I believe in Angels also…

 A month or so ago I was dining with my close friend Sue and her new love. She’d left the two of us at the dining table to finish up in the kitchen just before the food was ready to serve… and so the two of us were left in what might have been considered ‘an awkward moment’ – given that we’d not spent much time together one to one before.

Friends At A Dinner PartyOn the contrary, Alistair broke the silence and said – Well, Sue has told me where you work and what you do, and has relayed to me happy stories you can both share, but what do you really like to do with your spare time? A fleeting thought crossed my mind to tell him I enjoyed horse back riding, but hadn’t done it for many years. Instead, I told him… I believe in Angels. The moment I had uttered the sentence, a wave of doubt prepared me for a stifled gasp, and embarrassed laughter. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. My companion replied, I believe in Angels also…. The gasp then came from me, followed by, How so?

Well, said Alistair… A previously lengthy love relationship had ended, and I had just regained enough confidence to take myself out to socialize… I stood at the bar enjoying a drink, when I literally bumped into two guys who were talking there. Apologies were exchanged, which then lead to interesting conversation and a happy interlude of reflections and observations about life. Alistair went on to explain that he’d taken a bathroom break, and on his return, the two friends had left. The barman asked Alistair if he’d previously known the two men, as they had been kind enough to leave enough cash behind the bar for a drink of his choice…

Delighted by his interpretation of my revelation, I continued to listen as Alistair went on to tell me about a more recent incident where he’d fallen off of his bicycle in the snow, and somehow damaged the bike chain to render him stranded with no cell phone.. He’d injured himself in the fall, and began to panic slightly when his wound began to bleed. Shortly after, however, an equally ‘crazy cyclist’ arrived to Alistair’s rescue. He knew exactly how to fix the lock in the bike chain, and held the bike upright to let Alistair remount and ride home to safety. He went on to explain that if he hadn’t been in shock he would have taken the time to ask for the man’s cell phone to thank him later. That being said … Alistair countered that an image remained in his mind of the man smiling as he waved him a fond fair well as Alistair started on his journey home… as if he already knew of Alistair’s gratitude.

Alistair went on to conclude –  I look on Sue as an Angel.… I met her at a time when I was feeling ultimately low …  I don’t feel she came to ‘fix’ me, but she has restored my trust in the notion of true love and shared intimacy on a soul level.

I felt a lump in my throat, and risked being tearful, when Alistair asked how I had become to be ‘interested in Angels.’ I told him I’d been at a fairly low point myself, and that to get back on track, I’d been drawn to soul search. I ready many books, I told him … Louise Hay’s – You Can Heal Your Life, and Daniel Millman’s the Life You Were Born to Live.  I explained the number combinations derived from a person’s birth date. I reported that mine advised me in my remedial ‘homework’ to read a book about Angels, of my discovery of Doreen Virtue, and my received gifts of an Angel Board and Oracle Cards.

I’m so happy my friend has found love in someone so ‘in tune,’ and open to other’s interpretations in our quests for truth, hope and faith that ‘man’s’ sincerity toward each other will return…  

– Steve from England

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