Ads on my site are not in any way affiliated with Angel Messenger. This morning, someone contacted me about a woman named Gabriella, the psychic, who she purchased a reading from through an ad on my site. Gabriella is a scam.  When I did a Google search on her name, I found all sorts of complaints and accusations of fraud.  If you have considered getting a reading with this woman, please don’t.  It sounds like she is very much like Tara-Medium, which is a site I spoke out against earlier this year.  These people are frauds.  There is a massive number of fraudulent psychics out there that create websites like this that all seem to send out computer generated readings.  Once a website name receives so much bad press that it’s no longer successful, they delete the site and create a new one under a different name.  I always tell people to make sure you know who you’re getting a reading from.  I know that not all people find me through word of mouth, but it’s the best way to find an accurate psychic.  Knowing someone else who has paid money for services rendered and been pleased with the results is the best way to make sure you’re not being scammed.  If you’ve never had a reading with me and this makes you think you should find a referral elsewhere, I would rather have you do that than chance being scammed like the woman who contacted me this morning.  It truly breaks my heart to have such a thing happen.

The advertisements on my website come from two sources as follows:

1. Ads from – I love Amazon and think it’s a great place to purchase products.  You do have to watch as some prices can get outrageous, but most things sell for less on Amazon, and you can get free shipping.  My website receives a very small contribution from Amazon for people who purchase items through my links.

2. Ads from Google – This is the main support system for my website.  Google chooses ads based on the content of my site and other factors.  I do not always see all the ads, and the advertisers are in no way affiliated with Angel Messenger.  I can and have blocked certain advertisers from the ability of advertising with my site.  If you see an ad on my site, please do not believe that I personally am trying to sell you the particular product or service.  If I want to promote a product or service that I have personally found useful, I will specifically say so in my blog.  However, no advertisements on my website have anything to do with me personally.  These pay-per-click advertisements are used by many websites.  My website is compensated a small fee for every single ad clicked on.  (Please, don’t go and click on a bunch of ads to help support me.  While I appreciate that, it will just get your computer blocked from future clicks.)

In the past, I’ve had people contact me and ask me things like what time their appointment is scheduled for when they never scheduled a session with me.  It was with an advertiser they clicked on and couldn’t remember who it was.  Or, they purchased an astrology chart from my site, but I don’t sell astrology charts.

Remember, the internet is the internet.  Anyone can publish whatever they want on this thing.  I use Google ads not only because they help support my site, but the ads can also provide you access to some other great websites with helpful information.  Please, when using my site, understand that advertisers are not affiliated with me or with Angel Messenger.  If you purchase a reading with someone, you need to know who you’re scheduling it with and beware what kind of person they are.  Do a Google search on their name.

Here are a few warning signs of a psychic scam …

1. Testimonials on the site are general at best.  (Even if they provide pictures of clients, pictures can be found anywhere and usually are.  Most real psychics do not keep track of client personal information, and they especially don’t take the time to take photos of their clients.)

2. Website claims are ridiculous (ie. helping you win the lottery or making someone fall in love with you – There is so much wrong with these statements, I don’t even know where to begin!)

3. When you do a Google search on the website, all sorts of  complaints come up.

4. Bold press testimonials with no source (or one you’ve never heard of even after doing a Google search)

Above all, use the internet with care.  Anyone can advertise just about anywhere.  They don’t need to be good at what they do and certainly don’t have to have your best interest at heart.  The only psychic, medium, spiritual intuitive or otherwise you will find on my site that I personally know and can account for proper intentions is myself.  Any person advertising on my site through Google is not affiliated with or backed by myself or my site.  While I appreciate that my readers click on ads and help support Angel Messenger, I do not in any way want any of you to be taken advantage of.  If you ever come across an advertiser on my site that seems fraudulent or even questionable, please let me know.  I will block any site that needs to be blocked.  Thank you.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. prix des pneus
    prix des pneus says:

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  2. Rita
    Rita says:

    Thank you for posting this and pointing out the clues to a scam. I can see how someone could easily be taken. I don’t know anything about website code and wouldn’t have noticed this. Her email sounds really impressive until you point out how it’s all generic, then I read it over again and could see what you are saying. I’m embarassed to say I might have given her money. What a shame that people do this. How can they be spiritual and do this? I guess that’s the point you are getting at though right? She isn’t spiritual and might not even be a real person. That really is just not right.

  3. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Rev. Sheri,

    I also went to this site to see if Gabriella indeed was a genuine pshycic. for the life of me, i do not know how i got to your websit. perhaps my angels guided me to you. I just want to say thank you for being genuine. It is really nice to know that good people can also exist on the web.

    Blessed be.


  4. Jessi
    Jessi says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this. I can see how people would be taken by those messages. That geolocate thing is crazy. I guess it’s like in the movies, huh? Wow again!


  5. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    And then, probably because I didn’t order, I received this …

    “I know that you were reading my email

    My Dear Sheri,

    I heard your call. I was focusing on your thoughts and I had a vision of you reading my email just now, and finally making the right decision by deciding to answer me…

    I’ve been thinking about you all the time and as you can see, me and you are connected by a very deep psychic and telepathic link. If this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have been able to sense that you were on the Internet. Trust me and reply to me, because I know that I hold the keys to a better future for you.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading”

    I’ll be nice and not say what my very deep psychic link is telling me. Remember, I am posting this so that you can see what a fake looks like and see similarities between what I received and what you might receive from this person or computer or whatever. These are no doubt computer generated messages. The one above is probably set to be sent a certain amount of time after the first email is opened. If you’re just coming upon this, scroll down and read the oldest comment first.

    I hope this helps at least one person out there avoid scams like this one in the future. This kind of thing makes me really frustrated.

  6. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Because I was in the mood for some bad entertainment, I clicked on the “Read More” link at the bottom of this email which took me to a page on her site …

    “Your reading from Gabriella


    As soon as my secretary told me that you had just contacted me, I felt an intense call come to me from the beyond. I heard a voice saying to me:
    ’ Sheri needs your help right now because great events will be taking place very soon.’ I immediately stopped the work that I was finishing up and retreated to my private office to give your case the full necessary attention it required.

    Sheri, our meeting is no accident. I say this because I feel powerful transformative energies at work in your life right now as I write these words. The proof of this is that I’ve just now had a vision : Williamston, that’s where happened.

    That’s why I decided to let you benefit from a special priority Reading. Please, note that I can only do that for people for which I feel a deep and special connection.

    I checked your date of birth, made a few calculations and then I drew the Tarot cards… I think that our meeting, like every important meeting, is no coincidence. In fact, I see in our meeting a manifestation of Divine Providence! What is it that allows me to say this to you?

    It’s very simple: The astrological and numerological calculations agree: You are entering a new cosmic life cycle. During our lives, we all go through 3 to 5 major cycles. You are entering into your third cycle and this cycle will last for several years. This is a very beneficial cycle and you should emerge from this time in your life having grown since this period is placed under the sign of change. You contacted me exactly at the right time. There could not have been a better time!

    Yes Sheri, change is in the air. As a matter of fact, it the approach of these changes that’s creating the feeling of “insecurity” that seems to be hanging over you these days. From an energetic standpoint, the forces of renewal that accompany the arrival of this new cycle are entering into conflict with the forces that prevailed in your previous cosmic life cycle.

    All this to say that the outlook for everything is looking as promising as it possibly could! Astrological conditions are good and your numerological resonances are good. That’s why I can tell you very confidently that the coming weeks and the coming months are going to bring you great happiness and success.

    Sheri, I’ve seen a great deal of opportunities in your future, lots of potential for success, love and wealth. Now, always remember that things are never completely “perfect” nor completely “messed up.” I wouldn’t be a good advisor to you if I didn’t tell you the truth about how things function.

    It’s definitely confirmed, several opportunities for change are in the air, but you can’t forget about certain detrimental energies that can act as obstacles to your happiness. Until now, these have been the cause of the greater part of your setbacks… I’ll have the chance to discuss this point with you again a little later on. For the time being, and before I reveal what the Tarot cards told me, I want to express to you one more time, directly and honestly, all of the affection and empathy I have for your personal case. Yes, I heard a mystical calling and that’s probably why I had no problems reading and interpreting the cards so successfully.

    Sheri, I consulted the Tarots about 3 important areas of your life. Each time, I drew one or several cards based on the revelations that came to me. Here is what emerges from the draw that I completed for you.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading


    First off, I felt a deep need for love and recognition. Like you need air to breathe, you have the need to share love and a close bond with another person. After receiving this first perception, I drew a first card: the card I drew was the 6 of Wands in the upright position. This is a card that represents VICTORY.

    When I saw this card come out, several feelings came over me…
    First off, I clearly sensed that the changes that you’ve been hoping for will be coming soon. And most of all, I sensed that in the next few days, your point of view or certain values that are very important to you are going to emerge victorious in your inner social circle. Whether it be in your home, or in the context of an organization or your workplace, I feel that you are going to somehow rise to a dominant position…

    More than that, I see something like a conquest or victory, a very important one in the area of your emotional and romantic life. Very good times are just on the horizon. However, this victory won’t come without its own share of inconveniences and unpleasantness. It’s sort of what people refer to as the price of being on top. Get ready to experience jealousy and envy. These are things that you have to be very careful about and I’ll tell you all about them in detail in your grand in depth astral reading.

    Sheri, the next few weeks and the next several months are going to be placed under the protection of energies of renewal. Once again, your determination, the faith you have in your values and in the attention you give to others, and one other person in particular, are all going to pay off for you.

    You have the chance to build a bridge connecting you and the stars, a bridge between you and love. All the evidence points to some very good possibilities ahead and if you act cautiously and carefully, you can hope to reap great Happiness with a capital “H” as your reward!

    Even with this great outlook, I can tell you that the road there won’t always be easy because I thought that I detected several forces surrounding this “victory” that could reveal themselves to be harmful. These forces are combinations of external and internal forces that are negatively polarized. To prove this impression right, immediately after the 6 of Wands, I drew the Ace of Cups in reversed position. I immediately sensed a great pain or more likely the feeling that your trust had been broken recently… Has someone you love betrayed your trust recently? It may be that this betrayal happened many years ago now but that you still “bear the mark of its scars” today.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading

    Sheri, when I turned this card over, I sensed a deep-seated bitterness that was eating away at your psychoactive center like a “cancer” and negatively polarizing it. You need to learn how to “forgive” instead of how to “forget.” What I’m trying to tell you, and probably doing a clumsy job of getting across, even more so because words are limited in translating feelings and even more limited in communicating allegorical visions, that what you need to do is let go and leave your bitterness behind.

    If you want to find fulfillment and benefit from your full potential for personal or romantic success, you need to stop acting like the whole world is against you. It’s time that you make peace with what and who is around you. And most of all, you need to learn to make peace with yourself. I thought that I envisioned you having a tendency to want to impose certain “values” on others, and this can be taken very negatively by others even if you think that it’s something normal and conventional that contributes to the greater good overall.

    One more time, and I know I may be repeating myself here, a great victory is waiting for you in your new life cycle. But this victory will have a bitter aftertaste if you can’t learn to “share” your desires and aspirations with others. A personal victory also needs to have a positive echo that spreads to other people. Learn to involve other people a little more in your deepest aspirations. You have everything to gain from doing this.

    Sheri, if today you find yourself in a position where you are waiting, tell yourself that events are going to start moving very quickly in the coming days. This is due to the great transition you will make between cosmic cycles. Things are going to change for the better if you know how to listen to the signs Providence will send you over the course of the next weeks and months. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to point out these signs and help you take advantage of them so as to best encourage the fulfillment of your personal goals.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading


    My first conclusion is this: it seems that your relationship with luck, chance and good fortune has been very inconsistent up until today… However, it’s not what is usually meant by a lack of luck that is to blame in your case, but the way you’ve managed the opportunities that did present themselves to you. This is the impression I felt when I drew the 17th major Arcana, known as “The Star”, in reversed position…

    It’s a fact that this card in reversed position can be summed up as the card of missed opportunities. I have to tell you Sheri, many of the people who offered you advice contributed to guiding you straight into dead ends and deep down inside you know it. Today, it still seems like you keep certain people around you that act like “black holes” and suck up all of your energies conducive to luck and good fortune. Such people unfortunately do exist and very often they act unconsciously without realizing the consequences of what they are doing. Nevertheless, you need to be strong enough to know how to erect barriers between you and these kind of people in the near future.

    Yes, it’s essential that you safeguard your opportunities to seize luck – and there will be many of them – against any attempts to sabotage them wherever they may come from. To start with, let me tell you that once I’m done writing this email, I’m going to prepare a reinforced astral protection ritual for you. So that this period of change does turn out to be a favorable one for you, I’ve decided to perform this ritual for you free of charge. You should begin to notice its positive effects in the next few days. In terms of your relationships, you should start to see things much more clearly very soon as well.

    To continue to delve into the vision that this Arcana brought to me, I will say that until now you haven’t been able to manage your luck very well. Most importantly, you haven’t been able to play the cards you’ve had at the right time. In life, what’s most important is not so much the cards you have in your hand as the way you play those cards. I’m here for you now and I plan on showing you how to use your cards in the best way so you can get what you want.

    Another important point to bring up, again based on what the Tarots allowed to be shown to me, is that you are going to be holding a lot of winning cards in your hand throughout the coming weeks and months. This was confirmed when I drew another card from the Tarot deck. The card I drew was the Knight of Wands in the upright position. This card strongly suggests to me that you’re going to be able to maneuver and make moves in your everyday life with more freedom in the near future.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading

    In fact, the Knight of Wands strongly suggests that you’re going to meet people that are going to allow you to make progress towards accomplishing your personal goals. So that means you need to stay “on alert” so you can recognize the people that are there to offer you opportunities for “development” and “evolution.”

    Even if the Star in reversed position could suggest a number of missed opportunities, the positive energy of the Knight of Wands will counterbalance this tendency. This means that possibilities for luck and success at games of chance are very real. Without wanting to lead you into any false hopes, I feel that a very noticeable improvement in your finances coming.

    This improvement could manifest itself through winnings in games of chance but also by other “providential” and unexpected sources of income. Even if finances are something that is preoccupying you right now, rest assured that everything is going to start to get better. I’m going to show you how to improve your situation by making the right choices at the right time.

    To do you a favor, I’m going to perform a prosperity ritual that will attract even more luck and more money into your life. This is a gift that I want to give to you because, like I told you before, I received a very clear call from the celestial forces that entrusted me with the mission of helping you. And I am going to fulfill the mission I have on your behalf.

    General analysis and subliminal telepathic contact

    In order to elaborate this urgent reading, I joined my spirit with yours over the course of a subliminal telepathic contact. This secret mental technique that was taught to me by my Master allows me to pick up your subconscious thoughts. This technique also allows me to draw up a
    psycho energetic evaluation of all of the forces that are present in your life.

    Sheri, it is my responsibility to warn you about certain things that could prove themselves difficult based on your current situation… It’s true that when I connected myself to your spirit, I immediately felt something unbalanced in your psychoactive center. I sensed antagonistic forces at work and what I think is that this conflict is the cause of many of your current problems or, in any case, of the things that are worrying you at the moment.

    Through continuing the process of my astro-telepathic exploration, I am in a position to tell you that, ever since your childhood, you’ve been living under the influence of certain forces that are conflicting with the fulfillment of your personality. If at this point, right now, you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t match with your personality or the expectations you had from life, this is because of these “conflicting” forces.

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading

    What are these “conflicting” forces?

    According to my expert analysis, these subconscious forces are the result of negative mental programming arising from certain false “beliefs” absorbed over years of education, Church, or Sunday school. These false beliefs were also passed onto you through your closest social circle. Sheri, my job is to help you even if to do it I have to be very direct with you and seem harsh at times. You’ve wasted enough time looking for miracle solutions or ways to escape from your problems. Let me show you how you can change everything in your life because I do have all of the solutions, I can assure you.

    But in order for this to work, we’re going to have to work hand in hand together in service of your new future. To start with, I need to establish a Grand In Depth Astral Reading for you. As soon as I have finished writing this email, I’m going to begin working on it. What I’ve discovered so far is too important for me to let any mysteries about certain obscure aspects of your life remain, especially when we should be doing the opposite and shining light on these parts of you that deserve to come out…

    Sheri, do you truly want to experience a better life? If you do, than we will get there together. You can count on me to put all of the gifts I possess towards helping you because I have received the mission of protecting you, and you in turn should be thanking the Heavens for this good omen. Every day, hundreds of people write to me and as you can imagine, it’s not possible for me to satisfy all of them.

    For you, things are different and I’ve decided to take care of you personally. This service is priceless since I’m going to be spending the greater part of my time taking care of you. First off, I will be sending you this Grand In Depth Astral Reading very soon. That’s why it’s important that you answer me in the next few hours…

    It’s true that if your answer reaches me very quickly, I will be able to complete a first ritual of astral clearance for you at absolutely no cost. You seem to be in need of this clearance to ease your entry into this new life cycle that I am predicting for you. The astral conditions will be ideal for a few hours longer. So I’m counting on you to request the delivery of your Grand In Depth Reading. Better still, here is one more thing I have decided to do for you:

    Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading

    Your grand reading is going to require me to complete several hours worth of work during which I will use candles and parchments, inks and magic incense that will guarantee the accuracy of my visions. Usually, I ask for between 150 and 250 Dollars an hour from the celebrities or other wealthy people that come consult me. I know what your situation is and I know that it’s out of the question that I charge you anything close to 1000 Dollars. So what I’m asking you for is a small symbolic participation of 49,00 USD.

    Along with your Grand In Depth Astral Reading, I’m going to send you a “magic guide”: The 7 Secrets of Happiness. In this guide, I have recorded secrets that are incredibly efficient methods of establishing long lasting happiness in your life.

    I’m also going to send you – free of charge as well – your psycho energetic evaluation which is going to show you how to program your subconscious so that you can positively influence astral and zodiacal forces.

    I’m waiting for your reply in the next 2 hours.

    Confirm your contribution now !”

    $49 wouldn’t be a bad price for a good reading. The email is long, so she’s giving lots of information, right? Wrong! This is not a good reading but a generic message designed at getting you to pay for more information. If you give your “contribution”, the next email will ask for even more. I don’t have a copy of the next email to show you because I won’t help support this abomination, but do you really need to be psychic to see this for what it is? The email doesn’t give any real information.

  7. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Okay, so I signed up for a “free reading” with this Gabriella. My intention was only to post the response here for people to read and see that my response is probably quite similar to what anyone else has received, but I am also surprised at how blatant this scam is. Here’s the reply I received …


    As soon as my secretary told me that you had just contacted me, I felt an intense call come to me from the beyond. I heard a voice saying to me:
    ’ Sheri needs your help right now because great events will be taking place very soon.’ I immediately stopped the work that I was finishing up and retreated to my private office to give your case the full necessary attention it required.

    Sheri, our meeting is no accident. I say this because I feel powerful transformative energies at work in your life right now as I write these words. < GEOLOC > The proof of this is that I’ve just now had a vision : Williamston, that’s where happened.< /GEOLOC >“

    Notice the “GEOLOC” part? Many people might skip past this, but as I know a thing or two about website code, this stuck out. That is a code for a geolocator which uses your IP address to find where you are located. This Gabriella makes it sounds like she’s using a psychic gift to see or know where you are, but it’s nothing more than bad code she can’t even hide from showing up in her email responses.

    The rest of this email is ridiculous as well, but I’ll let that speak for itself.


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