Writing Oracle Card Extended Description - Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen VirtueIf this card appears, your angels are asking you to start writing. You may feel guided to write with pen and paper, or type the words on your keyboard, either method works great. You may feel guided to begin a journal to process your ideas and thoughts. Or you may feel guided to write about your goals, dreams, and intentions. You may even feel guided to start a dream journal, and discover the messages in your dreams as you write.

For those who already do write, this message is saying you have even more work and teachings that are to be shared with the world. Your words are inspiring and healing to those you touch through your written work. You have much to share with the world through your writing, and the angels are asking you to start now.

What do you feel guided to write about? You can begin exploring by sitting at a comfortable, quiet spot with a notebook and pen, and ask your angels what your soul longs to express. Start writing everything you hear, think and feel. Before you know it, you’ll already have several pages of information appear on the pages. You may discover that an article, a newsletter, a blog, or a book is inside of you waiting to get published!

Angel Blessings,


This card is from the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. For this Life Purpose Reading, we have included 13 of the 44 cards from this deck. For further explanation by the author, consider purchasing this deck. With your own deck, you will have access to all 44 cards and the guidebook, which includes detailed explanations of each card. Doreen’s products can be found on Amazon.com and the Angel Therapy Bookstore.  There is also a mobile app available for this deck!

“When we’re working on it [our Life Purpose], all aspects of our lives become healed.” When we’re not, “there’s a chronic low-level sense of anxiety because we subconsciously know that we’re missing the mark … Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding … These oracle cards were designed to help you identify your specific life purpose.” – How to Work with the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards Guidebook.

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2 replies
  1. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    I keep getting this card but each time I try to write my mind goes blank and I just end up sitting there. I’ve asked for ideas, inspiration etc but still nothing.

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:


      It can be challenging at times and we usually expect the answer a certain way. I’d say try to ask for what you want then try to relax and forget about it then the idea and inspiration will show up when you least expect it and it may not even come at a time you expect. Maybe you wake in the night or are in the shower or in the midst of something else and it hits you. Blessings.

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