How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Money

and Financial Success

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Our society is not comfortable talking about money. For women, it’s even worse. There are all sorts of taboos shrouding our conversations about money and financial success. For so long, it was “unladylike” to discuss money. And thanks to the limiting beliefs we’ve inherited from family generational patterns, most people feel guilty about money and financial success. This isn’t healthy. And believe it or not, it’s not spiritual either. Fortunately (no pun intended), you can heal your relationship with money and replace your money guilt with money peace.

Why we feel guilty about money

The most common reason you have money guilt has very little to do with you. In fact, your current relationship with money is probably dictated by your family’s money story.

If your parents used to judge or resent people who had lots of money, you will subconsciously self-sabotage so you don’t earn a lot of money. You want to avoid judgment and resentment, too.

Generational patterns get handed down with the simplest phrases and words, and sometimes, money guilt lives within a religious context. How often did you hear these statements growing up?

  • Nothing comes easy
  • Life is a struggle
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Life is hard
  • We can’t afford it
  • I never have enough money
  • Money is the root of all evils
  • Blessed are the poor

If these generational patterns have been passed on to you, you may feel guilty about money. But you can release yourself from this trapped energy and have fun with money again – or even for the first time.

How we act out money guilt

When we feel guilty, it’s usually due to a concept of “sin” and because we’re holding onto unforgiving emotional attitudes.

In her Paths of Guilt and Shame, Leland R. Beaumont identified the behaviors we tend to enact when we feel guilty. First, we take responsibility for the perceived wrong (which, in this case, would be having money and financial success), and show remorse by making up for it. Then, we deny our successes. Finally, we feel shame and criticize ourselves.

It’s not hard to see these guilty behaviors playing out in seemingly benign scenarios. You take “take responsibility” for your money guilt by giving money away – not from a place of generosity, but from a place of guilt. You can deny yourself success by undercharging your services or even lying about your achievements.

If your financial success deviates from your family’s story, values or expectations, you can hide it from them to avoid discomfort or discord.

What about when you spend money? We often feel guilty because we think our purchases are not “sensible” and “responsible.” We think they’re foolish, flippant and selfish. This is all the result of our bad relationship with money.

Money guilt may be a common experience for you, but here’s something to ponder:

You can never ever feel enough guilt to make anyone else abundant. In fact, Louise Hay even goes so far to write in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, “Guilt is a totally useless emotion. It never makes anyone feel better, nor does it change a situation.”

In other words, your guilt isn’t doing you or anyone else any favors. So, isn’t it about time you trade it in with something that gives you better returns and better profits?

You give money its energy

Money is neutral energy. It’s not positive or negative. It’s not good or bad. You give money its energy. And you will always have an abundance of either financial debt or financial flow. It all depends on the energy you give money.

When you can create struggle and scarcity, there’s never enough money, and frightful experiences govern your relationship with money.

But you can also create a positive relationship with money, where money shows up with ease, where money is a friend you love – a friend who’s always there for you.

It goes without saying, that most of us want to create this second, positive relationship with money. But this is impossible if you’re guilty and ashamed of money.

How to stop feeling guilty about money and financial success

Imagine you had a friend you were embarrassed to talk about, or embarrassed to go out with. Do you think your friend would want to spend much time with you? Probably not! It’s no different with money.

Feeling shame and guilt towards money will not attract it into your life. Why would it? It sees you are not energetically open to it. It recognizes that will you won’t be a good steward.

Therefore, if you want to attract money, you have to demonstrate to money that you will be a wonderful steward and someone it will have a great relationship with. Here’s how you can do that.

#1: Give yourself permission to be successful

Say this to yourself on repeat: “I am worthy of financial abundance. There is plenty for me. There is plenty for everybody.”

#2: Wealth begins within

True affluence begins with thoughts of affluence. Scarcity and fearful thoughts will keep you impoverished, even if your bank account is full. Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to believe in more, not less.

#3: Keep cash in your wallet

Invest in a nice wallet. This sends a powerful message to money: you are important and I have a nice physical home for you. Then, always keep cash in this physical space. This allows you to create a tangible, physical connection with money.

#4: Avoid negative money talk

Every time you express anything negative about money, it teaches yourself to be poor. It closes your energy and shuts off your energetic flow of money. Instead of saying, “I don’t have enough” or “I can’t afford this,” say, “I can have this experience” and “I believe that money is showing up for me.” It will.

#5: Trust money

Feeling guilty about money is actually disrespectful to your money. If you don’t accept money into your life, you’d better believe that money will look for other people – people who are grateful, excited and happy to receive it.

You can trust money by giving it a job, and believing that it will take care of it for you. When you welcome money into your life, let it know you’re grateful that it can buy you delicious food, cover your rent, pay your bills and help you enjoy life’s pleasures.

In fact, Louise Hay taught that we should be grateful for our bills – they are “an acknowledgment of our ability to pay.”

#6: Let go of struggle energy

Do you know that popular phrase, “Less is more”? Well, it’s time to ditch that, along with all the struggle-energy that makes you feel guilty about money and financial success.

It’s time to welcome financial affluence into your life and the gift that money is. You are worthy of this experience.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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