I will be offering a few time slots for Numerology Reports next week as a special for Valentine’s Day.  There are a few different types of reports available, including an in depth Relationship Compatibility Report for only $30.  The openings are for Wednesday & Thursday (Feb. 13th & 14th*), though you don’t need to be available yourself during these times as these reports are sent via email anyway.  If you might benefit from a Numerology Report, you can see the different types available below …

* Additional dates are now available on Feb. 27th & 28th.

Relationship Compatibility 

This report is about 50 pages and compares the core numbers of two people.  It describes the potential of any relationship, whether it be a co-worker or a love interest.  It gives suggestions on how to enhance a relationship’s strengths and how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. ($30)

The BIG Numerology Report

This is our big report! We have included everything here from your date of birth through your personal forecast through the next year …  The Big Report includes everything in the Basic Personality Report and a whole lot more, including your Personal Forecast for the next 12 months. ($30)

Basic Numerology Report

This report covers the Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Karmic Lessons, Hearts Desire, Personality and several other numerological aspects.  (This could give you a good idea about the personality of that guy you met online or the assistant you’re thinking about hiring!) ($20)

12 Month Forecast

This report includes a detailed month to month and day to day forecast for the next 12 months. ($15)

Space is very limited as I will only be offering time slots for two days.

Schedule Your Numerology Report Here

Oh, be sure to also check out the free Valentine’s eCards available here

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