In one of my recent blogs, I posted a video of Declan Galbraith singing “Tell Me Why”. The song really touched me, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. After some research, I discovered that this boy actually wrote this song himself after Katrina, and it was intended as a plea to God. He wanted to know why so many horrible things have happened down here on Earth.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve asked Heaven these same questions, especially over the last year. Sitting alone late at night with silent tears, trying not to wake my husband and son, I have asked God why …

“Why are those I love sick and dying?”

“Why are so many people experiencing so much loss and pain?”

“Why is my family losing our home? Why are there walls blocking every escape? Why, after all I’ve done, after all I do, will you not help me? I’ve done everything you’ve asked, and I would do more. Why do you just stand by and watch us suffer? Why don’t you help?”

After listening to Declan’s song, I asked again. I asked God why so much has happened and why so many are struggling. I asked God why the people of Haiti have seen so much devastation and why their government is unable to accept all the help that has been offered. It’s frustrating to see help just sitting in boxes, unable to reach those in need. I also asked why we are able to send help to those so far away while yet so many are suffering in our own country – in different ways but still unaided and crying out.

And then I received my answer. Why does God just stand by and let all this happen? He doesn’t. He has sent help, but we are unwilling or unable to receive it. He has sent angels in disguise. He has sent us spiritual leaders. They might be politicians, but some have gotten caught up in things that don’t matter and have forgotten their mission. They might be financial institutions, but only time will tell if they will do their part. They might even be children, but adults don’t always listen. They might be me, and they might be you.

God has sent us help. Even with my own struggles, there are ways I can help. Even with your struggles, there are ways you can help. Humanity can be greedy and selfish, but humanity is also capable of great love and miraculous feats. So many of us wonder why we would want to be born into such a difficult world, such a difficult life, but this is why. We are here to love and be loved. We are here to learn and experience humanity – at its worst or its best. How we choose to use our lives is up to us. Will we make a difference, or will we simply stand aside and ask, “Why?”

Over the next couple of years, humanity will see many opportunities to rise up and shine or to wallow in darkness. Our success or failure will be determined by our humanity. What choices will we make? What will we do? Will we choose to change our attitudes and reach out to one another, or will we let humanity die where it stands? Will we save our oceans? Will we end our petty wars? Will we save each other? Why do we suffer? We suffer because humanity has chosen to suffer. When we ask why, we need to be asking that question of ourselves. We can choose to live like this, or we can create Heaven on Earth. What’s your choice? What will you decide? What will you do to make a difference?

Rev. Sheri, Spiritual Intuitive and Teacher
copyright Angel Messenger, 2010

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