India – The Land of Mystical Beauty

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Each country has something very special about it. Just like how America is the land of material comforts and Japan is the pioneer in technological advancement, India too has its own specialty – it is the land of spiritual wisdom… the abode of yogis and ascended masters.

Currently, India is going through a phase wherein most of its countrymen have lost touch with the glorious splendors of its highly scientific traditions. What is left is an odd mix of superstitions that bear only a faint resemblance with the true spiritual wealth of this country.

Since time immemorial, India has fascinated the entire world. In fact, the idea of ‘India’ came to first exist in the western mind when travelers used the term to describe a place that existed beyond the Indus River. It was this fascination with India and its wealth (both material and spiritual) that led to a multitude of foreign invasions. The ‘divide and rule’ policy adopted by the invaders to break the unity of the Indian people have left the country and its culture in shambles.

Ancient India – One of The Greatest Civilizations of the World

Ancient India was truly one of the greatest civilizations of the world. Even though today India is portrayed as a country brimming with strange religious rituals, in reality, authentic Indian culture has nothing to do with religious dogma.

The Truth presented in the Vedas (the ancient texts that have the answer for every question) is not meant for any particular sect, community or race. They are Universal Truths shared with mankind for the benefit of the entire human race.

All ancient temples are charging docks for the soul

There are no illogical injunctions in the Vedas. True Vedic knowledge is highly scientific and methodical. By practicing these methods anyone can awaken the Divine within and attain self-realization. Unfortunately, there are very few real spiritual masters in India today. At the same time, this does not mean that they don’t exist. A true seeker can still find them and master all the wisdom of the Universe.

The Dilemma of 33 Million Gods

One of the things that are ridiculed in mass media is the idea of Hindus having 33 million Gods and Goddesses. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst misrepresentations of a culture that is deeply rooted in the idea of living harmoniously with all of creation.

We must understand that ‘Hinduism’ was a label assigned by the invaders to label a country where people speak ‘Hindi.’ Vedic culture was spiritual and not religious. It’s important to note that there was also no caste system or religious/spiritual discrimination in India prior to the invasions.

All the practices adopted by the inhabitants of this country were geared towards one ultimate goal, and that goal was enlightenment.

The highest teachings of the Vedas is ‘aham brahmasmi’ which translates into ‘I am that I am.’ All great sages have said only one thing – God is within, I am God.

However, one awakens in this highest state of God-realization only after the individual ‘I’ has dissolved completely. There is no duality – it is the same Self that dwells within all.

This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva or the Formless Unmanifested Universe

We must understand that temples were not established as institutions for indoctrinating the masses but for spiritually empowering both the beginner and the advanced seeker in his/her quest for enlightenment. Just like how our modern cellphones can be charged at charging docks, we can charge our energy bodies by going to the temples created by the ascended masters.

In fact, when it is said that there are 33 million Gods and Goddesses, it doesn’t mean that there are 33 million creatures who need to be worshipped. It simply means that there are 33 million manifestations of the Divine. All of nature is a manifestation of the Divine. The Divine dwells within each human being and also everywhere in the animate and inanimate world. When one realizes the Divine within, one also begins to see the Divine that exists in all of nature and in the hearts of everyone.

What is Namaste?

When two Indians greet one another, they use the word ‘namaste’ to acknowledge one another. The real meaning of Namaste is this: ‘the divine in me is acknowledging the divine in you.’

There is also a very specific reason why the hands are brought together in front of the heart. The joining together of both hands represents the merging of the male and female energy (the right side of our body represents the masculine while the left side represents the feminine).

When the male and female energy merges together, a state of oneness is established. God is ‘One’ – the infinite Universe dwells within each one of us. What we are seeing outside is only a reflection of the inside.

Just like one can use clay to make a pot, a cup, or any other item; each one of us might have a different physical form in the manifested world but we are all made of the same Universal consciousness.

The Rishis (Ascended Masters) and the Vedas

The Vedas contain the answer to every question a human being can think of yet they cannot be understood by just any common person. This is because the wisdom of the Vedas was received by the ascended masters in very high states of consciousness. When they documented the wisdom that they received in such elevated states of consciousness, it did not make much sense to common people.

This is a temple dedicated to Shakti. Shakti is represented in the form of three Goddesses as Shakti is the force through which the manifested world was formed

Therefore, they formed the Puranas (other ancient Indian texts) in which the wisdom was imparted through stories. Gods and Goddesses were created so that people could better understand the Universal Truth. This is how the male energy came to be known as Shiva and the female energy came to be represented as Shakti.

While everything exists within Shiva, Shiva himself is the vacuum or nothingness. Shakti (represented as his beautiful consort in the Puranas) is the energy or force through which the manifested world came into existence.

When one uses scientific methods to merge the Shiva and Shakti (male and female energy) within oneself, he or she rises above the limitations of the material world. All dualities, ideas of wrongdoing, memories of past hurts, grudges, and feelings of animosity dissolve when one realizes that nothing but the Self is real.

However, this state of ultimate realization cannot be achieved without the help of a real master – someone who has already attained self-realization. The good news is that such masters still do exist. You have to be a sincere seeker with a maddening passion for realizing the Truth in order to connect with such a master. If you can evoke that passion in yourself, then the Universe will conspire to bring such a divine soul to you.

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