Spring is a great time to get some guidance from your angels.  We are getting very close to the midway point of the year, and it’s a great time to find out how we are doing with our goals as well as our challenges.  How are you doing?  Are you spreading your wings like a beautiful butterfly, or are you stuck in your cocoon?

My goal for this year was to do a much better job of taking care of myself, and I’m doing pretty well.  I could probably do a bit better.  😉  Summertime is always a difficult season because of the high heat and humidity levels in Michigan.  For me, it’s also migraine season, but I will be doing my best to care for myself and try to take preventative measures.

Back in December, after having a migraine that lasted for three weeks, I realized that I cannot go on being every thing for every one.  It has been difficult holding myself back from helping all those who ask for my assistance, but trying to be every thing for every one meant I was no thing for no one because it made me so sick.

A few weeks back, I had a reading with Fawn where my spirit guides told her they had sealed or protected my crown Chakra because I was getting overloaded.  That’s what was causing the migraines.  I was cleansing and protecting my energy every day, but all the time I was spending in the hospital with my mom-in-law had done quite a number on me.  I may not consciously work with the recently deceased or those who are Earthbound, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find their way to me.  That much time in the hospital had me landed in a hospital bed eventually.

Sometimes my my brain just can’t seem to understand that my soul may have a slightly different purpose right now, and pushing myself to help everyone in my path can actually hinder those I help by preventing them from forcing their own light to shine.  That is certainly not goal.  🙁

I am working on some great projects for my website right now, and I can tell you that one involves revamping the free readings to make them even better.  I’m really excited about this project, and the good thing about projects is that I can still help lots of people even though I might not feel so great all of a sudden.  I can stop and take care of myself and get back to work later.

Spring is a great time for guidance, though, so check in with your angels and guides.  Check out the Free Online Angel Card Readings!  If you need a bit of help connecting, try one of the amazing practitioners that work with me here on my site.  I’ve been getting lots of comments and emails about scheduling with me, but I’m really not in the best place to do a reading right now.  This is why I’ve created this wonderful team I work with.  😉

Fawn is an incredibly accurate psychic who is also a nurse by day.  She is amazing, and clients love her!  Valerie and Christina are both angel readers.  Valerie was trained by Doreen Virtue, and clients love her loving energy and guidance.  Christina was trained by Charles Virtue and is also a Soul Coach with training by Denise Linn.  Christina has actually been posting messages in the blog, and you can read those by clicking here.  Christina is the perfect person to talk to about life changes, especially with career.  Roger is an amazing Medium who gives clients messages and evidence from the other side, and he is rating very highly by all those he reads for.  All four of these readers have had wonderful reviews; clients have actually written me thank you notes for bringing these individuals onto my team!  So, if you do need a little assistance with getting clear guidance from your guides and angels or even connecting with your loved ones in spirit, be sure to give one of these amazing people a try!

As for me, my guides are telling me to work on other things right now.  Summer is always a challenge for my health, and this summer is sure to have some interesting weather.  I can feel something coming now … I’m betting there is a storm coming.  I’d better go check the forecast …

Wishing you all wonderful connections with your guides, angels and loved ones!

Angel Blessings,



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  1. margo
    margo says:

    Dear Rev. Sheri,

    I am very excited about the upcoming changes to your website 🙂 I am also looking forward to getting a reading from one of the new readers just as soon as I get back to work. Thanks! 🙂


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