11 Ways You Can Work with Your Guardian Angels in Your Daily Life

Have you ever tried working with your guardian angels? Together, you can transform your daily life, one celestial step at a time. We’re about to explore 11 ways you can start working with your guardian angels. And chances are, they can’t wait for you to get started.

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Name Your Guardian Angel

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone? You say, “Hi, my name is…” In a way, it’s the first exchange to create trust. It’s the foundation of your relationship, no matter how big, small, personal, or professional it is.

So, one of the best starting points for working with your guardian angel is to make sure you know his or her name. But how do you know your angel’s name? There are a couple of ways to figure it out.

The first thing you can do is sit in a peaceful place and quiet your mind. Begin to focus on your breath and let your body release any tension. Then, simply say, “I would like to know my guardian angel’s name.” If a name comes to mind, it could very well be the name of your angelic guardian.

Another way to name your guardian angel is to simply give them a name that has special meaning to you, or a name that you prefer. It can be a name that makes you smile or that you like to say. Once you know your angel’s name, start calling them by name. This is the first step to building a lifelong relationship with them.


Create Your Angel Space

Think of the advice people follow when working from home. Everyone says you need to have a designated workspace. Sure, you can work anywhere in your house, but you’re more likely to get your work done if you have a special “office” at home. It’s similar for when you’re starting to work with your angels.

Creating an angel space isn’t necessary if you want to connect with your angel. After all, you can pray to her anytime and anywhere. But creating a special space for your angel helps you turn wishful thinking into a concrete habit.

You see, it’s great to want to work with your angel, but doing this on a daily basis takes practice, especially if it isn’t a habit for you yet. A specific angel space helps you work with your angel on a more regular basis.

Angel spaces can be simple, like a little home altar, or a designated spot on your dresser or bedside table. This is where you can go to communicate with them, and where you’re reminded that your angels are always with you.

Ask Your Guardian Angels For Help

Now that you know your guardian angel’s name and you have a special place in your heart and home for them, it’s time to ask for their help, their companionship, and their company.

Your angels are not here to intimidate you, judge you, or shame you. They only want to be with you and help you. So, don’t be shy – angels want you to ask for help.

Talk To Your Angels And Say Thank You

Your angels have been with you your entire life. Think about it: from the moment you were born, throughout your childhood, teen years, and now adulthood, they have always been with you. They know you deeply.

They know your Starbucks order, your favorite outfit, your guilty pleasures, and your favorite TV show. So, talk to your angels. There’s nothing to hide from them, and you really have nothing to lose. They already understand.

When talking to your angels, remember to thank them. Gratitude deepens every relationship, and it’s no different with your celestial friends. Think of how happy you can make your angel, simply by thanking them for their love, light, and support.

Ask Your Guardian Angel To Bring Your Prayers To God

One of the most fascinating aspects of the angels is that they’re like our middlemen. Here’s what that means. Each of us isn’t a body with a soul, but a soul with a body. And in this form, we spend a short amount of time on earth.

Meanwhile, there is a spiritual realm that surrounds us. In our physical form, we have limited access to it, but our guardian angels exist as pure spirits. So, they’re not bound to the same physical restrictions and limitations as we are.

Your guardian angels are in constant contact with you and they’re existing in this purely spiritual realm, too. So, if you have prayers to God (or, however you identify the Divine), ask the angels to carry your prayers to God, and pray along with you.

Ask For Comfort

What is troubling you? Many people all over the world are currently experiencing grief. Others may be feeling isolated or lonely. Still, others may be trying to cope with the panic of anxiety or the heavyweight of sadness.

You do not have to struggle alone. Your angels offer solace and comfort. You can close your eyes and envision your angel by your side, hugging you or surrounding you in their soft, glowing light. Hear them reassuring you: You are not alone.

Overcome Addiction With Your Guardian Angel

The word “addiction” usually calls to mind alcohol, substance abuse, etc. But addictions can include lots of “normal” and even acceptable things, like stress, emotional drama, shopping, and social media.

Our addictions to these “normal” things are usually how we cope with pain on some level, but they’re not good for us. They prevent us from healing the heart of the issue.

Overcoming addictions can seem like an insurmountable task, but you don’t have to do it alone. As you work with a therapist or with other teachers, ask your angel to help you overcome addiction, too.

You can also ask your angel to call upon the archangels for their special help. Gabriel, for example, can help us get clear about our addiction. Raphael’s healing energy can help us dissolve addictive behaviors. Michael strengthens our resolve and protects us from temptation and powerful urges.

Work with Your Guardian AngelDeepen Your Spiritual Connection

Does it feel like your life is missing something? Do you ever make it to the end of the day and think yourself, There’s got to be more than this? Well, you’re right. There is. As humans, we place a lot of value on ego identification, productivity, and accomplishment.

We mistakenly believe that without these three things, we have no value. But that is far from true. Our essence isn’t defined by anything external. Our essence is our divinity. But it’s so easy to forget this in our busy, secular lives. Working with your guardian angels is a powerful step to deepen your spiritual connection.

They support you in enriching your spiritual life, your devotion to different deities or saints, your relationship with your spirit guides, or the trust you have in your own intuition.

Feel Together, Not Alone

Whether you live in a bustling metropolis, a quiet suburban town, a colorful quartiere, or a farm in the countryside, we can slip in and out of loneliness. That’s because loneliness doesn’t just stem from physical separation.

We can feel alone whenever we’re misunderstood or marginalized. We can feel isolated from drastic changes in our daily lives. We can feel separation when we must pour the majority of our energy into work, rather than the things that give us joy and light.

You can work with your guardian angels to feel a sense of togetherness, rather than loneliness. One way to feel together is to keep a simple, tangible reminder with you.

For example, set your screen’s wallpaper to an inspiring angel image. Or keep a picture of your favorite angel in your wallet, or at your workspace. You could also set notifications on your phone to send a loving message (no pun intended!) to your guardian angel throughout the day.

Team Up With The Archangels

Remember: angels are in constant contact with us and the rest of the celestial beings. So, together, you and your guardian angels can work with the archangels. It all depends on what you need or want. For example:

  • Archangel Michael can help you discover your life’s purpose
  • Archangel Raphael offers healing and protection if you need to travel
  • Archangel Gabriel can help you with communication and creativity
  • Archangel Uriel offers healing for emotional distress
  • Archangel Jophiel reminds you to see the beauty all around
  • Archangel Chamuel can support romantic relationships, which brings us to our final tip

Heal From Heartbreak

It’s hard to describe the pain you feel when you separate from a lover. But when it feels like your heart is breaking, it really does feel like you’ll never smile or laugh again.

Your guardian angel isn’t too “holy” or “spiritual” for heartbreak pain. She is there for you even during this time. Your guardian angel can’t change your thoughts or your emotional experience. But she can help you heal from relationships.

She can comfort you when you feel sad and alone. She’s there as you process your thoughts and emotions. She reminds you of your deep worth, and everything that life has to offer you still.


You can work with your guardian angel every day. Start by naming him or her and talking to them every day. Consider them just as capable of being there for you as any other friend or family member. Remember that they can support, love, and comfort you, no matter what your current situation. And they’re excited to deepen their relationship with you, too.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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