This is the last week of summer for my little guy, and I’m doing everything I can to make these last few days special.  Like many parents, my husband and I worked hard to make it a great summer.  We went to Traverse City for a couple of days in June.  July wasn’t much fun with the soaring temperatures giving me migraines, but we’ve been to two zoos over the past two weeks.

After school starts next week, there will be lots of after school activities going on, but I’m going to take some time out of my schedule to take care of me for a bit.  I think I’m going to schedule a hair cut … and maybe a massage … hmm.  This has gotten me thinking that other parents and people in general should maybe consider doing something nice for themselves, too, and maybe I can help with that a bit.  I’ve decided to offer a little deal on readings for the next two weeks …

Back to School Special Rate – $10 off One Hour Reading
($5 off 45 Minute or 30 Minute Readings)
– Good on Appointments scheduled for September 1st through 14th –
Under main “Schedule Your Reading” tab, select the length of your reading.  When you select an appointment between Sept. 1st & 14th, the price will adjust automatically.

By the way, if you live in Michigan and have never been to the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI, you should go.  We’ve been to all the zoos in the area (Detroit, Toledo, Binder Park, Potter Park), and the John Ball Zoo was by far my favorite.  They have a shallow pool where you can actually touch and interact with sting rays, and there’s a Budgie bird cage where you can feed the birds.  The birds are very friendly.  One sat on my husband’s shoulder for quite some time while he talked to the bird.  It was really cool!  Potter Park in Lansing now has the same type of bird cage.  We went there last week, but those birds bite you when you run out of food, and they bite hard.  I always feel bad for the animals in the cages, but the work these zoos do to educate people and protect animals from becoming endangered is very important.  My little guy is talking about volunteering at a zoo when he is old enough.  😉

Enjoy the rest of summer!

Angel Blessings,


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