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In July, I held a contest for the best description of the Yvonne card.  It was difficult to choose a winner, but here is the winning entry by Laurie …

Yvonne Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This card has come to me many times.  It is a card of Unconditional Love.

There are many people on this earth who have never experienced true unconditional love — the kind of love a pet or animal companion provides to us.  This card is a call from the angels to connect with a special pet or animal companion to receive that precious love of the Creator, and is also a way to help us unlock that “inner child” within — the part of us that desperately, at times, needs that unconditional love of another being.

This card may also be a call to work with animals, as they also need US — to be their voice in the world.  It could be the angel’s guidance to get involved in animal welfare, either through the adoption/rescue of a companion animal from a local shelter or to become involved in a local or global animal rights organization.

There is a love that only a creature so pure as an animal can teach us — one that fosters cooperation and co-creation with another species — they are calling us to be their voices in the world.  If we would only help them, they will also help us, become more attuned to LOVE in all of it’s many forms.

There is a movie that I just recently watched that shows this so beautifully and clearly.  It is called “Big Miracle” (about 3 trapped whales and the people who rescue them and how it changes not only their own lives, but possibly the whole world!).  I would highly recommend it to anyone — and especially to those who pick this card!  : )

Thank you for your “free angel card reading” site!  I have used it often!!

Thank you, Laurie!  Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.  This explanation was special to me because I personally have a very special relationship to animals.  I do help them, of course, but they help me so much more.  Probably due to my childhood, I find it easier to share and trust animal companions in a way that is more difficult for me to do with many of my human friends and family members.  Animals are truly furry little angels.  Their love is never ending and unconditional.  

I hope you enjoyed Laurie’s explanation as much as I did.  One thing that I would like to note is that Yvonne sometimes shows up for me as a “Hello from Heaven” from pets I have loved and lost.  Maybe that will fit you as well.  There were many wonderful thoughts and explanations shared in this contest.  You can read all of them in the comments here.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

For a deeper explanation by the Doreen, consider purchasing this deck – available now on Amazon.com. Each deck comes with a guidebook that includes directions and layouts as well as detailed explanations of each card. Doreen’s products can be found on Amazon.com and the Angel Therapy Bookstore. There is also a mobile app available for this deck.

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  1. Ziggie
    Ziggie says:

    My question to the Angels was “should I vaccinate my 9 pups or not?” Stupid question huh? Stupid indeed? OK, I agree… For any human who doesn’t share my past the answer is plain and clear. Vaccinate. But is this that simple? If pups get vaccinated they’re in peril. If they don’t, they’re in peril too. No human, no scientist, no paper, no research nobody and nothing can positively state the pros and cons of injecting neurotoxins into the blood-stream of innocent pups or refrain from doing so. How can anyone play games with the life of 9 living creatures? Before visiting this page to “consult” the Angels I had reached a dead-end in my endless hours, days, weeks of research.. I was tired. Sleepless. Confused. Desperate. I was just looking for a little fun on my screen at the office, some sort of “brain break” to get rid of some steam before getting back work. My visit to this page was sheer coincidence. So I asked the question without any expectation to get any answers whatsoever.. To me it was just a game…. Instantly I experienced the very shock of my life! The outcome card was this “Yvonne” card! I can’t describe the impact this card had on me-and I don’t expect anyone to understand as I am revealing here just a tiny fracture of my torment. I got the instant feeling for the first time IN MONTHS that SOMEBODY IS LISTENING AND ANSWERS BACK! Plainly and directly! With no verbal zig-zags and riddles like the ones I have been hearing from vets for the last 65 days. So what’s happening? Do Angels really exist? Are they indeed so close to us? Do they really LIVE and SHARE our moments? Do they really UNDERSTAND better than those we consider “close” friends or family? The Yvonne card was quite a striking indication to me today, that Angels seem to exist and in fact may also know THE WHOLE STORY without the need from us to TELL THEM ANYTHING. They KNOW. And they TALK too!!! I’m amazed! Now I KNOW TOO. And that’s a HUGE RELIEF!!!

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:


      We are glad you found our page and we don’t feel that any question in stupid 🙂 We are glad you asked it and yes angels do exist and they know a lot. I know there are several parents out there who questions vaccinations for their kids so why not question for your pups? To me they are your kids, at least my furry friends are 🙂

      We are here to try and help others grow spirituality and learn how to connect with their own angels and guides in this life. We welcome you to sign up for our twice per month news where we highlight our most recent articles and happenings at Angel Messenger. We hope you decide to join our community, here is the link,

      Angel Blessings!

  2. Figen
    Figen says:

    that is a beautiful and meaningful explanation, thanks to Laurie! yet my question is; how can we interpret this card if it comes for the question whether to reunite with the partner we are in love with?

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Hi Figen,

      It would certainly depend on the surrounding cards, but this particular card is a card of unconditional love. For your question, it may be saying that there will always be some kind of love within this relationship. However, sometimes there are people that we can love deeply without being meant to be a partner. 🙂


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