How Healing Emotional Issues

Can Help You Look Younger Now

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Eternal youthfulness is something many people aspire to. However, it evades us for one simple reason. Emotional wounds don’t disappear. Instead, they will show up in our faces and bodies for days, months and years after the event. Even if you try to repress and ignore your emotional wounds, your body can’t do that, and the energy of these negative emotions has an aging effect.

No matter how many high-quality anti-aging creams or procedures you try, they can not heal repressed emotional pain. Nor can they cover emotional issues. So, one of the most beautiful ways to stay young and vibrant is to heal from the inside out.

Your cells remember emotional issues

The emotional experiences you have don’t remain in your memory and thought. That is, in your brain. Each emotional experience gets recorded in the body on a deep cellular level – all without the benefit of your thinking and remembering brain.

In Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous work, “Messages from Water,” he studied the molecular structure of water, and how it changes based on the message it’s given. According to Emoto, our emotional energy and vibrations can change the physical structure of water. And since our bodies are 90 percent water, it’s not hard to see that our thoughts, energy, and vibrations can have a profound impact on our bodies, too.

In fact, every feeling, thought, emotion and trauma we experience gets stored in the cells throughout our body. And if we don’t address them, we carry them around with us – like emotional baggage that can literally pull us down. Some scientists even believe that the memories which cells “remember” are the actual source of illness and disease.

How emotions can affect your skin

Our skin is both the literal and figurative boundary for the human body. It is our largest organ, protecting us thanks to its waterproof, elastic and self-healing properties. However, if our emotional and energetic boundaries are not healthy, this problem can manifest in our skin.

The heavyweight of emotional issues can reflect in saggy, dragged down skin. And consider phrases like “getting under your skin.” When someone or something bothers you, it bothers your skin, too, making it feel itchy, inflamed and red. The same is true if you feel attacked or defensive. Despite all your best attempts to hide your discomfort, your skin will give you away with breakouts, irritation, and inflammation.

3 emotional issues to heal to look younger

If it feels like your body is aging much more quickly than it should, it may be due to three unresolved emotional issues. By healing these, you can invite a youthful spirit back into your being.

These three main areas are 1) your inner child needs healing; 2) not living in alignment with your true self, and 3) taking on other people’s energy. Let’s take a look at each one.

#1: Your inner child needs healing

One of the ways we live in misalignment with our true selves is when our inner child is wounded and needs healing. Encountering our wounded child is painful and unearths issues we don’t want to face. So, we run away from the inner child. Or, at least we think we do. But our inner child is always with us, deep within every cell of our body. This means if our inner child is wounded, so are we on a deep cellular level.

However, our inner child actually provides us with a very powerful portal to healing and peace. We can access our inner child at any time and begin to heal our pain and suffering from the inside out. As Thich Nhat Hanh teaches, “Talk to your inner child every day, several times a day. Give it attention, let him or her know you’re there, that you care, that you’re sorry, etc.”

Taking steps to heal your inner child can give you a youthfulness you might have never experienced.

#2: Live in alignment with your true self

Your upbringing, life experience or current environment don’t always allow you to be your true self. This can result in censoring or shaming yourself, or denying what you truly need and want in life. This might work in the short term, but a life of misalignment is very destructive.

How does this relate to your skin? Your skin protects your own precious individuality. If you’re betraying yourself, or you’ve repressed emotional issues, they will continue to manifest themselves as fear, anxiety and skin problems.

How can you live in true alignment with yourself? You must love yourself. One affirmation that can help is this: I send love and gratitude to each cell in my body and I am sending healing to my skin. No anti-aging cream can make your face look more beautiful than when your cells feel loved and cared for.

You also have to take a fierce step of independence and identify your beliefs, values, and opinions. Then, you have to act in alignment with them. When you are your best and most authentic self, you will look younger and lighter. How could you not?

Just consider women like Carol Tuttle, Louise Hay, Iris Apfel, and Ina Garten. These beautiful women defy “age” because they learned to live in alignment with their truth.

#3: Take on your energy

After you spend time with certain people – especially negative and toxic individuals – do you feel tired, or even unwell? One of the reasons why we feel this way is because we take on other people’s energy instead of holding firm to our own.

Many people learn to do this as a way to survive amid traumatic events or within dysfunctional relationships and patterns. However, taking on someone else’s energy is the surest way to drag yourself down.

And remember, since the skin reflects the border protecting the individual self, a breach in this boundary can show up as a skin problem.

How can you protect your energetic boundaries? Energy healer and spiritual teacher, Carol Tuttle says whenever you’re with another person who’s energy you tend to take on, say to yourself, “That’s their energy. This is mine.”

Yes, it’s a very simple statement, but it’s a very clear one that tells your mind and body exactly whose energy is whose. It says you are taking responsibility for your energy and not taking on someone else’s. It belongs to them. It’s their responsibility. And you don’t have to take it on anymore.

There are so many ways we punish ourselves, like taking on someone else’s energy, not healing our inner child, or not living in alignment with our true selves. But you don’t have to anymore. It’s not a good look.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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