Mother Earth Contest Winners

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger


First, let me say a big Thank You to all of those who entered the contest or painted stones yet didn’t enter the contest. It means a great deal to me that others saw the importance of what I was trying to do here, and that you took part and did your own thing. Thank you … sincerely! <3

There were some beautiful and really unique entries. At the end of the day, it was about who tried to make the biggest difference … no matter how cool the art was. One Truth I have found with art is that it’s not about perfection so much as it is about expression. With this project, we wanted to choose winners based on those who created Beacons of Love and Hope in our world. Ultimately, winners were chosen based on the amount of love, joy, hope, positive energy and/or inspiration their creation(s) added to the world.

The 4rd place prize was awarded to Caroline from Stockholm.

Caroline’s project was focused on “creativity in colour, natural shapes and inner Dreams and Wishes from me to my felkod brothers and sisters in this world. Kittel shining beacons of love and colour planer in naturen för others to find.” Caroline shared a few pictures, but I chose her trees to share because I love trees! Did you know trees support each other through their roots? They are a wonderful example of Love and Hope! Beautiful! <3 Caroline won a Blessed Rainbow Bracelet and a small 1 inch white Love & Hope Beacon painted by me.

The 3th place prize was awarded to Jamie B. from United States.

Jamie has never painted rocks before and actually said she felt she is not very good at it but did her best. ♥ Well, Jamie, your best is all we were looking for, and you painted rocks for love, peace, the sun, a rainbow, faith, dreams, forgiveness … these are all things our world really needs! Great job!!!

Jamie won a Blessed Rainbow Bracelet and a small 2 inch white Love & Hope Beacon painted by me. I figured a rainbow deserved a rainbow! Thank you for your entry, Jamie. <3

The 2nd place prize was awarded to Mira Webb from Sweden.

Mira found it difficult to write with paintbrushes on the stones but luckily had glitter, which made the stones happy without words. She did sign the back of the stones as well as she could. She programmed her stones with healing energy to spread peaceful joy to anyone who sees them or passes by. Then she got the idea to place them in a circle around a large area in her home town to magnify the positive energy. She also used the stones as invitations for light beings to help raise the vibration in the area. (There have been problems with increasing gang rivalry the past years and shootings, which had been very uncommon in Sweden before.)

When Mira came home after placing her stones, she could see golden and blue energy through the window … the colors were in the sky above a very large area! How cool is that!?! She actually had physical proof that what she did made a difference!

And get this … Mira was worried about her pictures not being good enough because she was placing her stones while walking with her two and a half month old who doesn’t like to stop, so she had to take her photos quickly … lol. Mira said, “I just took a quick picture to illustrate the placing of the stone and quickly moved on. Some of the pictures don’t even really show the stone itself, but you get a general idea of where they are. 🙂 Luckily I had taken a picture of all stones together at home though. It was a hot day so we stopped to breastfeed four times! 🙂 Thank you for this mission, it was fun!”

How could I not at least give her 2nd place? She stopped to breastfeed four times during her mission! It was a mission of Love and Hope completed by an Earth Mother herself! <3 Well done, Mira! Well done!!! <3 <3 <3

Mira won the Blessed Rainbow Bracelet, 3 Arabella candles and a special 3 inch personal beacon created by me.

The 1st place prize winner was awarded to Carolyn from Connecticut.

As an avid pet lover, Carolyn chose to put a “pawsitive touch” to her rocks. Here is her entry …

“Our pets, both living and transitioned over rainbow bridge, are the best examples of showing us how to live life with completely unconditional love! Our pets do not judge us. They are content to hear us vent and happy to see us fulfilled. They are the “purrfect” companion every single day of their earthly journeys. It is a common experience for humans to mourn more deeply the death of a beloved pet than one of their own kin because there is no bitterness or anger associated as it can be with family members. These stones represent the “rocks” that are foundational in my life. Their names are Joy & Angelo and they are both “rescues”. However, they have rescued US on many levels! And I am proud to honor them through this contest. The rock without a paw print was an inspired message I felt compelled to paint. It says Dear One – All•is•well…I felt it was channeled through me to speak to a hurting soul who will drop their resistance long enough for this message to catch their eye. And though I may never know who that might be, I feel in complete alignment with the entire purpose of this Mother Earth Project! ♡♡♡”

It was unanimous vote that Carolyn’s pawsitive rocks took 1st place, as we are all pet lovers ourselves and know the value of their unconditional love. I always tell people that my Riley is my fur son … he is my family, and I will be devastated when it’s his time to leave me even though I know he will never be that far away. Honoring the gifts our beloved pets bring to us is a very important expression. They give us Love and Hope; they many times are the Beacons in our lives. As Carolyn said … they rescue us. I wish more people truly understood the importance of these relationships. If I had my way, every single child would have their own rescued pet … so they could be rescued too. Animals show us unconditional love, and this world is in desperate need of understanding this – especially now. God is Pawerful, and I have always found him in the eyes of the innocent, Beloved creatures that Mother Nature brings to us … to teach us how to be good humans. We just need to live in harmony with them. Thank you, Carolyn, for your thoughtful honoring of those who teach love the best. <3

Carolyn has won all of the following:

A stone beacon made by me
Beacons of Love eBook by Rev. Sheri (me)
Rock Art Handbook by Samantha Sarles
Hope Moonstone Candle by Arabella
Connection (Love) Rose Quartz Candle by Arabella
Clear Quartz Power Healer Candle by Arabella
No Mud No Lotus Bracelet by Buddha Groove
Blessed Rainbow Bracelet
Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Again, thank you to all those who participated. Most of all, I hope you all had fun with this experience. It was enjoyable for me to see what everyone created. Thank you for sharing your time and your creative expressions with the world! <3

I also want to say that just because this event/contest is over does not mean that we have to stop creating. In fact, I hope this project has inspired people to create because creative self expression is more important than I have ever realized it was. It has been a very important part of my healing process, and I believe it can be an important part of healing our society and our world. Our intentions can bring healing, and invoking our intentions into creative expression is a beautiful way to bring healing into our world. <3

Love and Blessings,


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  1. sunitha
    sunitha says:

    Hai Re
    I come often to your website for the spiritual readings and I read some of your have lot of fire in you.You care lot about humanity and life itself.I too think too much about people why everybody is so greedy and defensive to the good people but ACCORDING TO MY UNDERSTANDING according to hindu philosophies life born in ignorance then slowly became intelligent by learning lessons by fighting the stronger force than it is and became more intelligent highest intelligent form is human.and this humans has stages too first starting with physical people who only uses body to meet the life needs after that mental people who uses their mind more they are intelligent people and spiritual people who uses their intuition more etc….spiritual people uses their spiritual power to serve the world in the same way physical people serve the world in physical activity etc…one depend on another but these spiritual people have highest responsibility for the mankind and they need to teach the world what how to go to next stage.bust some where these spiritual people became too egoistic wanted themselves to be god and used these mental and physical people.The whole world is out of balance less of higher order people to rule everybody is crying inside to know the way out of the struggle.but no body to teach don’t know what is god many people are bloody ignorant ‘s if you talk about order to them they will go crazy.I do not have any spiritual powers like you to see but it is logical for me.If spiritual people become disobedient to god what god can do I think god allow them to dissipate all their powers by fighting with him that’s why this struggle is all about.people do fight with good people because many people don’t meet the people like you.But you have lot of COURAGE TO STAND AS A SPIRITUAL PERSON and standing for lower order individuals and making their way easier to next level life .THANKYOU FOR DOING YOUR DUTY WITH DIGNITY AND COURAGE and helping me in my path.

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Sunitha,
      Thank you for writing. It is always helpful to me to know that my work is helping someone else. I do try very hard to help people, though sometimes it feels as if I am yelling into a big void. 😉 Sometimes I feel as if I’m wandering in the wilderness all by myself, but my favorite book, “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown has helped with that.

      After all I’ve been through, finally finding my way through to my TRUTH has given me the courage to not be afraid to walk alone if necessary. And it does very much help to know that what i have done has been helpful to others, especially because, when you put your work out into the online world, there are many not very nice people out there, and sometimes some of those people just seem to have a mission to tear people down. Of course, I do know that sometimes it’s just that what I’ve said challenges something in them that they don’t like. Or, maybe because I’m an empath, I’ve accidentally mirrored something they didn’t want to see. But, none of that is my fault; it’s just my mission.

      It does take a heck of a lot of courage to say the things I have said, especially when I’ve been taught to keep my mouth shut … though I guess maybe that’s where dignity comes in? My silence has had a cost in the past. I guess by speaking my truth I am hoping to give others permission to do the same … because I know there are others who feel like they are not allowed to speak out, too. I also hope it will take power away from the secrets I had to keep for all those years.

      All of us, men and women, have scars to bear. That is life. Life is hard. It always has been … for most of us anyway, but I don’t believe it has to be so traumatic that it affects us for always and forever. I believe that we can heal ourselves and each other … with love and compassion.

      Thank you again for writing. Wishing you many blessings. <3 ~ Re


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