Back to School … It’s that time of year again!  Actually, I think some parts of the country may have already started.  Here in Michigan, we have about a month left of summer.

This time of year starts the back to school craziness when parents take their lists of needed school supplies and treck to the stores trying to find everything on the list.  It’s the stress of the Christmas holiday without all the fun.  You have to get everything on the list, but you may have to search everywhere to find it.  Personally, I haven’t received my list from our school yet.  Last year, I received it only two weeks before the start of school and had to make do with what was left.  Just buying some stuff will help, but you can’t get everything until you have your list because you need specific colors and types of folders, etc.  Ugh …

I’m all for anything that makes preparing for the school year easier on parents – and kids.  JC Penny has been impressing me more and more with all they stand for, and now they are giving away free kids haircuts all of August (Kindergarten through 6th grade) to help parents get their kids ready for school.  It’s one less thing to do … and pay for.  That is amazing to me, and I love them a little more for doing this.  This is the type of thing we should be doing for each other!  Sure, it is advertising in a way, but it’s an awesome way to spend your money.  Great job, JCP!  May you inspire others to do the same!

There’s something else I’d like to share, too.  Have you heard of the iSafe backpack?  It’s a backpack with a built in alarm that is louder than a car alarm.  I’m considering buying one of these for my son.  I’ve read some comments by school administrators that stated these backpacks are not necessary in school because teachers prevent problems, and these kids don’t necessarily carry their bags around school.  However, I think this is a great idea, especially for kids walking home from school.  If someone ever tried to nab your kid after school, they pull a hidden but easily reachable cord that sets of an alarm.  That alarm draws lots of attention, and the would-be nabber would likely take off running – without your kid and his attention getting device. 

Don’t get me wrong, this bag should not be used as a substitute for teaching kids about “stranger danger”, but it is an extra safety measure.  I am not personally affiliated with JC Penny or iSafe, so your purchases would not benefit Angel Messenger in any way; I feel like I should tell you when things I recommend do or do not give me money.  Anyway, I will be shopping at JC Penny this month, and I’m probably going to buy one of those bags.  There is one drawback that I see for the bags, however; regular old backpacks seem a bit more stylish.  I wish iSafe would create more stylish bags, but I’d rather have the added safety feature over style, and reviews have said these are high quality backpacks.  I guess I can deal with that.  😉

Well, Happy Back to School!

Angel Blessings,



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