We are not alone. Guardian angels are always with us. And even though loved ones physically leave us, their spirit and love remain. Guardian angels and loved ones cannot communicate with us the way other people do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to, or that they don’t try. Guardian angels and loved ones want to send us messages.

But how do you know when it’s your guardian angel or your loved one?

3 Signs from Your Guardian Angels and How to Interpret Them

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team


3 Common Signs from Your Guardian Angels

Guardian angels know they’re always with us. But our busy lives make us forget that we even have spiritual guides. What’s more, our busyness distracts us from their signs and messages. Usually, guardian angel signs aren’t grandiose or dramatic. Generally, they’re subtle. If your angel wants to connect with you and get your attention, they may use these three gentle signs.


1. Feathers

Angels use feathers to let you know they are with you. They’re thought to be the most common angel sign. Feathers call to mind traditional depictions of angels whose large wings safely protect those around them. If you spot a white feather in an unexpected setting, it may be your angel showing up for you in a difficult time – a time when you especially need support, love, and light.


2. Sweet aromas

Sweet scents waft through the air on a daily basis, from perfume to freshly-baked cookies, to laundry detergents. But If you smell a sweet aroma that doesn’t have an explanation or source, your angel might be telling you they’re with you.


3. Angel numbers (111, 222, 333, etc.)

Angels sometimes use numbers to helps us solve problems. Often, they use numbers that have personal meaning for us. For example, if you resonate with the numbers 1 and 3, and you ask for a sign about what to do in a given situation, your angel may send you these numbers in a nonchalant way. They might appear on a license plate or your receipt. They might be your ticket number, or you may notice them on a clock. Seeing numbers can provide reassurance, guidance and the confirmation we need during times of uncertainty, doubt or difficulty.

What if we fail to notice these subtle numeric signs?

Angels may start to use repeated numbers to wake us up and make us notice. Numbers like “111” or “333” are how angels bring specific life areas to our attention. 111 refers to alignment. 333 reminds us to release thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us. 999 refers to things coming to an end. Whenever you see repeated numbers or numeric patterns, get curious. What message is your angel sending?

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3 Common Signs from Loved Ones

When a loved one transitions, it can leave you feeling devastated, grieving and deeply alone. Although loved ones leave their physical bodies, their love is eternal, and so is their spirit. They want you to know that they are with you, that they will always love you, and that they will never leave you.

How do they send you this message?

In your earthly relationship, you shared experiences that were specific to you and your loved one. They can draw on these experiences to communicate with you. If you notice that a sign is so specific to you and your loved one, there’s a very probable chance they’re trying to communicate with you.

As you’ll see, loved ones can communicate by sending signs to our physical senses (sight, sound, taste, and smell). But we are always using our senses. How can we be sure that what we’re sensing is a sign from our loved one?

The essential component is that it has to stand out and be striking – even if it might seem ordinary and mundane. Take a look.


Visual signs

Visual signs are some of the most common signs attributed to loved ones. Sometimes, you can see your loved one in a dream. Unlike most dreams, it’s not fuddled and fantastical. During the dream, you can see your loved one clearly. They may or may not say anything, but the overwhelming feeling is one of deep, unconditional love.

Loved ones also like to use physical objects as visual signs. The objects can be completely banal – a street sign, coins on the street, an advertisement. What makes them signs is that they stand out and grab your attention. Most importantly, they give you a sense of peace.


Hearing voice or sound

You and your loved one had conversations here on earth, and you know their voice like the back of your hand. While a loved one can no longer communicate audibly, you may actually be able to hear their voice in your head.

If your loved one chooses, they can also communicate via sounds. It’s true that we hear sounds all day long. How are the sound signs from your loved one different? The key is that they are specific to your loved one, and they come in unexpected places or moments.

For example, if you and your loved one liked to dance to Elis, and you listen to Elvis every day, it’s unlikely that your daily playlist is how your loved one communicates with you.

On the other hand, if you and your loved one liked to dance to Perry Como, and you haven’t listened to him in ages, and then, suddenly Perry Como comes on the radio, singing the song you and your loved one first danced to, this may be a beautiful sign from them.


Taste and smell

Unexplained tastes and smells that don’t seem to have any source are another way loved ones can communicate their presence. If you smell your grandma’s perfume in the middle of a park, feel comforted in the possibility that she is there with you.

If you have the flavor of your dad’s signature chocolate chip cookies in your mouth, maybe he wants you to remember him. Both guardian angels and loved ones want to keep the lines of communication open. But because they’re not physical beings as we are, they get creative and send messages in other ways.

Remember, your loved one can communicate by drawing on very specific connections. These connections seem unexplained in the moment and stand out, making you feel loved, at peace, and most importantly, that you’re not alone. Angels help us to remember their unfailing support with subtle signs, like feathers, sweet aromas, and numbers.

If you’d like to be in touch with your angels or loved ones, ask them to communicate with you. Then, trust that they will send the perfect sign and that you will see it.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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