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Politics & Spirituality

Politics and Spirituality are two topics that seem to not mix well at all but none the less need to be talked about. This is something I've thought about extensively. Many of my colleagues keep their distance from politics, and I can understand why. I myself purposefully do not watch the news. However, it's not possible to be human and not be aware that something's not quite right in our world right now.
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Things To Do in Quarantine ...

Things To Do in Quarantine ... And How to Respond to What's Happening Step one is to not panic and to hold onto our Humanity ... We've also come across some other things you and your family might enjoy ...
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A Night with The Angels!

Join Rev. Sheri and Roger as they connect with with Angelic Realm, bringing through messages from Heaven. The evening will begin with a powerful healing meditation led by Roger, and messages will be delivered to those in attendance by both Roger and Rev. Sheri. Registration is required for this event.
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A Little Fun & Serenity

If you're on my newsletter list, you may already know this, but my family took a much needed vacation last week.  We haven't had any really quality "family time" in over a year, and so much has happened in this year.  We needed time to rest…
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Angel Messenger DEK - Does This Interest You?

The Angel Messenger Digital Enlightenment Kit I've been inspired by John Edward's, "The Five" and have been thinking about creating something similar. I like how people can pay one flat low fee and be eligible to receive a reading with John without paying more money.
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Anger, Growth & Gratitude

Sometimes it's really hard to be positive, especially when this world has so many negative things that can be thrown onto our path.  My husband will be losing his job on December 28th, and we will be losing our health insurance and more than…
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The December 2012 Shift: Moving into Ascension

The December 2012 Shift: Moving into Ascension  There are many ideas and theories from all across the globe, and from various spiritual belief systems regarding the Mayan calendar date of December 2012. What does this time period really…
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November Gratitude Giveaway - Win a One Hour Reading!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forms of energy we can use to manifest more positive energy in our lives.  In the U.S., we celebrate a time of Thanksgiving month.  We celebrate the memory of the Native Americans who saved the lives…
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Golden Times

I've been away for too long, and I am eager to begin sharing the lovely messages from Doreen Virtue's new Angel Tarot cards. This is an incredibly powerful deck of cards, and if you have ever considered Tarot Card reading but don't want to be…
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Back to School Readings - $10 Off

This has gotten me thinking that other parents and people in general should maybe consider doing something nice for themselves, too, and maybe I can help with that a bit. I've decided to offer a little deal on readings for the next two weeks ...
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Back to School - Cool Backpacks & Free Haircuts!

I'm all for anything that makes preparing for the school year easier on parents - and kids. JC Penny has been impressing me more and more with all they stand for, and now they are giving away free haircuts all of August to help parents get their kids ready for school. It's one less thing to do ... and pay for.
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Making A Difference

It can be overwhelming sometimes to take in all the heartache of those surrounding us. But, to make a difference, we only have to reach out and help one person.