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Free Mandalas for Children

Today I uploaded a new page of free coloring mandalas for children. Mandalas are great for meditation and creative expression.
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Lean Teen Self-Esteem

Last night was the first night of the Free October Tele-Summit for moms. If you haven't signed up yet, you should. It's free, and it's good. You won't want to miss the one scheduled for tomorrow night ... Thursday, October 8, 2009, 8pm…

This Baby's Got Rythym

Funny baby dancing to music video of Beyonce
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Free October Tele-Summit for Moms

Register now for FREE at . The first call with Dr. Sylvia Rimm, author of Rescuing the Emotional Lives of Overweight Children, is on October 6th, at 8pm, EST.

What a 5 Year Old Understands

Today was an interesting day.  We lost a loved one over the weekend.  It's okay.  I'm doing okay, but my family isn't doing all that great.  It's kind of confusing to explain how she was part of my family ... sort of indirectly related while…
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Twelve Lessons Horton Taught Me

Twelve Lessons Horton Taught Me By Hillary Fields I just watched "Horton Hears a Who," new on DVD and Blu-ray December 9th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment--and, wow! I have to admit, when I was a kid the parables in my…
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Meditations for Children

I found this on Susan Kramer's website and really think it's great.  If you like it, check out her site at  She has a book on meditations for children that you can purchase or download. Have…
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Faith of the Innocent

I wrote this some time ago but ran across it and decided to post it here ... Faith of the Innocent As I looked into my son's eyes one night, I saw something amazing. I saw absolute trust, absolute faith . . . in me. He knows that I…