The December 2012 Shift:

Moving into Ascension

 There are many ideas and theories from all across the globe, and from various spiritual belief systems regarding the Mayan calendar date of December 2012. What does this time period really mean for humanity and our planet? There is no way to know for certain but we are all about to experience this wondrous time in Earth’s history and, as is often the case, it is, in part, what we think, feel and expect it to be.

I believe, and have for awhile now, that this time will bring a great energetic shift to our Mother, Gaia and to those that inhabit her. These past few years, and in 2012 especially, we have seen and felt an increased purging of our past karma, personal and global. We have been witness to a seeming increase in the speed of time and the separation of what we see and feel as reality vs. illusion.

The planetary energies have been supportive of great leaps forward on our evolutionary journey as souls who are becoming more and more aware of our power and Divinity and our connection to All That Is, as well as our responsibility as co-creators on this marvelous journey to Wholeness.

We have much support and guidance from the Angelic Realm and our Other-worldly Brothers and Sisters of Light, as well as from our Higher Soul Selves if we would just be still, go within, connect and listen.

We see and experience, what some perceive as reality, falling apart around us……….change, transformation and the energies of death and rebirth swirling around in a mass of confusion within the collective consciousness. But this is the gift and the opportunity! We must allow for this energetic cleansing to take place so that the new energies of the Divine Feminine…….balance, peace, and unconditional love can take their rightful place……………the place that eons ago was scripted into the history of our wonderful and Divine planet……………the time that we, millennia ago, agreed and contracted to be a part of.

So again, I believe that December 2012 is a most wondrous time! I believe that this end of the Mayan calendar is the end to the old energies………the end to our personal journeys of releasing old, outworn patterns and beliefs………releasing personal karma on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is a turning point in our evolution………a point in time that, if we have done our own spiritual work, will free us into a new paradigm…….a new energy and way of Be-ing. We as Divine Souls will be more in alignment and able to move forward on our True Destiny Paths in what we came here to do………….free of our karmic baggage and “lower mind” mental patterns that have held us back from totally empowering ourselves and accomplishing what we as souls have set out to manifest and experience.

And so, I ask you to move into this last month of 2012 with a sense of inspired hope and with a sense of excitement and anticipation as to the miracles that await you!

Many blessings to you as you follow your Higher Soul Self’s guidance toward the birth of the new you and the new humanity!

In Love and Light and in Service to the Planet,


Spiritual Consultant

Colleen is an incredibly accurate intuitive astrologer with well over 10 years of experience, and she is now offering her services here through Angel Messenger. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology & Tarot. Telephone appointments with Colleen are currently available within the U.S. only, though she does offer email readings worldwide. Read here for more about Colleen.

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