Are You A Truth Seeker?

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

Author Deepak Chopra said, “Walk with those seeking truth … Run from those who think they’ve found it.”Rev. Sheri on Seeking Truth

Deep within each of us is the truth; it’s unfortunate the last place we look for it is inside ourselves. We look to others who are supposedly wiser than we are, we search through religion after religion seeking the highest and most accurate and moral principles, or we wander around totally lost and hunting for answers when we are honestly not even sure of the questions.

Where Is Your Truth?

There is a fable about when God was creating humanity and trying to decide where to put truth. The angels suggested putting it atop the highest mountain. The devas suggested putting it at the very bottom of the oceans. However, neither thought it would be found in those places. God decided to put truth within us, even knowing that inside ourselves is the one place we would rarely look for it.

Within each of us is an inner guide, a divine part of ourselves who will lead us to find spiritual nourishment in the form of our own truth. We are each on an individual journey back home to God/Spirit/Heaven/Universe (however you choose to refer to your God Source). Your truth may not be the same as someone else’s truth, but it is nonetheless valid.

Find Your Divine TruthHow Do You Find Out What Your Truth Is?

We have a responsibility to ourselves to pursue truth as we are guided to pursue it. All too often we get caught up in the business of living and forget why we are here. There is a greater purpose to our being on this planet than merely making a living, buying things and having fun. It is up to us to find what that purpose is. The following are some ideas on ways to find your truth:

Open Up to Your Spiritual Side

When we open ourselves to the spiritual aspect of our lives, we invite our angels and guides to assist us with everyday miracles. There are miracles all around us every single day, whether we see them or not. Being able to see miracles in our day-to-day lives is part of knowing our truth.

Know You’re Not Alone

It is said of our physical bodies that we are born alone and die alone, but the truth is that we are never alone. We have angels, spirit guides and our own inner guide to direct us along the way. When we open ourselves up to the guidance of our inner guide and spiritual companions, we begin to find our truth, and we begin to learn why we are here.

Follow the Path that Resonates with You

There are many pathways to connection with the Divine, all of them sacred. Not every pathway is right for every person, but there is a pathway for each of us. It is up to us to find the pathway that resonates with us.

As Deepak Chopra suggested, we will walk with those seeking truth as kindred spirits looking for the best route home to the Divine, and we will pay attention to the guidance of our inner guide and our angels as they show us the way home.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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