The Best Dad Mug I’m running a little behind on creating a Father’s Day Giveaway, but I’ll be honest … the day sorta crept up on me.  Isn’t it usually later in the month?  Anyway, I hope it was worth waiting for.  Tell us why your dad (or husband, uncle, brother, etc.) is amazing, and you could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  You can even use this gift card to help you buy him an Amazing gift!  😉

~ Sheri

6-11-13 12:08pm EST **UPDATE**

We’re going “old school” with this giveaway.  The software I normally use, Punchtab, is not working for some reason.  So, to enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below telling me why your dad (or husband, uncle, brother) is amazing.  Since this is up so late and because of the glitch, I’m going to extend this giveaway through June 30th.


Read David’s entry below.  I have to tell you all that I have no doubt David’s win had more than a little help from his father’s hand.  I had chosen a winner this morning, and it was David.  I didn’t think anything of it because I had only looked at the name.  Then I got busy doing something else and forgot I had already drawn a name.  So, I came back up to my office just now and drew another name … again, it was David. 

David, your dad is definitely sending you a message!  He’s heard your request and made it happen.  I’m actually going to double the prize to a $100 Amazon Gift Card for you, since I did draw your name twice. 😉  I’m not sure if half the gift is meant for you and half for your mom’s fountain, but I’m getting a very strong message from Dad that he loves you both very much.  He sees what you’ve been doing for your mom and appreciates that she’s not alone.  Yes, buy her the fountain please, but make sure to do a little something for yourself, too.  Dad reminds you this day (Father’s Day) is just as much about fathers as it is about sons, especially sons like you.  <3

I will be contacting you via email to be sure where to send your gift card.

Angel Blessings & Lots of Love from Above,



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7 replies
  1. David
    David says:

    My father was a kind and generous man, but we lost him to cancer last year. It’s been a difficult year, especially for my mom. Though I can’t give him a father’s day gift per se, I would love to give my mom a gift from him. She’s been wanting a small fountain for her flower bed, and my dad would have made sure she had it. I know it might seem like such a simple thing, but I would love to buy her a small garden fountain from my dad. Maybe winning this would help her to know that it really is from him. Thanks for your consideration – David.

  2. Divya
    Divya says:

    My dad is my strength. He gives me the courage to make my own decisions, to not bow down, to be gracious and kind and stand up for what I believe in.

    He means the world to me and I love him to bits 🙂

  3. Sarah-jane fogel
    Sarah-jane fogel says:


    my dad is the best cause he focuses on is how to find the best safest way for my brother mom and myself to live and be happy. Well, maybe he likes guitars too 🙂 He has worked at a job for 25 years that he doesnt like, and he never judges myself or anyone. He deserves to know how great that is!

  4. Julia
    Julia says:

    Since my divorce, my dad has been a good role model for my children. He goes above and beyond his “grandfatherly” duties. When I need a break, he takes my kids for a few hours so that I can have “me” time. He genuinely enjoys my children. After my brother died, I did not cope with it in a healthy way but my dad never gave up on me. He accepts me for me and his love is unconditional. He does not try to change me. When I make mistakes, he does not shame me. I feel nothing but gratitude for this for my father. I couldn’t not ask for more….

  5. Nats
    Nats says:

    My father in law is amazing because he is the sweetest and nicest man ever. He has always treated me like his own daughter and I couldn’t ask for a better father in law (or just father, period). Even though he is going through tough times trying to find a job, he still keeps a positive attitude and keeps his head up. He really deserves a great father’s day.

  6. Lisa M
    Lisa M says:

    I don’t have a father and my stepdad is deceased but I am choosing to write about him. Ed was his name and he was not only my dad but my best friend. He was like a big brother, best freind and dad rolled all into one. He helped me when I was a single mom and took part in my kid’s lives and was a great role model for them. He knew a bit about everything. He taught me about cars and how to fix things. He also liked to share a beer on a hot day and shoot the breeze. He was always up for a good joke and nothing ever bothered him. When he left this world, the void was almost unbearable, but eventually I learned to just think of him and remember how incredible he was. All of his freinds called him ‘Fast Eddy’ in the old days he was a truck driver. Once, he chased down a Greyhound bus my kids and I were on coming home from California. We got on the wrong bus and my dad tracked it down in alberta, and got him to pull over. The driver was pretty mad but we got off and dad took us home. He will always be my hero. ‘I love you Ed and look forward to reuniting with you someday. You were my best friend and my partner in crime…cheers!’

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    Well, my Dad is one of the best Dad’s EVER. He had four of us kids, of which i’m the oldest. A younger brother and two younger sisters. From an early age my father loved each of his children with incredible delight. He would do, and has done, anything for his children. A penny-pincher by nature, my Dad would withhold doing almost anything for himself, and it would take my mother to convince him to repair important things like, say, the roof. He’d get up there and hammer shingles and slap tar on his own just to save a buck. But that money saved, he would spend on his children.

    Even now that we’re all grown up he is still the same old father, putting us first, helping us out when we are in a pinch (and Lord knows i’ve been in quite a lot of pinches), always with a smile on his face and a warm hug in his arms. He is a sensitive old fellow, and he cries when he gets birthday cards and such, but I only know that because my mother tells me.

    My father is the best Dad ever and I love him with all my heart.



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