Christina is no longer available for private appointments.

About Christina

It’s such an honor and pleasure to connect with you here. As a spiritual intuitive, I have the ability to help you find clarity and connect with your purpose. Although that can feel really big, almost too big to explore, my intent is to help you make sense of the options that are available to you today to get closer to living and expressing your authentic self. How do I do this? Great question! I work with my guides and Angels and your guides and Angels (our Collective Council) to access the information and answers to help you move forward. During our work together, I will not only share messages with you, but also help you connect with your own intuitive voice that is eager to guide you on your journey.

I have had the privilege and honor of studying with really amazing spiritual teachers and healers, including Denise Linn and Charles Virtue. I have applied these spiritual principles to transform my own life from burned out executive to living my life from a place of freedom, passion, and purpose. I would be honored to work with you to gain clarity and purpose and break through those seeming boundaries and limitations.

Angel Blessings,


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 Christina’s Bio for Coaching:

Christina has held successful positions as an HR Director, Training Consultant, Wellness Coach, and Business Consultant. Throughout her 20 plus years in the corporate environment, Christina was consistently praised for her ability to bring calm and caring support to even the most stressful situations. 

Leveraging her strengths as an advisor, confidante, and mentor, she won the trust of her colleagues and superiors. Relying on her Metaphysical studies and practices, she was able to remain connected spiritually in demanding and chaotic situations and environments. Although these strengths proved to be invaluable to executive teams and employees, Christina always yearned for something more – for the ability to help individuals transform on a deeper, more profound, and lasting level.

Through many years of study, Christina has combined her years in business with powerful spiritual practices to help individuals uncover their life purpose and create a pathway to living a life of truth and alignment. She is here to partner with you to find your way through the chaos and begin living a life of joy and purpose!

Whether you need just-in-time career/life coaching or a more in-depth career/life purpose reading (or both), Christina is eager to connect with you to cut through the chaos and confusion. She holds several coach certifications (life, career, and spiritual) as well as Metaphysical and business degrees.

Christina is also a Certified Angel Practitioner.

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