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Weekday Wisdom - Stand Tall, Take Back Your Inner Power, & Speak Out!!!

This is awesome! Stand tall, take back your inner power, and speak out!!! Oh, and here's what happens to me when greedy corporations and sell-out politicians try to feed my family poison ...
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Independence Day

... shortly thereafter another celebration was announced. A young woman was there having dinner with her family. She was just home from Afghanistan, and she will be going back again shortly. Everyone raised their glasses to the young woman and her sacrifice in the name of freedom.
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Very Important - Please Read this statement about advertisers on my site ...

Ads on my site are not in any way affiliated with Angel Messenger. This morning, someone contacted me about a woman named Gabriella, the psychic, who she purchased a reading from through an ad on my site. Gabriella is a scam.  When I did a…
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I'll Tell You Why

I asked God why so much has happened and why so many are struggling. I asked God why the people of Haiti have seen so much devastation and why their government is unable to accept all the help that has been offered. It's frustrating to see help just sitting in boxes, unable to reach those in need. I also asked why we are able to send help to those so far away while yet so many are suffering in our own country - in different ways but still unaided and crying out.
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A Critical Letter From James Twyman

A Critical Letter From James Twyman: The situations in Iran and North Korea are too important for spiritual apathy. I can't count how many times I've spoken to people who claim to be spiritually enlightened who say that they don't watch the…

Obama's Recovery Plan Video

For more information, please visit http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/economicrecoverymeetings/
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End Conflict by Practicing Spiritual Peacemaking

Oneness Articles by Charlene End Conflict by Practicing Spiritual Peacemaking With government modifications on the horizon, many people worry about how change and reform will trickle down into their personal life. Will taxes increase and war…

Congratulations Obama

It's probably not very surprising to read that I'm an Obama fan, but I am very happy with the election results.  I must say though, John McCain is a very good man.  I wish he had been chosen originally instead of George Bush eight years ago. …
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Is 'Ike' God's Will?

Is 'Ike' God's Will? posted by Neale Donald Walsch on Beliefnet Add to Del.icio.us Add to Technorati Add to Digg Add to Newsvine Is Hurricane Ike God's will? Is the possible devastation…