A Spiritual Guide for Making Decisions that Feel Good Now

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Making decisions that feel good sounds great, but sometimes, it’s not so easy. This is definitely true when we’re faced with a big decision. When we feel stumped and confused, it’s probably because there are competing ideas and feelings, pulling you in different directions.

What’s going on inside? And how can you figure out which voice to listen to? This spiritual guide can help you discern between the competing voices, and help you make decisions that feel good deep inside.

Ego versus Intuition

Everyone has two voices inside of them: their ego and their intuition. Most of us are still operating from a place of the ego. This means that most decisions you make are likely driven by your ego, rather than your intuition.  But listening to the ego can leave you feeling lost.

How can you listen to the intuition instead? Before we talk about intuition-based guidance that allows you to make decisions that feel good, here are the key difference between the ego and the intuition.

The Ego…

  • Is usually heard in your head
  • Is scared and prideful
  • Sounds loud and worried
  • Is rational, intellectual, logic-driven and judgmental
  • Can use words like “should”, “right” or “wrong”
  • Is like a gushing fountain

The Intuition…

  • Is usually “heard” or felt in your gut
  • Is peaceful and joyful
  • Sounds low, calm and sure
  • Is a visceral feeling, or an essence
  • Is like a still, cool well

Feelings tell the difference between ego and intuition

One good way to differentiate between the ego and the intuition is to tap into your feelings. Ego-driven ideas can make you feel anxious, insecure, tense and even nauseous. Intuition, on the other hand, feels peaceful, knowing, trusting, calm and centered – even if it doesn’t seem rational or logical.

How to listen to your intuition and make decisions that feel good

Most of us are still making ego-based decisions. That’s to be expected because the ego is loud and always presenting itself to us. It talks right over your intuition.

But this doesn’t make us feel good.

Relying solely on your ego and brain can leave you feeling lost, rather than grounded. That’s because we’re ignoring a deeper part of our being – our intuition and our innate knowledge.

Remember, the ego is like a fountain. It’s always available to us, whether we like it or not. But the intuition is the well, and it’s up to us to go deep and listen to its guidance.

Our feelings can tell us a lot about who’s talking – the ego or the intuition. But you can go even deeper.

How to write to your intuition

Writing and communicating with your inner knowing is a wonderful practice to help you get in touch with your innate wisdom. The answers to those difficult questions are inside you. And the following steps help you listen out for the answers.

Turn off the distractions

The loud and clamoring ego makes it hard enough to hear the intuition. It doesn’t help that modern life is full of distractions and stress. Before you write to your intuition, turn off notifications, turn the volume down and get quiet.

Create a calm space

You can access your intuition anywhere, but by creating a calm and quiet space, you may have an easier time listening to it. Maybe writing in the early morning is your spiritual golden hour. Maybe your calm and relaxed moment comes later in the day. Whenever you choose to write, just be sure you can get calm so you can get connected.

Write your questions and listen for the answers

Writing to your intuition is exactly that: write out your question and then wait. Keep your question simple. And ask what steps you can take right now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Just here in this present moment.

The intuition isn’t concerned about next month. It’s all about being in the present moment.

After you’ve asked your simple, here-and-now question, listen to what comes up. If it feels peaceful, or if the idea surprises you – in a good way! -, or if the idea is something you’ve thought of before, write it down. This is probably your intuition answering your question.

If the answer is loud, busy, fear-based and insecure, it’s likely your ego is still talking. Don’t judge it. Your ego is just doing what it does best. But don’t give up. You’ve probably spent a long time listening to your ego, and with practice, you’ll be able to move past your ego and access your intuition instead.

Take note of your body and how it feels when you hear the answer. Where do you feel the answer? If it’s up in your head and making you feel bad, it’s probably ego-driven. If it’s coming from your gut and it feels “right”, even if it doesn’t “make sense”, guess what? You’re probably hearing your intuition.

By listening to your intuition, you can start to make decisions that feel good. That’s because your inner knowing is guiding your actions, rather than just a scared and bossy ego.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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