I recently stumbled across a neat little program called PunchTab that allows me to offer rewards to loyal website visitors.  Thousands of people visit Angel Messenger each and every day, so I thought I’d give this a try and reward people for what they are already doing … enjoying the free online angel card readings and reading the blog

I have it set up right now so that visitors who visit 30 times can earn 10% off a reading appointment.  Actually, you can probably earn that coupon in as little as a week’s time.  The 10% coupon is earned by redeeming 3,000 points.  I have been testing the program which was installed only last night and have already earned 500 points, so I don’t think it will be that difficult to rack up some points.  **UPDATE** 4-4-12 Just FYI, It looks like you have to be logged in to Facebook to record your points.

Here are a few examples –

  • 100 points for commenting on the blog
  • 100 points for tweeting about us
  • 100 points for liking us on Facebook
  • 100 points just for visiting

Currently, prizes include reading vouchers and coupons.  I plan to add other prizes down the road.  If you have an idea of something you would like to see added, please leave a comment below.  (Leaving a comment will get you 100 points!) 

Check out this cool new program by clicking on the Rewards button in the lilac colored Wibya toolbar at the very bottom of any page.  (The button has a little red banner.)  You’ll also see a Badges button that gives you little virtual badges.  That part doesn’t really do much, but it’s kinda cool.  I couldn’t separate it from the Rewards button, so it’s just sort of a little extra fun. 

I hope you all like this.  I just thought it was something neat that might also help people get a bit of a discount on services by doing things they already do – enjoying our site and telling their friends, too!  😉

Angel Blessings,


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