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Angelic Astrology – April 2017

By Rev. Colleen, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

We start this month off with two planets, Venus and Jupiter, already in retrograde motion. Venus, the planet of Love and Relationships, will be finishing up her retrograde cycle, and Jupiter is still in his “backward movement” in Libra, the sign that rules partnerships. Before the end of April, we will be adding Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto to the list of planetary bodies that will be turning to retrograde motion, which focuses our attention inwards concerning the energies that each one has dominion over.

Let us first focus on the numerology vibration for April, which is a 14/5 energy. The lower vibration of the 5 is about change, freedom, and redirection… is a time of breaking away from situations that are limiting or confining…..a time where we seek new experiences and adventure. At times, this 5 energy can be confusing and full of worry and anxiety, but if we look at it from a more positive perspective it is exciting, busy, and full of opportunities for growth, travel, and new connections!

The number 14 is a karmic number in numerology and rules past life circumstances where freedom was an issue in some way. So, in this month we may experience situations in which there is a whirlwind of activity, or unexpected things happening outside of our control. There may be a desire to engage in addictive or escapism activities, which is part of this karmic debt number. It will be important to maintain order, stay emotionally balanced, and keep a sense of focus. The key to moving through this month will be a commitment to your goals, and to yourself and your self-healing.

14-Temperance-ShadowscapeTarotThe 14th Major Arcana of the Tarot is Temperance, overseen by Sagittarius which rules Higher Wisdom and Understanding. This card is about learning through experience and represents the individual’s ability to transform aspects of his or her life that need changing by opening up to a Higher Understanding of why the events or situations are happening in the first place. What is the spiritual purpose for why certain events are transpiring? How can you combine different ideas and energies to move through what you are experiencing and create something new? There is a need for patience and flexibility with the vibration of Temperance, and it becomes important to change your perception of the circumstances you are experiencing. In this way, much Higher Wisdom is gained.

The first astrological energy of significance is Venus, the planet that rules relationships and finances, which went retrograde at 13 degrees of Aries on March 4th, now moving back into the sign of Pisces. She will travel all the way back to 26 degrees of this elusive water sign before turning back to direct motion on April 15th. While she is revisiting Pisces, her inner focus will be directed more towards the romantic and spiritual aspects of love, and the idea of money being a form of energy exchange. Lovely Venus will be in Pisces until April 28th, when she then re-enters Aries, a sign of courage and independence, for good…..or, at least until she enters the next sign of Taurus on June 5th.

On April 6th, Saturn, ruler of karmic energies and lessons, will join Venus and Jupiter in retrograde motion. Saturn is currently in the freedom loving sign of Sagittarius, a sign that also rules our belief systems, and will travel all the way back to 21 degrees Sagittarius before turning back to direct motion. While Saturn is retrograde, which will be until August 25th, it will give us the opportunity to reassess the commitments, projects, and responsibilities that we have undertaken so far, and reorganize anything that will help us to move forward in a more productive manner. While Saturn is retrograde, it would be wise to not take on any more than what we already have going on, to not start any new business ventures, and to set proper boundaries for ourselves in our interactions.

Saturn retrograde will also bring up karmic situations regarding our judgments….both towards ourselves and towards others. Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy, and other cultures, so we may find that while Saturn is retracing his steps from 27-21 degrees, that we experience circumstances that bring up some of the harsh realities of how people treat other people…..these will be the lessons of Saturn being shown to us through judgment energies, so that we all take responsibility for our actions and reactions, and learn to allow each other the “freedom” (Sagittarius) to be who we are with total acceptance of our differences.

There are a lot of intense astrological energies taking place from April 7th – 15th. The first is the Sun in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra on the 7th…….on the 8th the Sun will challenge Pluto in Capricorn…..and then on the 14th the Sun will connect with Uranus in Aries. This whole configuration is called a T-Square and is a challenging pattern of energy, which in this case is going to be about our needs and wants vs. the needs and wants within the relationships in our lives. Relationships, and/or our belief systems about relationships, will be undergoing further change and transformation. Are things balanced and equal within our existing partnerships? What do we think and believe about relationships in general? Do we feel worthy of having love, support, and respect from others? These and other questions will be at the forefront of our minds as we move through this time period.

The next significant energy is Venus retrograde at 27 degrees Pisces, creating a challenging square aspect to Saturn retrograde at 27 degrees Sagittarius on April 8th. Since both of these planets are in retrograde motion we are going to experience this internally as difficulties in feeling a “lack energy” vibration with situations regarding love and money, as well as our own sense of self-worth. Venus will then conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, on April 15th at 26 degrees Pisces… this whole week we are experiencing old karmic wounds, from this and previous lifetimes, regarding our inner sense of security and feelings of deservedness.

On April 9th Mercury turns to retrograde motion at 4 degrees Taurus. It will retrograde all the way back to 24 degrees of Aries, before turning back to direct motion on May 3rd. Since he begins his journey in Taurus we are contemplating issues that deal with our personal resources, our money, our values, and our self-worth. As the Messenger Planet moves back into Aries on April 20th, we are also going within mentally to sort out our thoughts regarding initiating new ideas and projects, as well as our confidence level in communication matters.

The last energy during this week of April 8th – 15th that occurs is a Full Moon at 21 degrees Libra, a sign of relationships, on April 10th-11th, depending on where in the world you are located. The Moon in Libra during this lunation connects with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, then challenges Pluto, ruler of death & rebirth, and then opposes Uranus, a planet that rules the sudden and unexpected. Of course, we will be feeling the build-up of this energy with the Sun’s travels of connecting with Jupiter on the 7th, Pluto on the 8th and Uranus on the 14th, the day after the Full Moon. This Full Moon lunation will be a continued focus on equality, compromise, and balance with the connections that we have with others in our lives. This will be a time when energies intensify and changes within the dynamics of a relationship or partnership may occur.

The Sun moves into practical Earth sign Taurus on the 19th and Mars moves into mutable Air sign Gemini on the 21st. So, our personality is more focused on security issues, but our physical energy and forward movement are a little scattered and we may feel as though we are being pulled in many directions at once.

On April 20th Pluto, a planet that rules the underworld in mythology, joins Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, by turning to retrograde motion at 19 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is a very slow moving planet and will be retrograde until September 28th only moving back to 16 degrees. We may feel this energy intensifying for a few days before and after the 20th as power and control energies start to rise to the surface within the collective, and in situations around the world. This will highlight areas for people, groups, and cultures where there are dis-empowering circumstances occurring. It is a time where the energies of transformation, regeneration, and transmutation are very strong…..much of what is hidden beneath the surface may make itself known now.

The next energy of significance that we will discuss for this month is a New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus on April 26th. There are no significant aspects to this lunation, however, the North and South Nodes (the Karmic Points of Destiny) are transitioning into the last degree of Virgo and Pisces, signifying an end to a karmic cycle. We will soon be moving into a new karmic (nodal) cycle of energy, and this, along with the New Moon, is setting the stage for a new beginning.

On April 30th we will experience what I believe to be the most important transit of this time period. Saturn, the Great Teacher, which just went retrograde on April 6th, will be creating a square (challenging) aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces. Even though this does not become exact until the last day, we will feel this very intensely during the whole month. Saturn rules karma from the past….it rules restrictions and limitations to assist us in learning patience, persistence and determination. Chiron rules healing wounds from our past, our dream time, holistic healing, awareness and integration.

Because Saturn is in Sagittarius it is showing us where our belief systems and certain judgments and ideas that we hold onto are holding us back in some way. This can be personal judgments that we have towards ourselves, or judgments towards others, groups, other countries, etc. Chiron in Pisces is about healing the collective wound and realizing through empathic connection, that we are all One….that what happens, or has happened, to someone else, is also happening to us as we all come from One Source, and therefore are interconnected.

So, this Saturn/Chiron configuration is bringing up into our bodies and our psyches, “energetic wounds” from the past with the opportunity to heal them. It is bringing up the “wounds” of the collective between people, organizations, and perhaps even other planetary species, that need the mystical and magical touch of the Shaman (Chiron) in order to integrate and bring resolution to them. How can we best move through this intense energy? By focusing on our own personal healing journey……by being sensitive and empathetic to others “wounds”…..and by expanding ourselves into the realization that we are not separate from, but “One” with all of humanity and the planet!

Please be sure to watch the Monthly Angel Card Reading Video for April 2017 below and watch my weekly readings on my YouTube channel, Angel Messenger website, or on my Facebook page to hear what messages our angels and guides share with us for the upcoming month!

Many Blessings of Love and Light to You!

Light to All,

Colleen Lemma

Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant

Monthly Angel Card Reading for April 2017

The cards used for the main message in this reading are from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. For the special messages, Rev. Colleen uses the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

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About Rev. Colleen

Rev. Colleen Lemma was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author. With well over 15 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, along with Divine messages from her angels and guides, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

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Colleen lectures and does classes and workshops on a variety of topics including Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Crystals, Soulmates, Past Lives, Karma, Children of the New Paradigm, and Soul Empowerment. She is available for teaching and speaking engagements worldwide. You can find her on her website, Sacred Soul Empowerment, and as one of the spiritual readers and healers on the website, Living 5D in a 3D World.

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