What’s a Life Without Beauty!

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” – Keats

Think of the joy that bursts forth in your heart when you are watching a flower bloom or the pristine delight you feel while admiring a beautiful face. There’s something enticing and incredibly enthralling about beauty – it has the ability to transport you from the ordinary to the exquisite.

Those who are impervious to the beauty that surrounds us are living but not truly living because they haven’t tasted the real nectar of life. A life without beauty is like a flower without fragrance, a bird without wings, an ocean without water, a sky without stars. It’s a dry and cumbersome existence when your heart can’t melt with rapture experiencing all the beauty that surrounds you.

This world is truly a magical place. If you don’t agree, then, let me tell you that it takes a billion sperm to make one zygote so the odds that you are here on earth at this point of time are one in a billion. How can you take life for granted when your birth itself is such a powerful miracle orchestrated by the magnificent Universe!

Fill Your Eyes with Wonder

Can you even fathom the joy a blind man would feel if he could see our planet in all its colorful glory for the first time or the ecstasy a deaf man would experience if he could hear the chirping of birds for the first time?

Let me share with you the secret of a life well-lived – we must look at everything around us as if we were a blind person getting to see the world for the first time. We must hear every beautiful sound as if we were experiencing sound for the first time. Of course, we must also smell, touch and taste everything as if we were using these three senses for the very first time.

Have you ever observed how a baby experiences the world – even the smallest and most banal things become a profound source of happiness for him. Become like a child because only a child can enter the kingdom of Heaven.

What is this kingdom of Heaven, really? It’s not another world where we need to go but a state of consciousness we need to achieve. Two people might be living in the exact same circumstances but depending upon their state of consciousness, their experience of life might be completely different. It’s the beauty of one’s interior environment that influences one’s ability to find beauty outside of oneself.

Love is Beauty, Beauty is Love

If you have ever been in love, then you surely know that feeling of walking on clouds – suddenly everyone and everything around you seems to be drenched in pure untainted happiness. Love can overpower even the most hardened heart – it awakens us to our own tenderness by bringing out that which is purest and most beautiful in us. Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to say that love is beauty and beauty is love.

You can find something or someone beautiful only when you are looking with love-filled eyes.

The most extraordinary kind of love is unconditional as it’s not shackled by the iron chains of expectations and desires. This kind of love exists for its own sake. In this kind of love, there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose because love is its own reward.

All spiritual teachers talk about this kind of love because unconditional love is truly the very fabric of the Universe. It is out of love that the sun comes out every day, it is out of love that the river dies in the arms of the ocean every day. When you start experiencing unconditional love in your heart, you move beyond the everyday drama of human life.

Lose Yourself to Embrace Your Own Beauty

The world outside is a reflection of the world inside. Our life circumstances are a clear reflection of the beliefs we hold within our subconscious mind. You become what you believe; therefore, believe only the best for yourself. If you start believing that you are amazingly wonderful and absolutely stunning in every way, everyone else around you will start treating you that way. If there is anything you want to change in the outer circumstances of your life, then, you must first work on transforming your inner environment.

When you love yourself and are perfectly content with who you are, then, you also have that same love and total acceptance for others. Hence, start by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. Now, you’ll ask how do I do it? It’s simple: develop rituals of self-love, become comfortable spending time with yourself.

Here are a few suggestions: take a barefoot walk by the ocean at sunset, watch the stars at night, journal about all the magical moments you experience in a day, give yourself a rejuvenating massage, eat healthily and mindfully. The idea is to fill your day with activities that nurture you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Slow Down a Bit

No matter what your current circumstances are, there’s beauty around you right at this very moment. Unfortunately, most of us have kept our life on hold. We think that one day, we’ll have a rose garden and, then, we will relax and smell the roses. In this constant anticipation of the future, we forget to notice the roses that are blooming under our window right now.

There’s beauty around you right at this very moment – I am urging you to find it. Develop the habit of finding beauty all the time. Soon the whole world will become filled with magic. Listen to the chirping of birds, the laughter of a child, watch the warm glow of the setting sun as it engulfs the entire world in a glowing aura of pink-orange light, take a walk in the sand, witness the magic of a starlit night, but, most importantly, don’t forget to rejoice in the beauty of your own heart.

I want to remind you once again – what you see inside is what you experience outside. What you experience outside is a direct reflection of your inner state. Fill your heart with unconditional love, then, there will be nothing but beauty within you and all around you.

Our world is full of magic and miracles – all we have to do is stop to smell the flowers blooming under our own window!

P.S. This article is the fifth in a new project we are working on called “Beauty“. Our team has decided that it is vitally important to help bring beauty into the world in whatever way we can and to help others to do the same. For now, we have several articles planned to publish on this topic but are of course open to where Spirit may lead us. We hope that you will follow our project and that it helps you.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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