It is definitely not unusual for me to have interesting dreams, and last night was no exception. In the middle of making breakfast for my son this morning, I paused with a spoon in the air and remembered the oddest thing. In my dream, I was watching the pyramids being built in Egypt, or at least I think it was Egypt.

The oddest part was that they were using lightning to build the pyramids. 

I was watching a man use some sort of rod that attracted and harnessed the lightning, which somehow defied gravity. Now, as I stood there scooping yogurt into a bowl and shaking my head, I considered the craziness of that idea. A human being could not possibly hold onto anything that had been struck by lightning, or could we?

Is it possible that our ancestors knew of a way to harness the power of lightning? I suppose a machine or some sort of tool could have been used to hold onto the rod that attracted the lightning. There are ancient stories about Egyptians using some sort of metal rod that allowed them to defy gravity, so maybe my dream isn’t so far-fetched.

As I continued to ponder my dream, a thought came to me about the electromagnetic energy that precedes a storm. Just like static electricity, the energy that precedes a storm can cause your hair to stand on end. I have to wonder, if this mild energy can cause our hair to defy gravity, what is the potential for the massive energy created by a full on lightning storm? And, is it possible to harness it?

Just some food for thought …

Angel Blessings,


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