Politics & Spirituality

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

Politics and Spirituality are two topics that seem to not mix well at all but nonetheless do require discussion. This is something I’ve thought about extensively. Many of my colleagues keep their distance from politics, and I can understand why. I myself purposefully do not watch the news. However, it’s not possible to be human and not be aware that something’s not quite right in our world.

I might be more thrown into the world of politics because my husband worked in it for a while. For 10+ years, my husband worked for a non-profit media company that covered politics with a non-biased agenda. He was given a very up close and personal view of what goes on behind the scenes of Michigan politics. When they view you as invisible, elevator talk and other behind the scenes stuff is not hidden from you. In other words, we know the game.

Yes, there have been those who wished to make a difference, but there are also those who simply look for power and don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Political games are not my interest at all, but I vote in every single election and am very vocal in my private life about doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe in.

I know many people in the spiritual community believe that politics are outside of our “job description”, but I have to disagree now more than ever. If we are “lightworkers” and here to make a difference, the world of politics is one where a lot of light is needed. The world of politics may be a part of the world that needs us the most!

I have shied away from speaking out publicly on the matter simply because I know there will be consequences. I know that I’ll receive hate mail. I know there will be trolls headed my way. However, this is too important to stand down. This is too important to just let the liars keep lying. This is too important to not speak up.

I understand there are some who have difficulty voting Democrat because their churches are literally telling them to vote for Trump. (Don’t get defensive. It’s happening.) I witnessed this happen first hand right before the last presidential election.

We were invited to what had been my mother-in-law’s Catholic church for what was supposed to be an honoring of those who had passed. This church had dishonored Mom by not showing up to perform her funeral, so our family decided to attend this event considering this a sort-of apology from the church to Mom. I’m not exaggerating when I say the dedication was simply a listing of all who had been lost, and then the priest segued into a bit about how it is so important to vote for the “pro-life candidate” (Trump).

We can talk about how this should not have happened and how this should not be happening in churches all over the country, and that would be true. However, this did happen, and I’m hearing that it is happening now in churches all over the United States. Catholics are saying they cannot vote Democrat because they are Catholic (and their churches are telling them to vote for Trump because he is now against abortion).

Honestly, this angers and disgusts me. Once upon a time, I was a very religious young woman who believed abortion was wrong and could take down anyone who said otherwise – thanks to my indoctrinated upbringing. However, my spiritual studies have gone much deeper since then. The thing is, though, it does not matter what I believe. It should not matter what you believe.

At the end of the day, religions should not be making laws about what women do with their bodies. Look at the history of humanity. When has it ever worked out well to allow religions to make laws? History has shown us that religion gives the corrupted hearts of men a way to take power over others. I can only imagine that God must be really sick and tired of all the atrocities humanity has committed “in His name”. God is love, though I imagine this makes him sad.

Additionally, the United States gives us the Right to Religious Freedom! So many people defend the second amendment but so easily forget that we should also be free of being subject to the religious beliefs of others, and that is essentially what this is about. Many Christians believe life begins at conception, though some say the Bible contradicts that belief. Cells are not life. Genesis 2:7, He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then that the man became a living being”. In other words, life begins at first breath.

Though, again, what we believe in our own religious opinions should not matter because your “religion” does not belong in the vagina of another woman!

For the “pro-life” Trump voters out there, please ask yourself this … If abortion was not an issue, would you still vote for Trump?

If abortion was not an issue, would you still vote for Trump?

Would you continue to look beyond all his atrocities? Would you vote for this man who knew the virus was serious yet lied about it? (He knew the virus was airborne but said it was like the flu; his lies killed Americans.)

Would you still want to keep this administration that totally failed us?

They have now cost us more than 200,000 American lives!!! That is not “pro-life”!

To me personally, people who vote based on abortion being their “pro-life” reason are lazy one-issue voters. Why lazy? Because, if they really believed in pro-life, they’d have to care about that child after it’s born as well. If they really believed in pro-life, they should also care about that mother’s health while she is pregnant. If they really believed in pro-life, they would leave decisions about another woman’s body between her and her doctor, which sometimes leads to a medically necessary termination of pregnancy. I mean, God made women the bridge between worlds. Why do they think it’s their job to get in the middle of things they don’t understand?

If you don’t know what being a one-issue voter is, it means that they stick to one issue like abortion and base their vote on that. If you don’t know, this has been an Ace in the hole of the Republican playbook for years. They get away with doing horrible things. These one-issue voters allow them to do horrible things …. disrespect women,  disrespect the process of electing judges to the Supreme Court, give money to the wealthiest while they take from the poor … all because these hoodwinked voters can’t see the forest beyond the trees. They allow these deceivers to manipulate by only focusing on one issue, and they can’t see past the illusion so carefully crafted by those in power. No one drained the swamp; they just added predators!

Please stop! Please see what Trump has done in these last four years of office. He has rolled back so many environmental protections, used the presidential office for his own benefit, lied to the American people countless times, used campaign money for personal reasons, etc. I could go on, but he’s simply the worst thing that could have happened to this country, yet some actually believe he is the resurrected Christ.

Maybe it is possible there was a purpose in Trump being president these last four years. But, if so, we had better get ourselves ready and ask what this really means about the condition of this country and the time of this world. If our Creator has indeed played a “Trump card”, it must be to show us all the darkness that was hiding in the shadows of this country because that is one thing this man has been successful in doing – he has brought out all the darkness that was hiding, waiting for someone to show them it’s safe to come out.

The ugly is out, and we can’t unsee it.

Now we see all the racism, anger, hatred, inequality and so many other things that need to be repaired. We can’t just look away anymore. The ugly is out, and we can’t unsee it. Innocents are being shot in the streets. Children are being locked in cages. Most of us will never look at a red hat the same way ever again.

There is something else I must say about what I witnessed that day when the priest told his congregation to vote for Trump. I almost wasn’t going to share this. I’ve prayed about this, and my heart has been heavy with great sadness over what I’ve seen occurring within the churches. The Creator has asked me to be a Messenger of Christ, and that means I have to speak Truth about what I have witnessed.

That day when the priest told his congregation to vote for Trump, myself and several of my family members all looked at each other in shock. Honestly, I was tempted to stand up and say something but didn’t out of respect for my father-in-law. However, I looked around at the faces of those in the congregation and saw something that has bothered me ever since that day …

The faces of those in the congregation were all glassy-eyed and had this weird look that I knew looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong with them. It took me a beat to figure it out, but they looked like they were under hypnotic suggestion! I denied it to be true for a while – especially because why would a church hypnotize its congregation? This could not be real! However, after a while, I could no longer deny what I knew.

I have had some training in hypnosis myself, so I know the basics and how it’s done, but doing it on a massive scale like this was as impressive as it was …. terrifying … revolting, repulsive, and I didn’t want to believe it. The priest used the sound of his voice (and likely key words) to put his congregation into a state of trance, and then he proceeded to give them the “suggestion” of voting for Trump. Now, who but the deceiver needs to manipulate people into doing their bidding? I say terrifying because, if this is one church I attended and witnessed it happening, how many others is it happening in?

Now, let me be clear, I do not believe all Catholic churches are evil. I have also experienced the Holy Spirit in a Catholic Church (in Detroit, Michigan). Yet, I have experienced evil in more than one church, though the other was not Catholic.


Politicians and Religions have joined together with a message of chaos and fear; that is their campaign slogan at its core, but that is not God. God is LOVE! Christ is Love! The Holy Mother is Love! Creation is Love!

Several years ago, I wrote what I thought was a sci-fi novel that I didn’t publish because I could never see the ending. Very few people know this, but that novel has had parallels to my life and world events as if it was written by Nostradamus himself. At times, it has been shocking, though it is one reason I now accept what the Creator calls me to do. I’ve decided to just walk forward in Faith and to speak my Truth even though it is difficult.

One part of that novel that is very shocking and sad, though seems to be another paralleled Truth, is that people were following a false light. In my novel, people were following this man that churches were looking up to, and following the path this person led with zeal and tenacity only to find in the end that this person was actually a fallen angel. It makes me wonder, though. After what I have seen some churches doing, the political alliances they’ve made, and the fall they don’t see, who is it they are really following? Because it does not seem to be Christ!

Christ is not about power.

Christ is not about shame.

Christ is not about lifting the self at the expense of others.


Have we fallen so far that we no longer remember Christ? Are you in a church that teaches fear over love? If so, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for Christ, for God. That’s what I did when I no longer saw God in my church. I looked elsewhere and eventually found Christ inside myself.

It took years of healing, but I found the Goddess through Mother Mary and Mother Earth, and She showed me who God really is. After finally finding a Father who does love me, I finally felt worthy of love. After finally finding a Father who sees me as worthy of Creation, I felt worthy of creating. I finally found the light inside myself. I found the Light of Christ – without church!

I found the Light of Christ because the Creator is everywhere, but the Creator is Love – not fear.

When you cast your vote on November 3rd, make sure you do so for the right reasons. Don’t do it because your church told you so. Don’t do it because anyone told you so.

I can see the ending of my novel now, and there are two roads. There is a road of fear, and there is a road of love. Please spend some time in prayer. Talk to God yourself. Talk to Christ yourself. Talk to the Holy Mother or the Goddess. Talk to the Creator. Connect with your Highest Self because we need you to bring your best self to the table right now!

Think about what has happened in the last four years, and ask yourself if you want more of this or something better. Do you want a president who continues to make choices based on what benefits him? Or, are we ready to start fixing all the stuff that’s broken? Are we ready to begin healing?

And, for those who have a problem because I’m a spiritual person who’s speaking out about politics, feel free to keep your opinion to yourself. If the Catholic church (who is tax-exempt) can tell people to vote for someone who represents zero Catholic values, I certainly have the right to urge people to think twice about what their faith really stands for (and I definitely pay taxes).

Religion may be a framework to live by, but Faith is the core of our spiritual self. Who we are spiritually leads us to the path of our Divine self, our connection to our Creator. If our religion no longer aligns with who we are at the core of our Spirit, maybe it’s time to blaze a new trail and remind ourselves and each other who and what Christ represents.

What would Christ say if He was voting on November 3rd?

What would Christ have said about that stunt Trump pulled where physical force was used on Americans just so he could get a photo in front of a church with a Bible in his hand? I just do not see Christ being happy about any of this. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)? Maybe that’s exactly what we all should be asking ourselves right now. Please do it before November 3rd. Our future does depend on it!

We must make better choices. Please choose love over fear.

Blessed Be,


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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    I have to say, moments before reading this I was feeling quite alone and defeated. The burdens of this world weigh heavy on the shoulders of those that have committed themselves to bearing the light of Christ. We are light bearers, right – us lightworkers – and that is the light of Christ we are trying to usher into this world and into the darkness wherever it may be, right? As much as I accept this with an open heart, some days it just feels so heavy. And I am so tired. I struggle with doubt, fear, hopelessness (almost daily), and I was feeling completely alone just now. I wondered what could really be done, what more can be said when words fall on deaf ears? For a moment, I wondered if it was I who was truly lost. Then I stumbled upon this article. Thank you for being so candid and standing tall in your truth. This message is EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight. Bless you and your work. Namaste 🙏🏽

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      You are not alone, Lily. Yesterday was a hard day for many, myself included. Yes, I agree that lightworkers are meant to bring the light of Christ into this world. We have to keep going, even when it seems that no one can see or hear us. Some days do feel very heavy.

      Yesterday was such a painful day for my illness, and I think I have to accept that I’m feeling this pain at least in part because of the condition of this world. I have prophetic dreams that nothing can be done to change. I keep trying to spread light in every way that I can. I sell products in an effort to provide financial resources in areas that need it, but sometimes it’s so overwhelming.

      It can easily feel like it’s not enough, but none of us are alone. I have to believe that, if we all keep moving forward together (fighting for the True Light of Christ … Love, Compassion, Humanity), we will succeed in the end. Love will win. I do believe that. It just depends on how much garbage we will have to overcome to get there.

      Just keep being the Light, Lily. You never know who you might save or what change you might make that could eventually make all the difference. Just keep adding little sparks of light where you can; you never know when a spark might become an Eternal Flame.

      Thank you for commenting. Bless you too. <3

  2. Karen Mcreaken
    Karen Mcreaken says:

    I loved this article. Very well written and for sure thought provoking. My only fear is that the people who really need to see this, to really get the message in their hearts, will deny that it was meant for them. The fact they call themselves pro-life but look the other way when over 200, 000 already born, already breathing people have died because this president lied. It’s disgusting. Keep fighting the good fight though. It’s all we can do.

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      I hear you, Karen, and thank you. I too feel a bit defeated as I’ve spoken out a lot in my private life to those who simply cannot hear. There is a church dedicated to Mary near my home with “Pray to End Abortion” signs out front, yet they have hosted a woman from a hate group to speak there. As you said, we just have to keep fighting the good fight because it is all we can do, hoping some will eventually hear. It’s difficult for those who have believed one way for so long to open their hearts to another way of thinking, but hopefully Light will find a way. I think it’s kind of like marketing. In basic marketing, a customer has to see your product an average of three times before they will consider to buy. With this, people may have to see an idea 1,000 times before it will finally sink in, simply because many have been taught this way since they were very young. So, we will keep fighting and keep speaking Truth until the blind can see and the deaf can hear. <3


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