How to Make Time for Your

Spiritual Practice Today

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

What is the purpose of human life? What are we really looking for? Someone might say ‘love,’ another person might say ‘prosperity and abundance.’ Yet another person might say ‘fun’ and ‘new experiences.’ We are all indeed looking for a special something. At different points of time in our life, we might want radically different things but we are always seeking something.

If you look back, you will realize that whenever you were badly craving that ‘one thing’ which you thought would keep you happy forever and you received it, after some time, you were disappointed that it no longer gave you the kind of happiness that you had initially thought it would give you for the rest of your life. What is the reason for this?

Think about this again – are you really looking for marriage or are you looking for happiness? Is your quest really for more money or for greater happiness? What do you think you will get if everything you ever wanted came to you right at this moment? Happiness… isn’t it?

Therefore, it’s not far-fetched at all to conclude that your quest, in reality, is neither for marriage nor for children or even money for that matter. You are looking for happiness. In that case, shouldn’t you desire to be perfectly blissful and happy this very moment without needing any external aid to accomplish it?

This is exactly what spiritual practice does for us. It helps us turn inwards so that we can directly tap into the ocean of blissfulness that lies within. When you turn inwards, you discover that the end goal of everything you want is already within your reach. When you live your life from a place of joy everything that you wish for starts coming to you without you running after those things. On the other hand, when you run after things, they only seem to slip further and further away from your grasp.

Daily Dates with Your Greatest Lover – Your Own Soul

As long as you are going to look at your spiritual practice as a chore, you’d find it difficult to make time for it. The moment you start seeing it as something that brings you immense peace and joy, you’d look forward to it. It’s like how when two lovers meet, they lose all sense of time. Think of your spiritual practice as a date with yourself – a union with the lover inside (your own soul).

Manage Your Time Better

Take a sheet of paper and write down what your typical day looks like. Be brutally honest with yourself while you are doing this. Therefore, don’t forget to mention how much time you spent aimlessly scrolling through social media pages or mindlessly watching television. Now, look at your daily routine and mark all those activities that are crucial to your wellbeing and that help you become a better version of yourself or make your life better in some way. You’ll notice that a lot of things you do in your day are merely out of compulsive habits. They are not conscious choices. For instance, if you are like most people then you most likely check your phone first thing in the morning. You read your messages and emails, then you scroll through social media. As you go about this routine, you lose the sense of time and it becomes addictive just scrolling through web pages that add no real value to your life.

Also, bear in mind that when you check your emails and messages first thing in the morning, you are putting yourself in a reactive state compelling yourself to live your day according to the demands placed on you rather than molding the day according to your own schedule.

For a better start and a better life, make the decision to eliminate all activities that don’t add value to your life. If you must spend some time doing ‘nothing,’ then at least make it pleasant for yourself instead of allowing it to be governed by habits and compulsions. For instance, plan a day out with your family when you could all sit around and talk or play games. It’s much better than compulsively spending time binge-watching television or eating junk food.

Set a Schedule

Discipline and consistency are the building blocks of success. Don’t just throw yourself into another new day without having a plan for it. Maybe not everything will go according to your plan every day but when you have a plan, you at least know how to steer the day in the direction of your goals and dreams. Set a time for everything – at what time will you wake up, for how long you’ll exercise, when will you meditate, what are your work hours, how much time will you spend with your loved ones, what your ideal bedtime routine looks like, etc.

The Best Time for Spiritual Practice

Having an elaborate morning and evening practice is crucial for keeping the body, mind, and soul recharged. Wake up early if that will help you have ample time for your spiritual practice. Be sure to start out slow but steady. It’s better to spend half an hour (or whatever amount of time you can realistically set aside) every morning at first and then gradually build up on your practices. The important thing is consistency. Make sure that you don’t miss out on your practice no matter what.

In the same way, at night, take the time to unwind yourself by switching off all electronics at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Spend this quiet time doing your spiritual practice and other things you truly enjoy.

Enjoy the Process

Your spiritual practice is not a path to get somewhere. It is your tool for becoming fully present in the here and now because only in this moment can you have everything that you wish for. As we discussed earlier, what you wish for is not really material things but the happiness that you will get out of everything you desire. Once you learn to enjoy your spiritual practice and start seeing it as an act of self-love, you’ll automatically make more time for it.

Your spiritual practice is the doorway to the kingdom of Heaven that already exists within you. Everything you are seeking outside is meant to take you closer to this Heaven. Why not start from within then?

The amazing thing is that when you live your life from a place of contentment, joy, and love, everything you wish for comes running after you.

Therefore, take the time to turn inward. Give this gift to yourself by making a commitment to your spiritual practice.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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