Good morning everyone and happy Monday! I have been very busy for the last couple of weeks, and this week is even busier. Tomorrow I will be meeting with an old friend and colleague who will very likely soon be offering her services here at Angel Messenger.

Colleen is an intuitive astrologer and Reiki Master that I have known for several years. She is actually the original Angel Messenger Practitioner. Colleen used to work with me on my site a few years ago before she got her own website. My husband and I are actually the ones who built her website for her.

Originally, when I was thinking about adding astrology to my website, Colleen is who I thought of, though I had not yet spoken with her.  I wasn’t sure that she would be interested because she had her own things going on and her own website. However, in an interesting chain of events, several of my husband’s websites were hacked through his hosting company, and Colleen’s site had to be permanently shut down. After talking with Colleen, it became apparent to both of us that maybe fate is bringing us back together again.

I will be meeting with Colleen tomorrow afternoon to finalize details. For now, her plan is to offer telephone appointments within the US only on Tuesdays and Sundays. She is not currently able to offer e-mail readings, which I thought I would be looking for in an astrologer. However, we no longer have a shortage of e-mail readings as Fawn, Christina, Roger and myself are all now offering e-mail readings.

If all goes as planned tomorrow, as I expect it will, then appointments with Colleen should be online by the end of this week.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and a Happy Birthday to Colleen as today is actually her birthday.  😉

Angel Blessings,


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