“Dear Rev. Sheri, I wanted to know what the angels thoughts were on the subject of mental illness both those who have to watch their loved ones go through this and the soul enduring it?  How can one cope with this and ask for angelic support?  Thank you dearly!  – Curious Spirit”

Dear Curious Spirit,

Thank you for your question.  This is exactly the type of question I like to answer because it can help many people.  My own family has suffered from the effects of mental illness, so this is something that is important to me as well.  My brother-in-law was diagnosed with autism when he was about four years old, I believe.  He can walk on his own, but he cannot bathe himself, brush his own teeth or hair, or perform any of the basic care a human needs.  He also cannot talk without the help of a machine.  He is about 40 years old now, and I have seen firsthand how having a child and sibling can really take a toll on an individual and family.

My own son falls somewhere in what is called “autism spectrum disorder”.  He doesn’t handle change well.  He’s sensitive to loud noises.  He gets along better with older kids than those his own age.  Those are all symptoms.  He’s also incredibly smart and always seeking new learning experiences.  The way his mind understands things amazes me sometimes.  He knows and understands things that he hasn’t yet been taught, and he’s old for his age.

Before every reading, I go into a meditation and do a bit of what’s called “automatic writing” to jot down any immediate messages that come through before I call my client.  For this question, I have employed the same idea.  I completely separated myself from the question and went into my meditation asking Archangel Michael, “What can you tell me about mental illness and how to help families cope with the struggles involved?”

He answered, “Man has become too far gone with their perceptions in the state of the mind.  Your human minds are a vast playground of information and abilities far beyond current human comprehension.  What you call “mental disorder” is no disease; it is but a misunderstanding of consciousness.

It is unfortunate that some of our beloveds struggle in such a way.  Much of the healing as you seek it is beyond your control or ability of your modern science to understand.  It is not illness.

To cope is to understand.  Look for the truth behind what you see.  There is much truth to discover in the hearts and minds and souls of those children you question.  Question – yes.  You should question, but you are asking the wrong questions.

Do not see what is lacking.  See what is there within the light of those we have given to you.  Gifted to you.  Given to your world.”

At this point, I felt Michael was almost frustrated by our human viewpoints on this topic.  I wanted to know more about how to help the families and those struggling, and so I asked, “How can we make life better, easier, more complete for these children?  How can we help the families, and how can the families help their children?”

“Why do you seek better, daughter?  Why would you believe they have lives which are incomplete?  You misunderstand yourself.  These children are sensitive to energy as you yourself know.  What do you seek when you fall prey to the pain that finds you?  Do you not know the cause, dear one?  It is the same with your brothers and sisters.  Not all of them find light.  Some are mistreated and turn toward acceptance found elsewhere.  You yourself had this choice.  Say what you know.”

I guess no one can say that Michael doesn’t say it like it is.  🙂  This response was obviously more directed at me personally.  What I know is that people can be sensitive to energies, and that can make life in this world difficult to adapt to our needs.  For some, it’s more physical ailments, but for others there are mental, emotional, and even neurological challenges.  I look at my own challenges as the cost of my gift.  If I had to give up that part of myself to be what others consider “normal”, I would never agree to such a life.  Sure, my struggles are no fun, but losing that part of me would be like losing a part of my soul.  I know I chose my circumstances – and for good reason.

One thing for sure is that throwing out the spiritual element is a tragic mistake.  What Michael said about mental disorders being a misunderstanding of consciousness is absolutely true.  As if I would doubt it, but still.  I think the main point he was trying to make is that our society is turning its back, more or less, on something that could give us a lot of answers – consider the homeless.

My brother-in-law has a brilliant mind.  I believe he could tell you the stats of every baseball player who has ever played the game, and he watches Jeopardy like it’s his religion.  He’s smart, but he can’t talk or take care of himself in any way.

According to psychological tests, I myself might be considered to have a moderately schizoid personality because I believe I can talk to the dead.  Well, I can talk to the dead, so there’s the trade-off.

I found this on LovetoKnow.com regarding empathic abilities and mental illness …

“In many written accounts, empaths often have or deal with a primary or secondary diagnosis of mental illness. This does not mean that all empaths are psychologically distressed or will become so while developing their psychic abilities. If you think and read about empathic psychic abilities, it stands to reason how such abilities might be initially mistaken for, or masked by, a genuine psychological problem. It also stands to reason that given the forceful nature of the feelings empaths experience, psychological and emotional problems could develop in someone untrained and left at the mercy of the constant bombardment of the senses. Herein lays the danger of having empathic abilities.”

Here are some other interesting articles I’ve found …

Mental Illness in the Past and Future

Serious Mental Illness and faith: what to do?

16 Things Not to Say (and things to say instead)

I believe the souls of those here on this Earth struggling with what we consider to be mental illness chose this life – at least to some degree – as we all have some choices as to the lives and lessons we will have in this lifetime.  Why?  That is a complicated question that is highly debatable and can include countless variables.

It is a fact that we know next to nothing about the human mind, as compared to what we could know.  There is multiple times more that we do not know.  I’ve said before that psychology was once considered part of the psychic arts.  Now, science stands behind the idea.  How long will it be before science can prove psychics are not psychotic?  It would be nice if that were sooner rather than later, but I’m coping okay.  The real questions I would love to see answered have more to do with why some people have such strong reactions to our world.  Is it their mind is too open for such heavy energy?  Where do multiple personalities come from?  Could it be past lifetimes or other energies that person is channeling?  There are many locked doors within the human psyche.  There’s no doubt we have much left to learn. Many children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are highly musical and creative or have other unique abilities.  They have surely opened up something in their mind the rest of us haven’t.

There is not much help from government agencies, and there will be less help as programs are continually cut.  Our greatest hope in the matters of all mental illnesses, in my personal opinion, will come from non-profit agencies.  The Autism Society of America is one of those agencies.  They are fighting to help improve the lives of those with autism and replace much needed services and resources being cut by budgets across the nation.

As for angelic support …

Archangel Michael helps with courage, protection and faith.

Archangel Raphael helps with physical healing and pain, financial support regarding physical challenges.

Archangel Uriel helps with emotional healing and making situations better.

Archangel Metatron helps with children, mental illness and understanding, financial support for those suffering with mental illness, psychic and spiritually gifted children.

Archangel Gabrielle also helps with all things regarding children and families, how to be gentle and nurturing with yourself when you are struggling, and she is wonderful for help with communicating with others – including communicating with agencies for help and financial support.

Of course, you do not need to know which angel specializes in which specific area to ask for help.  Simply ask … they’ll transfer you to the right department.  😉

Curious Spirit, I hope your questions have been answered here.  This answer turned into more than I originally expected, but it seems we have much to learn and understand on this topic.  Coping is understanding, but it is also about finding support. My love and prayers are with you and your family.

Angel Blessings,


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