A Critical Letter From James Twyman:

The situations in Iran and North Korea are too important for spiritual apathy. I can’t count how many times I’ve spoken to people who claim to be spiritually enlightened who say that they don’t watch the news because it’s too violent or too disturbing. I want to encourage all of you to rethink that position. I once shared a call with Rev. Michael Beckwith who suggested we use the news as a reason to pray — to watch the tragic events of our times and send our love and energy for the healing and evolution of humanity. To close our eyes at this critical time is the same as turning your back. All you need to do is watch the smuggled video of Neda, the 16 year old girl in Iran who was shot dead by Iranian militia during the recent protests over the presidential election. Will you turn a blind eye to her death, or see it as a “spiritual call to action,” raising your heart and soul to support these brave people and say “I can be part of the shift toward peace”?

In September I am traveling to Iran, North Korea and Israel for a series of concerts and worldwide prayer vigil that will give us the opportunity to respond spiritually to these important issues. I am putting my own life on the line because I feel that this is such20a critical moment, and all I’m asking of you is to join me in spirit. This will be the largest prayer vigil in history, but it will only be successful if you help us get word out to everyone on your email list. We are asking people to register for the vigil so we can send up to date emails from the field, and to direct hundreds of thousands of people in the ancient technology we will apply during this week. It is important that we know what part of the world you are in since each region will have a different role to play. (If you are already on my email list, then you are automatically registered, but if this has been forwarded to you by another person, please go to www.jamestwyman.com for more information.)

I have included the copy from an email I sent out last week that will give you more information on the peace tour and vigil. Once again, I strongly encourage you to share this far and wide. Send it out to everyone on your personal list and ask them to do the same. It is time, once and for all, for our souls to respond to these world situations, not turn away as if they are not happening. You can be part of the change!!!

James Twyman to perform concerts in North Korea, Iran and Israel during one-week worldwide peace event.

The Proof

A Single Week That May Change the World

Is it possible to initiate a worldwide peace event that actually increases peace in three of the most volatile countries on earth — all in a single week? During the second week in September, which includes September 11th, James Twyman, also known as The Peace Troubadour, will perform peace concerts in North Korea, Iran and Israel. At the same time, while these concerts are taking place, millions of people from around the world will focus their energy on these countries through the largest peace prayer vigil in history.

Will you take part in an experiment that may prove that our collective prayers can change the world?
Over the last 15 years James has been invited by government leaders and peace organizations to perform The Peace Concert in countries like Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Israel, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Kosovo and Croatia. In many instances prayer vigils were organized to help shift the energy in these countries, and the results have been profound. Scientific studies have shown that violence decreases as much as 35% when such vigils take place, giving us conclusive evidence that we truly can inspire peace through our focused energy and prayer.

This will be an experiment like none other.

During this week of concerts and events, people from nearly every country in the world will be invited to participate in an extended prayer vigil focused on Iran, North Korea and the Holy Land, using an ancient technology many believe to be the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world — The Moses Code.

Here’s how it will work:
1. If you are already on this list, then you’re already registered, but if this email was forwarded to you by another person, please register by going to www.jamestwyman.com.

2. You will then be sent a particular chant that integrates an ancient technology of prayer that is over 3500 years old.

3. The chant will be determined by the area of the world you live in, eg. if you live in Australia the chant will be the reverse of the one offered by North Americans.

4. Three times during THE PROOF week you will chant the Code you have been given while James is performing in either North Korea, Iran or Israel.

It’s that simple, but imagine the possible impact. We intend to show that this form of focused prayer, when engaged by mill ions of people from around the world, has the power to shift even the most difficult international situations toward peace.

“Many people feel that humanity is powerless in the face of these international disputes,” Twyman said. “I believe the opposite. I have seen first hand that when millions of people come together and focus in a particular way, peace is the inevitable result. It may seem crazy to some people that I would be willing to travel to these countries, but I believe that we need as many committed individuals as possible who are willing to risk everything for our future generations. I’m willing to go to Iran, North Korea and Israel…all I’m asking is that you be willing to join me in spirit. I hope you’ll participate in this important vigil.”

To register for the vigil, simply go to:

You’ll then receive more information including your personal Moses Code chant to use during the week long event. We need everyone who reads this email to participate if this is to have the impact it deserves. Please consider passing this on to everyone on your own personal lists as well.

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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Thank you for your comments, RJ. I say the main reason I don’t watch the news is because I don’t need to see and hear updates on war and conflict. It bothers me. It gives me nightmares. It gives me visions I’d rather not have. Some people look down on me because of this, but I am who I am and I pretend no different. I realize, of course, that some take a sincere interest in these things. There is a purpose for every person and every mission; I do appreciate those who find purpose is such missions. However, like you, my prayers are my prayers because they are what “I pray” and not what someone else tells me to pray. You make a good point about God being because he “is”. He “is” because he is – not because we ask him to be. Prayers always help, but God is because he needs to be just as the things we pray about will be what they need to be for whatever reason we may never understand.

    Blessings and Light,


  2. rj starr
    rj starr says:

    for me, the news doesn’t decide for me where i need to offer my prayer. my prayer is the same regardless of the region or the current conflict. my prayer Is, as God Is. to me, there are no degrees and no favorites. make sense?

    i understand jimmy’s position however, i also take prayer as an affirmative statement, rather than supplication and beseeching. my prayers for north korea and darfur would be no different than those i pray for iceland or maldavia – my prayers affirm that God Is, in all instances, and in all quantum locations and particles and waves of this universe. the fact that war might be present doesn’t change the fact that God Is. if i use prayer to ask a god outside me for a “do-over,” then it must be my insane judgment that this outside god has it all wrong and has screwed up big time. however, if i affirm that God Is, in all instances, and transcendent of my human ability to understand by appearances, i surrender, i trust, and i stay in gratitude.

    each individual must choose for themselves what feeds their prayer list. for me, the news does not do that – it makes a mockery of condition by amping it up into sensationalism.

    so, yes, jimmy, … i do consider myself spiritual, and i do not need the news media to dictate to me where I should direct my prayers. i pray because God Is.

    as always, i speak my truth in freedom and in love… rj starr

  3. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    FYI – I am one of those people who don’t watch the news, so don’t beat yourself up if you are as well. I still pray for peace and healing in world issues, but I get horrifying nightmares from watching the news – and scary movies for that matter.

    ~ Sheri


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