Valentines Day Reading Special for February 2013!

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentines Day to you all!

This is your Angelic Astrologer, Colleen Lemma. Being a Libra, the relationship sign of the zodiac, I have a special affinity towards Valentines Day since it is a day that revolves around love, romance and partnerships.

I know with all the energy changes going on, that a lot of us are experiencing endings and new beginnings, challenges and redirections and much transition and evolution in all areas of our lives. One of those important areas deals with relationships. There are many different kinds of relationships. On Valentines Day we usually focus on intimate relationships and partnerships but we also have family relationships, friendship relationships and even business relationships in our lives.

For the rest of this month of February, I will be offering a discount on all phone and e-mail readings. So, whether it is about love, family, friendship or business, I am available to answer all of your questions.

When signing up for a reading I will need yours, as well as the other person or persons involved, date of birth, time of birth (if known) and city/state or country of birth to create your soul’s blueprint of energy.

Please remember that even though I am an astrologer I use many other tools and communicate with your Angels and Spiritual Helpers for information that will best guide and assist your Soul’s Highest Destiny Path and Healing.

Many Blessings and much Love to you during this special time!

Light to All,

Colleen Lemma

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