Gratitude, Perspective, Daily Appreciations — Thank You (via Planetsave)

  Greenstar’s recent post on the Attitude of Gratitude helped me stop, breathe, and contemplate my blessings. As we are all struggling souls, it is sometimes hard to remember how easy one can shift into harmony with the world from an attitude shift. Love springs as one refreshes oneself instantaneously…

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  1. Lori Q
    Lori Q says:

    Reverend Sheri –

    Thank you for posting this timely message. I swear, I think God/Universe leads me to this website because I need to be hit over the head with certain concepts! 🙂

    Gratitude, it seems, is a big one right now and I’m glad I saw your post. I was also led to buy the “The Magic” a few weeks ago, good book about practicing gratitude, shifting one’s mindset. Had read The Secret, but had no idea “The Magic” existed. Oh well, what is that saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come!” All in divine timing…

    By the way, the poster with the statistics is quite sobering and makes one realize how truly fortunate life is for many of us.

    Once again, thank you for sharing.



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