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We attract to us what we focus on, whether we are aware of it or not. Prayer is a powerful form of attracting a desire, because prayer flows from our source, from love which is our very core. Visualization and manifesting work very much the same way as prayer does, and when visualization is coupled with the same passion we feel when we pray, there is an element of detached joy and pure love which starts the flow of creativity moving along. Prayer is not a selfish act, and neither is manifesting a desire, for God and our Angels, guides and power animals truly desire what we desire . . . i.e joy, healing, connection, closure, expansion, abundance and ultimately love. When your heart and intention match up, you can manifest a desire!

Fantasizing is a form of active visualization where the emotional connection to a desire is very strong. Because emotions are so intense with fantasy, you can often create a materialization of what you want even quicker than using only a mental image. I keep a silver box inside my front door where I place ‘wish notes’. For example, sometimes when I’m going to a yard sale, I write down what I want to find and place what I wrote into my silver ‘wish box’. Next, I take a moment to fantasize about my desired outcome, as if I’ve already achieved what I want. I leave to the yard sales full of anticipation.

I once needed a table and chairs for my back deck, so I wrote myself a ‘fantasy note’ before heading to the local yard sales. My note stated simply, “Deck table and chairs; cheap, like a gift. Free delivery!” I stood in the doorway of my condo before leaving, and visualized with excitement that these items were already out on my back deck. As I drove down the sunny streets of my neighborhood,  I felt excited that today was the day I’d bring home deck furniture.

The first sale was interesting but didn’t have any deck furniture. But as I drove to the second yard sale, I followed the urge to turn down a side road looking for a short cut to the area I was headed. Just as I turned the corner of this new street, I saw a man struggling with a ‘For Sale’ sign in his front yard. Next to him, he’d placed a white deck table and four matching chairs. I slowed my car and yelled through the passenger window, “How much?”

“Twenty-five dollars.” He answered.

“I’ll take it!”

As an afterthought I realized that I couldn’t fit the furniture in my small Toyota. So I said, “I don’t have a way to get them home, but I live just around the corner.”

He smiled and offered his truck, without even a blink!

For twenty five bucks, I now had solid and lasting deck furniture delivered straight to my home, and for free! It came to me ‘as a gift’, as my note had requested in the ‘wish box’.

May the light of your soul guide you,


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