in their own healing process.  For those interested, Roger is a certified Theta Healer and is now offering healing sessions.  He increases his own vibrational energies in order to heal the client and help them work through blocks in their own energy.

If you’ve never had a session with Roger before, he recommends doing a 45 minute session for your first healing session.  If you have had a session with Roger before, a 30 minute session would work just fine.  As an introductory offer, ThetaHealing Sessions with Roger are 10% Off now through the end of July, 2012, when you schedule through this link.  (Click on the “Healing Sessions” tab to the left to schedule.)  Or, you can visit the scheduling page and enter the promotion code “roger” before scheduling your healing session.

“What advice do you have for people who are considering talking to a medium?”

“The first thing I would suggest is to get a referral from a friend who had a good experience.  Secondly, read the testimonials of that medium to decide if they are right for you.  And ask your intuition.  Take a deep breath in and out and ask if this is the right medium for you, and trust your intuition.  A medium might be a good fit for one and not another.

Prepare for your reading by writing a spiritual invitation to your guides, angels and loved ones.  Tell them the date and time and ask them to attend.”

Roger says it’s also important to remember that mediums are spiritual psychics.  They are here to help you, but they cannot make decisions or live your life for you.

Roger is an expert Tarot reader and absolutely loves the new Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue.  He likes the cards because they tend to give clear and exact messages and confirmation.

Is Roger the medium you are looking for?  Close your eyes, and ask your guides if this wonderfully kind and sincere man is the right person to help you right now.  You can read more about Roger on his bio page.  To schedule a session, see our online scheduling system here

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little chat!  😉

Angel Blessings,






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  1. Clare Kuehn
    Clare Kuehn says:

    Roger, I tried to e-mail you but your angelmessenger address didn’t work & though the other went through, I haven’t heard back from you.

    Can you let me know? I had a particular question re. your service. Thx!


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