Benefits of Adult Coloring

The Transformative Power of Adult Coloring

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

What delight do children take in filling pages with vivid bright colors! Have you ever noticed that despite being completely absorbed in the activity, they are not particularly concerned about producing a masterpiece? They don’t even care about how their colored pages look; all they know is that coloring is a delightful activity and that they enjoy it. This disregard for the result allows children to become completely absorbed, if not, lost in the beauty of coloring.

What’s amazing is that the occasional adult who babysits a child, once again, feels the same sense of delight while sharing this activity with the child. It is not surprising that scientists are now beginning to realize the therapeutic benefits of adult coloring.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring

From a purely scientific standpoint, coloring relaxes the mind and relieves stress. Research has shown that patients suffering from both chronic diseases and mental illnesses report deriving significant benefits from art therapy. Coloring can be highly effective for pain management as it helps bring focus to something other than the pain. In fact, I practice meditative coloring myself for pain management, and I can’t vouch enough for how much this has helped me.

From a spiritual perspective, each color in the visible spectrum has a particular vibration. The colors we choose on a daily basis are not random. They are often a reflection of how we are feeling deep inside our hearts and the thoughts that are floating in our mind. For instance, do you notice how on some days, you get an urge to wear light colors while there are days when you want to be dressed in black, brown or other dark colors?

This is because we express ourselves through the colors we choose, whether it is the walls in our house, the clothes we pick or the crayons we pick for coloring. The colors we feel most drawn to when we start coloring a picture resonate with our thought vibrations at the moment. Coloring creates a space where the soul can express itself most authentically. This triggers the healing process for the body and the mind.

How to Start Coloring

Coloring is an uncomplicated and simple activity easy enough for everyone to engage in anywhere and at any time of the day. However, to use this as a kind of therapy, set aside a particular time each day when you will do nothing else but color (like you would with meditation). Doing this before retiring to bed when your subconscious is most active can be highly therapeutic. However, you will derive benefits from coloring at any time of the day.

Also, while sticking to a regular routine is great, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these set times every day. Feel free to color whenever you desire.

You can either buy a coloring book or take print outs of pictures you like. Try to pick something that is meaningful to you in one way or another. This way you will derive greater joy and satisfaRev Sheri on Adult Coloringction from the process of coloring.

Don’t be afraid to use whatever color you feel like; no matter how unconventional your choice might seem. Remember, the purpose of coloring is not to impress anyone but it is to bring about a transformation in you and your life. Research shows that those adults who don’t judge their coloring work and engage in the activity purely for the fun of it are the ones most likely to benefit from this therapy.

Tools and Space for Coloring

Feel free to use crayons, water colors, coloring pencils, gel pens (my personal favorite), poster paints or just about any type of coloring medium you feel most comfortable with. You can find a wonderful assortment of adult coloring supplies online. I purchase most of my coloring books and supplies on

You can even create a sacred space for coloring. Light some incense, burn an aromatic candle, play some soft music, do whatever feels good to your heart. This is not mandatory but definitely highly recommended.

Coloring and Manifestation

A lot of people use coloring for manifesting their desires. Mandalas have become especially popular for this purpose. A mandala is a diagrammatic representation of sacred geometry. It represents the energies of the universe through which all creation in the manifested Universe takes place.

Coloring a mandala compels the mind to become absorbed in its energy, thereby, inducing a deeply relaxed state so that the creative hemisphere of the mind can become more active. And, believe it or not, everything in our life gets created through the power of our mind!

How to Pick a Mandala

When looking at images of mandalas, the one that appeals most to you is the one that you need. Before beginning the coloring process, set the intention to connect with the divine energy that the mandala harbors. Or, you can set the intention of connecting with your own spirit guides, guardian angels, or even your higher self.

Imagine what you most desire in your heart as if it was happening right now. With each color that you fill in the mandala, watch the image of your heart’s desire get clearer and crisper in your mind’s eye. Let yourself become one with that image as you go about coloring. Allow yourself to step into the space where it has already manifested!

Color Your Dream Life

If coloring a mandala doesn’t appeal to you, then, instead, you can find an image of your dream life or draw it yourself and then fill it with beautiful colors. You can also do this in addition to the mandala coloring. If there’s just one image that perfectly represents everything you wish for, then make several copies of that image. As you go about coloring, imagine as if you were living in it – as if it has all come to life. Allow yourself to feel joy and happiness because the more you will feel these positive emotions with regards to the fulfillment of your desires, the closer you will get to your desire’s actual manifestation.

Connecting with the Angels Through Coloring

While each one of us is constantly surrounded by legions of angels at all times, a lot of times we can’t feel their presence or listen to their guidance at least partially because of the incessant chatter inside our heads. Coloring relaxes and calms the mind so that we can better attune to the subtle but very real presence of the angels in our lives.

Pick an image of the angels that most appeals to youFree Angel Adult Coloring Page. As you can see in the image to the right, we have actually created our own angel coloring page to give to you for free! We hope you’ll enjoy it! Set the intention that as you fill the picture with colors, you are also connecting with the presence of your own guardian angels and spirit guides.

Connect with the essence of the butterfly or dragonfly as your mind steeps deeper into a state of profound relaxation. You will begin to feel the presence of the angels around you. Ask them to take away all your stresses and concerns, just let go and be open to receiving loving energy and guidance.

If you are trying to manifest something, then ask them to bring your heart’s desire to you. If you are seeking to be healed, then ask Archangel Raphael to infuse your being with God’s healing energy and unconditional love.

Remember, no task is too small for the angels. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do anything, even if it is as small as picking the perfect dress to wear to your friend’s wedding. The angels are always there to help you, no matter how small or insignificant you might judge the task to be. If you care about it, then it certainly is important enough!

Allow yourself to become enthralled by the magical world of coloring. Become like a child, unleash your creativity. As the Bible says “Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Maybe there’s something to that. 😉

Get our Free Angel Coloring Page here!

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

6 replies
  1. Vatsala Shukla
    Vatsala Shukla says:

    My mother is an artist and her view of art and coloring is that it is meditation for her helping her to connect with the Divine.

    I used to love coloring books long before they became popular as a stress management tool and then started to color candle holders when I took up candle making as a hobby. What you’ve said for coloring books holds for glass painting too – connecting with the inspiration within. Thanks, Rev. Sheri.

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Absolutely! I think any form of artistic expression can be both meditative and a stress reduction tool. I’ve loved coloring books for years for the same reasons. I actually made candles for a while, too. Sometimes I find that even the colors I use when coloring a piece will hold particular meaning to what I’m going through at the moment; it helps me to find clarity when needed. 🙂

  2. Pili
    Pili says:

    This article is really nice Shery. I enjoy coloring so much! But I had forgotten about it with a very busy scheduled. Thank you for the Angel coloring page:=) It´s lovely.



  3. lovelygrey
    lovelygrey says:

    Colouring is not something that appeals to me personally bit on my work in mental health I have found that it has held much personal meaning on a number of occasions. Most notably I worked with a woman with dementia who found it hard to focus on most activities yet she could absorb herself in colouring for several hours. Her pictures were beautiful.


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