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End Conflict by Practicing Spiritual Peacemaking

With government modifications on the horizon, many people worry about how change and reform will trickle down into their personal life. Will taxes increase and war continue? Is one person responsible for instituting ideas that may affect national policy? With the amount of negative media circulating on the subject of political candidates, remember true change takes individual practice and discipline. If a daily exchange of fear, blame, and doom has replaced your daily affirmation, you need to say “yes!” to the goodness life has to offer.

Spiritual peacemaking for modern times requires that we enter into a sacred office of peace focused on conflict release. There is no need to live in conflict and suffering. Because of free-will, each individual must make that choice for themselves!  When nations make this choice, our global consciousness will change and humanity will be uplifted. That is why everyone’s contribution to love and peace is vital, beginning with you.

Through many situations, the Divine is relating to us at all times, challenging us to recognize Grace and love despite the commotion. Acknowledge Grace and anything positive in your life today and it will grow. Instead of blaming others, first look for solutions within. Turn inward and attend to your heart. Stop worrying who said what to whom yesterday or three years ago. When others generate negativity, choose to respond differently. Think, “Peace is present in everything and everyone.”

As Within, So Without

Peace is a simple, internal message that bears a lot of external impact. Anadagiriji said that a person cannot separate individual transformation from global transformation. If you want to be of service to the world, first look to self-growth. What you feel today is manifesting in a part of the world tomorrow. Your fear may become a crime somewhere. Your discomfort may become a war somewhere. Leaders are merely there and they can’t be responsible for changing the entire world! Being a spiritual peacemaker means knowing who you are within a greater whole. When we embrace the idea of peace, it creates a shift or realization in another person’s everyday activity.

Our world is a reflection of an inner state of consciousnesses. To operate in a field of Oneness we must remember that we ARE the world. All beings are connected at the energetic level, where there is no separation. We may believe poverty and crime is the system’s responsibility, but truly we are all responsible because we are one.

A Better World Begins with You

Everyone is a reflection of their own emotional conditions. All hurt is a lack of self-love. If you have deep, unresolved hurt it may become a vengeance to hurt, or translate into anger toward the whole world. When someone generates conflict, understand you cannot change that person. Instead, help that person see their inner state of consciousness. True change and reform is about self-love first. That is how the world will be transformed. When you heal yourself and love others, you are initiating the Golden Age where comfort and peace will thrive. As you improve, the world improves!

A loveable person does not crave love or judge others. She is one who is at ease with herself. You don’t find ease by seeking significance or complaining about the way the world is managed. When you completely accept yourself, you can accept others, no matter what political party, religion or gender. There is no energy lost in conflict. When you are at ease with yourself you are serving the world!

Practice Peace

Be a spiritual peacemaker by making these practices part of your daily Sadhana:

  1. Vow to use positive language. Since peace begins with you, vow to eliminate arguing from your reality. Choose to be aware of love. Stop focusing on suffering and finding fault with others. All beings are capable of peace. It is a choice through word, action, and imagery.
  2. Invite more self-acceptance. Focus on your own growth. Accept life as it comes and stop blaming political leaders, family members, or circumstances. If you are at ease with yourself, you’ll feel calm during an upheaval and be able to laugh at your own thoughts when you get off-track.
  3. Resonate with peace. Establish a resonance pattern with peace that is already present. Look for peace within yourself and align to it. As you elevate to this vibration, you’ll fully experience peace, no matter what goes on around you. If peace fills you, you can bring others along for the ride. Say, “Change begins with me.  I resonate with the pattern of peace.”
  4. Express love. Learn to deeply express more love in your life. Teach others to do the same. Start at home and see yourself as an instrument of peace for others. Since peace is a projection of our own minds, it is an inside-out process.
  5. Live in the present moment. Bring peace by being present. Stop projecting old emotions and imagining what may or may not happen on the outside. See each person as having the Light within and extend this vision to everyone, every moment.

Peace is not the absence of war, abuse, violence, or terrorism. Peace is about acknowledging the presence of Divinity in one another. When we recognize the Divinity in ourselves, we will recognize it in each other and negative conditions will fade. So, to live life without conflict, BE the idea of peace. Of course, we must take action to translate our peacemaking efforts, but peace begins with you.  Be willing to respond to every moment with spiritual peacemaking.  Don’t doubt the results, just be ready to transform the whole world….which is you!

Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor of The Goddess Network is the best-selling author of Let Your Goddess Grow! and The Women’s Book of Empowerment. A certified Oneness Blessing facilitator and a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, she is dedicated to helping awaken individuals from all walks of life to the magnificence of their own Divine gifts. Visit for many books, workshops, and recordings.

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