Protecting Mother Earth

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

All over the world, there is a crisis going on in the Natural world. Mindless consumption, lack of proper waste management, and unprecedented ‘development’ have left Mother Earth crying for help. Before you think that it is only the Governments and industries that are at fault, let me tell you that each one of us is contributing to this global crisis.

As consumers, we are all adding to the problems that our civilization is facing. Our consumption choices are causing rampant pollution depleting Mother Earth of her valuable resources.

However, I am not saying this to make you feel guilty. We have all been born at a time when the human race has become its own greatest threat. This is the madness of our times. It’s very difficult to live in this day and age without in some way harming Mother Earth. The point here is to realize your power as a consumer. After all, Governments and industries are nothing but collective organizations that are formed by fellow humans.

If each one of us starts taking responsibility at an individual level, then, eventually, the change will manifest itself at a collective level as well. It might take time and you might even find it frustrating trying to live a more conscious life when those around you exhibit nothing but a total disregard for the environment. I would still urge you to continue. Never underestimate your individual power.

I particularly like this scene from the movie Schindler’s List, where Oscar Schindler is overcome with grief as he feels that he could have saved more people during the Holocaust. When Oscar receives a gold ring with a custom inscription as a collective gift from all the survivors he has saved, he is stunned by the message inscribed on it –

“He who saves the life of one man saves the world entire.”

You have no idea how many sea animals, birds,  and bees you are saving every time you refuse another plastic bag or say no to unnecessary plastic packaging. Hence, don’t be discouraged and choose the right path as much as you can. Trust that your individual choices and contributions matter.

Here are a few tips on how you can help protect Mother Earth:

Plant Trees

If you have space, then you can create a garden around your house. I would suggest that instead of planting only decorative flowers and shrubs, you also start growing your own food (if possible). This way you and your family will not only have access to fresh organic produce but you will also have less need to make purchases from the industrial food system.

If you don’t have ample space for gardening, then you can instead volunteer at a community garden. You can also find out about tree planting activities in your city and join other like-minded volunteers on the appointed days.

Carry Reusable Bags Everywhere

There isn’t a more notorious pollutant than single-use plastic bags. The solution around this is simple. You can carry your own reusable bag made from natural material like jute or cotton. I would suggest keeping at least one bag with you at all times. This way you can make all unexpected purchases without guilt.

Carry Your Own Water Bottle

I would suggest buying a high-quality water bottle made out of steel. Instead of buying a plastic bottle, every time you are thirsty, refill your bottle at public refill stations and water fountains. If that’s not easily accessible, then be sure to carry water from home.

Don’t buy bottled water while dining out as well. There has been plenty of research proving that there isn’t much difference between tap water and bottled water in most cities.

Buy Package-Free Groceries

Try to buy fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items that have not been wrapped in plastic. You can also go regularly to the Farmer’s market in your area and buy fresh produce directly from the farmers.

Also, try to shop at grocery stores that have a bulk section. You can carry small pouches made out of cotton and fill them with all the products you need from pasta to pulses. You can also carry your own containers for buying things like peanut butter or maple syrup. This is not only cheaper but also so much better for the environment.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

The single most important factor in living a conscious life is to consume less. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the fun. What is more important is to think carefully before making any new purchase. Don’t just take into account the sticker price but also think about how long the product will serve you and what will happen to it once it has outlived its usability.

If it cannot be recycled, reused or has a ridiculously low life-span, then it is surely going to have a high impact on the environment. I would encourage you to invest in higher-quality items that will last a long time and, if possible, which can also be recycled and reused.

While the initial sticker shock might be greater when buying higher-quality items, doing so is totally worthwhile in most cases. You will end up with a superior quality product that serves you better and also lasts longer – saving you the headache of going out and having to buy another inferior quality product at a cheap price.

When you add up the total amount of money you have spent on buying inferior quality ‘cheap’ items, you will be appalled by the total amount as it usually ends up being far more than what a superior quality product would cost.

Use Public Transport/Ride Bikes/Carpool

If your city has a good public transport system, then I would suggest using more of it for your daily commutes. You can also ride a bike or do carpool.

Save Water As Much As Possible

Clean water is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. Become judicious with your consumption of it. Don’t leave the sprinklers on the whole night in your garden. Don’t keep the faucet turned on while brushing your teeth.

Try to take shorter showers, and use less water while cleaning dishes.

Refuse Disposables

As a general rule, stay away from disposable items as much as possible. Ask for real cutlery and plates or carry your own if possible (You can make or buy a compact cutlery pouch with all the necessary items like a fork, a spoon, a knife, a metal straw, and a napkin. You can keep it with yourself for emergencies).

As a general rule, don’t accept drinks in disposable cups and glasses. If you are a coffee lover and there’s no way that you can do away with your daily dose of Starbucks, then you can buy a metal travel coffee cup to buy your daily drink.

Try to implement these tips as much as you can. Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t able to do everything perfectly. Every little effort counts and effort we must make as our Mother needs our kind loving attention more than ever!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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