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Protecting Mother Earth

It’s very difficult to live in this day and age without in some way harming Mother Earth. The point here is to realize your power as a consumer. After all, Governments and industries are nothing but collective organizations that are formed by fellow humans.
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30 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude is truly the fuel for an abundant life, and we welcome you to join us in consciously practicing gratitude for 30 straight days. Every single day throughout the month of November, we will be posting Gratitude posts on our Facebook page to help you remember to practice gratitude each and every day.
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Blocked IP Addresses - Website Update

... Since this happened, our security software blocked all the IP addresses that were being used in attempting to hack the site. With the number of visitors we receive on a daily basis reaching above 10,000 per day now, it is possible that some of the blocked IP addresses could have also been real website visitors...
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Angel Messenger DEK - Does This Interest You?

The Angel Messenger Digital Enlightenment Kit I've been inspired by John Edward's, "The Five" and have been thinking about creating something similar. I like how people can pay one flat low fee and be eligible to receive a reading with John without paying more money.
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The December 2012 Shift: Moving into Ascension

The December 2012 Shift: Moving into Ascension  There are many ideas and theories from all across the globe, and from various spiritual belief systems regarding the Mayan calendar date of December 2012. What does this time period really…
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Can lightning defy gravity?

It is definitely not unusual for me to have interesting dreams, and last night was no exception. In the middle of making breakfast for my son this morning, I paused with a spoon in the air and remembered the oddest thing. In my dream, I was…
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What do you think about the new Free Reading extended descriptions?

As you may be aware, I've been working on creating extended descriptions for the Free Online Angel Card Readings. This project is taking a bit more resources that I had planned, so I want to make sure the work I'm doing is helpful before I continue.
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Angel Messenger Loyalty Program

I recently stumbled across a neat little program called Punchtab that allows me to offer rewards to loyal website visitors. Thousands of people visit Angel Messenger each and every day, so I thought I'd give this a try and reward people for what they are already doing ... enjoying the free online angel card readings and reading the blog.
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Weekday Wisdom - Stand Tall, Take Back Your Inner Power, & Speak Out!!!

This is awesome! Stand tall, take back your inner power, and speak out!!! Oh, and here's what happens to me when greedy corporations and sell-out politicians try to feed my family poison ...
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Ask Sheri - What are the angels thoughts on mental illness?

Thank you for your question. This is exactly the type of question I like to answer because it can help many people. My own family has suffered from the effects of mental illness, so this is something that is important to me as well. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with autism when he was about four years old, I believe. He can walk on his own, but he cannot bathe himself, brush his own teeth or hair, or perform any of the basic care a human needs. He also cannot talk without the help of a machine. He is about 40 years old now, and I have seen firsthand how having a child and sibling can really take a toll on an individual and family.
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Defining Moments

As you may know, I've had a few posts lately about the tragedy in Japan. It started with a question in my "Ask Sheri" column, and one of my readers recently posted a comment I thought deserved a bit more attention ...
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Modern Science Proving Sensitive Connections

Modern science is finally beginning to understand what most of us have known for a long time. Some people are more sensitive to picking up on subtleties, such as the emotions of another person. There's so much human beings do not understand…