Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. I’m sure we can all agree that this balance between inhales and exhales is absolutely necessary for our survival. Now I want you to imagine your typical day and every time you give to or help someone else, you are exhaling and every time you allow yourself to receive in any way, you are inhaling. Ok, be honest – how many of you would still be capable of continuing to read this post, and how many of you would be passed out (or worse!) because you can’t remember the last time you were on the receiving end of anything? If you’re like the majority of my clients, you would definitely fall into the latter category.

Trust me, as a former out-of-balance giver, I completely understand why someone would much rather give than receive and/or ask for help…

• You don’t want to appear weak by admitting you need assistance
• You want to control things and you don’t necessarily trust that others can or will do as good a job as you
• The ever popular, you don’t want to bother or inconvenience anyone
• And of course it goes without saying, it just feels really good to help someone else!

Regaining Balance Tips for Finding Balance ...The thing is, while it’s nice to think that we are Super men and women who can handle any- and everything on our own, the reality is we all could use some help now and then. For those of you who consider this a foreign concept and don’t have a clue how to receive, here are some tips to get you started:

Learn to accept a compliment. You’d be amazed how many people I work with say they have the hardest time doing this! From now on, when people throw flattering remarks your way, instead of telling them how wrong they are, just smile and say “Thank you.”

Do something nice for yourself. You probably go out of your way to do this for others all the time, now you just need to add yourself to the list – buy yourself flowers, get a massage or pedicure, indulge in your favorite treat – it doesn’t have to be anything big, it just needs to make you happy!

Say, “Yes!” When someone offers to help you with something, let them! For example, I’ve had numerous clients say they insist on doing the laundry, dishes, and all the other housework on top of everything else they’re responsible for, yet then complain that they’re exhausted and have no time for themselves. Is it really that important if your spouse/kids don’t fold the clothes, load the dishwasher, or clean the “right” (your) way? Let them help and use that extra time to focus on YOU!

Ask your angels. I realize it’s not always easy requesting help from other people, but that’s the beauty of working with Spirit – they want to help us with everything and are just waiting for us to remember to ask. If we allow them to, they are more than ready and willing to assist us however they can – and, no, you’re not bothering them! Ask your Angels a Question Here!

Give others the chance to reciprocate. When someone helps or does something nice for us, it’s human nature to want to return the favor. Think of all the people you’ve helped in the past who would love nothing more than to be there for you for a change – they just need to know how they can best help you, so don’t be afraid to tell them.

Just like breathing, when it comes to giving and receiving, we function optimally when we are in balance. If you do nothing but give, eventually, you’ll find yourself completely drained and burned out and won’t be much good to anyone, including yourself. By learning to receive, you’re getting the chance to recharge so that you are then again better able to be there for others. An added bonus is that you’re also telling the Universe that, yes, you are open to receiving all of the wonderful gifts it has waiting for you. If that’s still not incentive enough for you die-hard givers to make a change, think of it this way – when you receive, you are actually giving the gift of giving to someone else, so essentially you’re still giving!  🙂

Angel Blessings,


Valerie is a gifted Angel Psychic and Card Reader who once offered her services here through Angel Messenger. However, Valerie no longer offers these services.

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