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Are You Making These Humongous Mistakes about Saints?

Even if you don’t practice the Catholic religion, chances are you’ve heard about saints. And since Catholicism has strongly influenced Western culture, saints have come to have an established place in our society.
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Relationship & Numerology Reports by Rev. Sheri (Limited Availability)

  I will be offering a few time slots for Numerology Reports next week as a special for Valentine's Day.  There are a few different types of reports available, including an in depth Relationship Compatibility Report for only $30. …
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Valentine's Day Giveaway - Win a Free Numerology Reading!

I recently began a new giveaway program on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, log on and enter to win. I'm giving away a Free Numerology Reading for Valentine's Day.

My 2 cents on Valentine's Day

I have to say that it seems like lately I've been hearing a lot of negative comments on Valentine's Day.  It appears there are quite a few people who honestly believe it to be a useless "Hallmark Holiday", but I have to disagree.  February…