How Music Came to Me

Amazing Angelic Communication

How Playing Piano Came to Me

by Heather Poole, a guest writer for Angel Messenger

Music came to me at one of the lowest points in my life.  Before it happened there was a sense I could play the piano.  A thought that lingered as a subtle idea floating through me from time to time.  Over the years there’d been several dreams in which I was playing one.  Sometimes waking at night with hands vibrating I would look at them wondering, what do I do with all this energy?  During one of these dreams a crystal-like music sounded and woke me with awe, it continued, everything felt outside of time and space.  Where is this music from?  I’d never heard anything like it or any as transcendent.  I’m from there…from that place, wherever that sound is, I thought.

Having returned from the mainland to Hawai’i at a loss of what to ‘do’ with my life, had very little money and didn’t know where I was going.  Living temporarily in a house by a stroke of grace: tropical beauty, pond, water flowers, ocean view, that a few years earlier had come to me out of the blue to house sit at a time when a place to stay was very much needed…which is another story.   It was during this time I’d let everything go with the intention to cultivate a direct relationship with spirit, open my heart fully and listening to its guidance.  Yes, Love was the one thought held.  Some parts were very good…some things were not working so well.  I’ve always had something deep within in me, like everyone, trying to be born which has at times felt like a struggle.  Our souls are tender and unfold in their own way(s) as a mystery to each of us which is also what makes it magical. I’d spiraled to this low point at various times in life and had to find a new way of being that supported me.

The newspaper came to the house every day.  After a walk, I’d pick it up and put it aside never having gotten into reading the news.  If there was anything in the paper needing to be to known I believed the information would come to me. Probably from someone who read the paper.  One morning picking it up heard, The paper comes to the door everyday why don’t you look in it?  Often I’ll do things I normally don’t, especially if in a rut, to stay open and always find it a helpful way to let go of attachments and expand.  Experience has taught that things I need are often very close.  Similar to plants: if the there’s a poisonous plant then often the remedy is nearby if not growing next to it.

Inside, at the kitchen counter opened was the West Hawaii newspaper randomly, landed in the classifieds at ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Let me backtrack a little.  A week before a dear friend, Elena, was visiting.  I’d asked her to teach me something about music.  After the lesson, she made the suggestion to get a keyboard to practice.

‘Thanks but I don’t want a keyboard I want a piano. Something about it, it’s as if I can feel it in my fingers.  A keyboard has no attraction for me.”

Back to the paper.  The first thing read is  FREE PIANO, to a religious or non-profit organization.

Hmmm, I’m kind of both at the moment. I’ll call anyway and was greeted with the warm sound of a woman’s voice.

“Aloha, I’m calling about the piano.”

“I’ve had many callers.  How long have you been playing?”

“A little while.”   True in the sense of my dreams.

“I’m moving, the children are gone and it doesn’t get played.  It’s an upright Wurlitzer that’s been kept tuned.  Would you be able to pick it up?”

“Yes.” Not having any idea how, we talked a few more minutes.

“Well, thanks for calling.  I’m going to decide over the weekend and then will make calls, is that alright?”

“Yes, of course.”  Just as I’m about to hang up I hear,  Ask her her name. “What’s you name?”


“Grace.  Thank you so much.”

Grace! A word calling forth to dance my happy girl ecstatic dance. Grace, surely this piano is mine and declared aloud if it’s mine it’s mine, and let it go.

The weekend passed and no called came.  Weeks later, out of the blue, Grace called.

“Heather, do you still want the piano?”


“Well if you can pick it up it’s yours.”

I immediately called a friend, Jeera, convinced him to help, and that we could do it.  He picked me up,  we had blankets, ties, and bamboo poles in the truck. Grace greeted us, took us into her house where Jeera sized up the situation, and placed bamboo poles on the ground.  We pushed and rolled the piano from the house, across the porch into the truck, very gently, which coincidentally when backed up to the porch was at the same level.  He padded it, tied it in and we went on our way, beep beep!

The drive, usually a mere fifteen minutes, took almost an hour as we drove extremely slow and pulled over to let cars pass when needed.  I was flying with delight and barely able to contain myself.

We got to the house where I was staying, it was a little more difficult because there’s no porch.  We lifted and slid the piano out of the truck and guided it over the bamboo until reaching the door.  Once inside I sat down and began playing with my eyes closed.  When my fingers touched the keys I heard, I’ve been waiting for this all my life.

“When did you take lessons?” my mother asked, who happened to be visiting along with her friend, Mary.

“Just now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I always had a feeling I could play.  I just know how.”

“What are you talking about?” she laughed with uncertainty,  “Come on what are you up to Heather?” a twinkle in her eye, “You must’ve had lessons.”

Granted, I’ve often been known to be mischievous.

“I haven’t, I can’t explain it, the music…it’s coming through me.”

“I don’t believe this!” rolling her eyes lovingly then perplexed “I don’t understand.”

“That’s amazing,” Mary said.

I played for over an hour forgetting myself and entering into an ocean of sound.

Later, remembered when I first moved from New Jersey and was living in San Francisco, about twenty years before, I’d bought a piano from a thrift store.  My boyfriend at that time went with a neighbor to pick it up.  When he arrived home the look on his face didn’t bode well or match the excitement swirling inside.  The piano had slipped out of the truck smashing into an unrecognizable heap in the middle of a busy intersection in the Mission district and a few ivory keys he’d picked up were all that remained.  I’d forgotten all about this incident.

A couple years after receiving the piano I was living in Sedona, AZ completing a masters program I’d begun before moving to Hawai’i in 2004…but that’s another story.  Anyway one day at lunch I met Kate and Ron in line at the Indian Restaurant as we perused the buffet.

“Aloha”, chatting briefly while filling our plates, sitting down at one table and them at another.

“Do you want to sit with us?”


While eating and talking found Kate was a musician as well and an amazing singer I would come to find out.  They were traveling and had landed in Sedona for a little while.  After they asked about the piano I shared how it came to me through Grace and added it was also all the years spent swimming in the ocean, along with whales and dolphins that opened this part of myself.

“We want to hear you play.”  I invited them to come to listen the next day.

“You need to record that.” Both said when the music stopped. “ Your music is from somewhere that most of us have forgotten about but you remember.”

My spirit felt overwhelmed. They happened to have recording instruments and in another week recorded me playing and a CD was made.

You never know what good will happen when you say Aloha.  Divine timing does have a way of working things out, with its own sense of Grace, and often far better than we can imagine.  Sometimes it takes being at a low point to make room for the growth of our souls though I don’t believe it’s the only way.  It’s a matter of listening to the impressions and impulses we hear when first heard.  To believe.  All of us are ever growing, it’s important to remember this, and support others in our thoughts with love even if we don’t quite know what to do, the answer is always love.  A love that honors ourselves as we are in each moment which affirms life in all its mystery.

In Beauty, Heather

About the Writer:

I have been involved with the healing arts for over twenty years which began as an interest in creating greater health, well-being, harmony and vitality for myself and has blossomed into sharing with others so they too can experience greater well-being in their lives. To learn more about Heather and her work you can visit and

Photo Credit: Heather Lea Poole

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