Making a Difference One Bracelet at a Time

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

As you may know, I have developed a chronic and debilitating illness. It is frustrating and often makes me feel quite useless, but I’m doing the best I can to make the world a better place. My team has worked on a couple blog projects … the Beauty Project and our Mother Earth Project. Right now, we are working on adding some physical products to our online store that will give to select important charities. For example I have a Tree of Life bracelet that will be able to plant trees on four different continents. That’s something I’m pretty excited about! 🙂

In September 2019, Angel Messenger was able to conserve 1300 trees and planted 130, and we will continue to save 100 trees & plant 10 every month through a great website called 8 Billion Trees. I just couldn’t resist this one because I had to help save the habitats of orangutans and sloths. (They are special to me.) Going forward, most of the donations from our Tree of Life bracelets will be donated to One Tree Planted simply because I’ll be able to do a lot of good for $1 a tree. (These bracelets currently come in four different colors).

And I’m really excited to be excited about something. When you are stuck in bed for days (sometimes weeks) at a time, it can be really difficult to find joy without purpose. It can be really difficult to feel like such a strain when every night is a painful dark night. It’s no fun, but I’m hoping this illness is giving me the strength I need to help lift this broken world up because that’s what we need. That’s what I’m trying to do. I gave up trying to fight the darkness, but I can create light … darkness has no defense against light.

So, I keep creating, and I have personally created two of the bracelet designs that are now in our online store. One of them is the Unconditional Love bracelet. The other is the Guardian Angel Love bracelet. Both of these bracelets can be worn together or separately. They both also give to their own separate charitable projects. (These two bracelets are very limited in quantity.)

Then there is the beautiful Teamer Paw Print Heart Charm Bracelet which gives to my own project, Pit Pals. I love this project because it gives to animals … pit bulls and all their friends currently sitting in shelters waiting for their fur-ever homes. This one means a lot to me … if you couldn’t tell. 😉

The last bracelet I added to the store has been a bit of a complicated one to add because each and every bracelet is unique and different. Because there are many days where I am stuck in bed, I wanted something I could do in bed besides reading or watching TV.  One day I sorta threw a bit of a tantrum and yelled at my television, “I am so friggin’ sick of watching TV!” So, I went to the craft store to figure out something I could do in bed.

I found this stuff called memory wire that kind-of looks like a slinky, and you cut it to the length you want your bracelet and add whatever glass, acrylic, metallic, wood, etc. beads you wish. I also add charms to each one. This allows me to be really creative … though one day I did drop a box of beads and had a bead explosion all over the bed and floor … what a mess that was!! It is really fun, though! However, I am collecting all these wonderfully adorable bracelets. I gave a few to friends, and that gave me an idea … I’ve decided to call them Friendship Donation bracelets with the idea that I am also worthy of a bit of help, and that is difficult for me to say. Read more about this bracelet here.

For the first time in many years, Angel Messenger again has physical products in our online store. You can view all the new bracelets here. I’m really excited about this new endeavor, and I hope you are too. This will hopefully allow us to make a bigger and brighter difference in the world, while also bringing Beautiful gifts into your home. With the holidays approaching, these items would also make wonderful gift ideas. <3

Much Love and Angel Blessings,


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