The story you are about to read is so incredible that it is almost unbelievable. I have wondered on a few occasions if I might have actually hit my head on this night. Well, I’ll let you decide. Here is my story . . .

I was driving home late one night. It was the middle of winter, and there was a horrible snow storm. I had never driven in conditions like this and was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of my car. I was only going about 30 miles per hour and was focusing so intensely that my eyes actually hurt. If there hadn’t been a steady stream of oncoming traffic, I’m sure the line of cars behind me would have started to pass, but I didn’t dare drive any faster.

Not even two miles from home, my car hit what must have been a patch of black ice. My car started to spin out of control, and I thought for sure that my car was going to roll from the force of the spin. It felt like I was on a carnival ride from my worst nightmare. After spinning at least one and a half 360 degree spins, my car came to a very sudden and forceful stop.

I was out of my mind when I discovered where I was … in the other lane and facing the oncoming traffic! My body wouldn’t move; I was completely frozen in fear, and all I could see were the headlights of a stopped car facing me. It seemed like time had slowed down or even completely stopped, but my mind was racing. I was surprised that I hadn’t rolled into the ditch full of trees beside me. How was it that I was in this exact position, and how would I get back in the other lane where I needed to be?

I then experienced the oddest sensation. I felt something come from behind me and take over active function of my body. I was aware of what was happening, but I was not in control. I remember being very surprised though not really afraid. My car had been completely stopped, but once this energy took control of my body, my car started to spin again. It did the same spin but back the other way. When my car stopped this time, I was stunned by the fact that I was back in my lane facing the right direction. What was more amazing is that I didn’t hit anything.  Even with the steep ditch full of trees and the bumper to bumper traffic in terrible weather, everything and everyone was fine. There had been a steady line of traffic in both directions my whole drive home. Incredibly, during my experience, all traffic had come to a complete and safe stop. This was amazing to me since the weather was so bad. Not only did I not hit anything, but I was completely unharmed!

After realizing that I had control over my body again, I looked around at the other cars. No one was affected but me, though I still felt an urge to get out of the car and make sure I hadn’t caused any trouble. When I reached for the door handle, it wouldn’t open, and I “heard” a voice in my head that said, “Look around again. They’re all fine.” I sat there for a minute to see if anyone else would get out of their cars and then understood that getting out would cause more danger, so I started to slowly move forward. The other traffic started up again like nothing had happened. I began to cry partially from fear and partially from not really believing what had just occurred. I was in shock. Again, I heard the voice, “You’re okay. Just drive home.”

I was not very far from home, but the drive seemed to take forever. I was not really sure what had happened. When I arrived home, I told my husband about the ordeal. It wasn’t until then that I fully understood what had taken place. I had an encounter with my guardian angel.

I have never really watched Nascar, but I don’t think there are any human drivers that could have pulled off the maneuvers that “I” did that night. I definitely know that I do not possess that kind of skill and could never replicate it. I sometimes wonder if the other people saw what happened that night or if time actually had stopped. That would explain how all the other vehicles came to a safe stop and acted like nothing had happened.

For a few years, this story seemed to be almost too much to share. You see, this happened long before I became “Rev. Sheri”, long before I began Angel Messenger.  This was by no means my first experience, but it had been the first in a long time – really the first since I was a child.

We all know how easy it is to discount the memories and experiences we have as children.  This experience, though incredible, is one that I was too old to discount as childhood fantasy. I had to accept it as truth. 

What happened to me was very real, and I hope that sharing this story will inspire others to share their own stories. And, I want to honor and thank my guardian angel, whom I now know as “Zachary”. My beloved Zachary, thank you so much for all you have done for me in my life and for protecting me long before I ever knew you existed.  I literally would not be here today without you!

Personally, I am very comforted in knowing that I am never driving blind.  Even when we can’t seem to see what’s ahead or life is handing us what seems like way too much for us to handle, we are never alone.  There is someone else there, ready to take the wheel.  Remember, our Guardian Angels can’t interfere in our lives without our permission – unless of course our lives are in danger.  Ask your Angel’s for help, and don’t worry about taking their energy away from someone else.  Your Guardian is yoursyou are their only job.

With much love and many blessings, I am sharing my story with you.

Rev. Sheri

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