BreakthroughWow, wow, wow. What an incredible gift to receive this card following yesterday’s solar eclipse. There is magic in the air, and it’s finally time for the tides to turn in your favor. The next several weeks are going to be very favorable for you if you remain open to receiving. Have you been working hard to make some major internal or external shifts in your life? Perhaps you have been working on self-love or experiencing more depth in your relationships? Or perhaps you have been contemplating making a career change or branching out in a new direction with your business. Whatever you have been working on is ready to shift now, and the breakthrough you have been waiting for is right at your doorstep. It’s up to you to open the door and receive that gift and to move forward.

I hope you feel the energy and excitement of this card; it’s truly a gift from the Universe that your hard work, efforts, and fortitude are about to pay off for you. What can you do to capture this energy? Take some time now to reflect on what you most desire and create a vision so clear that you can see yourself living it. What do you feel living this vision? What do you see around you living this vision? What do you notice is different about your life as you experience this Breakthrough? Now, open your door and allow yourself to step into that vision.

Please share what you experience this week. I am here to support you and would love to hear how this unfolds for you.

With love,


This message was brought to you by Christina using Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Oracle Cards.  

Christina is a gifted Angel Reader and Spiritual Career Coach who once offered her services to you here through Angel Messenger. However, Christina no longer offers these services.



Daily Spiritual Insight

Your Card – “Breakthrough” – You’re at the precipice of a huge, positive breakthrough! Everything that you’ve been doing for the past few years has been preparing you for this time. An immense self-realization is on its way. Something for which you’ve waited a long time is about to come to fruition!

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  1. margo
    margo says:

    🙂 I’ve been working on all of the above- I’m sure ready for some divine magic and I am ready to receive! Thanks for the message, Christina! It was beautiful and it made my day much better! 🙂


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