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You Are Not Alone –

How to Stay Positive When Life Hits You Hard

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

We all go through those periods in life when everything feels like an endless battle. It seems as if we are walking with bloodied knees and bruised arms through an endless tunnel of darkness with no hope for the sun ever showing up.

During such times, our faith is shaken to the core – hope seems like an impossible endeavor because there is no assurance or guarantee that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I am going to tell you something that will change how you experience life.  Listen to this carefully…

“You are not alone – you never were and you never will be.”

In fact, it is in the darkest times of our life that our guardian angels and spirit guides are closest to us. Whether you believe it or not, they are constantly trying to protect us and comfort us. However, there’s a catch here – they can only help when we ask for help.

In order to connect with them, you’ll have to surrender your ego. The ego tells you that you are all alone – it whispers into your subconscious that you must fix everything yourself. When life strikes a hard blow, let go of the idea that “you” need to fix everything. In fact, it is in these moments that you need to connect most with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Of course, this is not easy because you can’t hear their voice and guidance amidst all the clamor of your mind.

Practice This Meditation to Connect with Your Angels and Guides

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down away from all disturbances.
  2. Dim the lights and minimize noise if you can.
  3. Right at this moment, become aware of your breath – notice how it is flowing in and out.
  4. Spend a few moments breathing deeply. Notice how thoughts are slowly disappearing as you are becoming more and more connected with your breath.
  5. State the intention to connect with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Trust that simply having the intention to be connected is enough to establish your link with them.
  6. Now, in your mind’s eye, watch the situation that is troubling you. Notice the emotions that are coming up – allow yourself to feel them completely.
  7. Right at this moment, ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to lift this heaviness from your heart. Feel this as if a black cloud of smoke is now leaving your aura. You are starting to feel lighter and more relieved.
  8. Watch the situation getting solved in your mind’s eye as you ask your spirit guides and angels to take the situation in their hands and fix it for you. Trust that everything is already resolved. Don’t doubt or question how it will all come about.
  9. Allow a shift in emotions to happen – your heart is now filled with joy and happy anticipation. Tell yourself that you are going to retain this feeling throughout your day no matter what.
  10. Every time you start feeling alone, do this meditation again.

Ask for a Sign

You can always ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to send you a sign that they are listening to you. Sometimes they will send you a confirmation with a song that suddenly starts playing on the radio, or through a book that falls in your lap at the bookstore. Finding feathers in unexpected places is also a sign of angelic presence.

You must remain aware that angels and guides communicate with us through many different mediums – they might even deliver a message to you via a billboard on the highway or through an advertisement on the television. Remain open to possibilities because the messages can come from anywhere at any time.

Let Go and Let Your Guides Work

Having faith is the hardest thing to do when you are going through a rough period. However, that’s when you most need to stick to a positive belief system. It is crushing to go through a difficult life experience when you feel you are all alone.

The moment you start believing that you are not and never will be alone everything shifts. Therefore, a shift in perception and a change of outlook are necessary for living a blessed life.

Your guides can heal the problems and issues of your life in a way that you might not have even deemed possible. You must, therefore, keep your mind and your heart open to possibilities. Ask them to work for you but don’t tell them how it must be done. The way in which they can solve your problems might not have even crossed your mind. Letting go is the first step in the journey of healing because when the ego is suspended that’s when your guides can truly communicate with you.

Whenever you find yourself surrounded by the gray clouds of doubt and fear, establish a connection with your breath. Once your mind starts calming down, state the intention that your life is divinely guided and that everything is being taken care of. You can do this exercise no matter where you are.

The less we control our life, the more miracles we experience in it. Sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us or what truly serves our highest interest. When we leave it up to the Universe to light up our path, everything slowly starts falling into place.

Here’s an affirmation that you can practice every day at all times. Whenever your heart starts becoming flooded with doubts and fear, say this out aloud or quietly inside your mind:

“I am calm; I am at peace. Everything is being taken care of as the Universe is at work on my behalf. I am happy, I am joyous because my life is filled with miracles”

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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2 replies
  1. sharon kearney
    sharon kearney says:

    hi, im sharon i have just read the comforting message on you are not alone i found it uplifting and its a good message for people who feel like nobody cares i am going through an emotional time at the moment with my family im estranged from them alot to due with jealousy it very sad and as left me heartbroken i often pray to the angels and honestly i feel at peace when i do it does help me i thank them for giving me this calmness and peace thank you.

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I am so sorry you are going through a rough time right now with your family but am so happy to hear that this article brought you comfort. I am glad you find peace in speaking with the angels as they are always there to assist us when we ask. We do highlight our most recent articles two times per month in our newsletter if you want to sign up for that here is the link;

      Prayers and blessings to you for strength, peace and a positive outcome.


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