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by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

There are many ways to connect with Heaven; signs and symbols being one of them. There are many signs and symbols found in nature that help us communicate with Heaven, if you know how and where to look. Animals and animal guides are excellent communicators, which is why I’m beginning to carry a few animal coloring pages and animal totem/guide jewelry in our store. I want to help people learn how to connect with the signs all around us.

However, my purpose with this article is going to be slightly different. I wish to help you understand how using signs and symbols can help you communicate outwardly with the spirit world. We discussed this a bit with my Mother Earth Project and the Love & Hope Sigil I created to go on the rocks for that project. What we will discuss here works in a similar way.

Our History & Symbols

The use of symbols in our history has been of great significance since the time humans learned to create cave drawings. Language connects us, tells our histories and speaks of things of great importance … for those who know how to read the signs. Symbols are found in all cultures, all over the world.

Several years ago, my family went on a guided tour hike in Arizona to ruins of a Native American village that had been created in the side of one of the red rock canyons. I felt an odd connection to the place until the guide pointed out an ancient cave painting of the moon in one room of the village. The guide explained how the Native American’s believed women during their moon cycles were considered dirty/unclean and had to be kept inside until their cycle was over. She told the group that this was the room where the women would be kept until they were considered clean.

I felt an overwhelming sense of wrongness about this story, though I didn’t know HOW I KNEW what the TRUTH was at the time. I just knew what she said was wrong; I knew the women were considered special or doing special work during this time, and I knew it in the depth of my soul as if the women were standing there telling me themselves. It was some time later that I learned that a woman’s moon time is considered SACRED among the Native Americans. It’s a time of purification, honor and beauty. (I will leave information about this below the video.) The point I wanted to make here is that it’s important to know symbols and what they mean because otherwise the ignorance of others will make up new uses for them that may cause irreparable harm in our human psyche.

It’s time for us all to remember who we are and to rise in our Divine Beauty …

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Let us remember our worth, dear sisters.

We are worthy of great work, and we can change the world with our ability to heal ourselves and each other. <3

Types of Signs & Symbols

We need to find our symbols. Symbols are found in all cultures, so the ones you use will depend on which ones you feel comfortable with. Christians have many symbols ranging from the cross Jesus died on and the crown of thorns he wore to the dove, heart and fleur-de-lis and more.

Celtics also have many symbols, including the Tree of Life, Celtic Cross and Triple Spiral. The Celtic Cross is also considered a Christian symbol, though it predates Christianity. It’s a favorite among many and represents God’s Divine, eternal love. Then, of course, the eternity symbol is a popular symbol as well. One of my personal favorites is the Egyptian Ankh because it means Divine protection and eternal life.

There are also symbols found in Wicca and many other traditions that can be found and used. Consider the possibility of creating your own sigils as well. Sigils are great because you can make the symbol fit your purpose exactly. However, ensure you are very clear with your intention, and do it with love. Love is the most powerful force of energy we have available to us.

Just as crystals have specific uses, signs and symbols do as well.

How to Use Signs & Symbols

My rule is to ALWAYS CREATE FOR GOOD. So, for example, the sigil I created for the Mother Earth Project was one for creating more Love & Hope in the world. I think we can all agree that is still needed in the world. (Feel free to click the Love & Hope link to find that sigil and use it.)

I’ve used symbols in my artwork, painting symbols under the paint on my rocks as well as under the paint on my canvases to create works that bring specific energies into my home. The biggest reason I wanted to write this most is because I’m feeling the need to share with you how you can use symbols for protection.

Before my niece went back to high school, I had her stop by so that I could perform a blessing ceremony for her. Part of the ceremony included adding an ankh symbol of protection to the underside of her left wrist. I chose her left wrist because she is right handed, so her left hand is the receiving side of her body, and I wanted her to receive the protective prayer. I wrote the prayer to say that “even when the symbol wore off, the energy of protection would remain”.

There are three different things that I use when adding symbols to people. Henna is a great choice because it’s not harmful or permanent, so it can be used on the person’s body. (Just make sure you keep opened cones in a sealed bag so they don’t dry out.) I’ve been using henna pens by BIC, which are really easy to use and nice to work with as well. Two great things about the pens is that they come in great colors and are less messy than the cones. I highly recommend the pens over the cones. 🙂

Another thing I will use is straight up permanent markers, but these are better for using on the bottom of shoes or a clothing item. Adding protective symbols to bottoms of shoes is a great idea, though you may have to do this to multiple pairs. Again, Sharpies are available in many different colors.

Actually, you could also add a bit of color magic to your cause here. I tend to use black because it protects against bad things. However you could create a mandala using intent and color energy for example on a shoe or backpack that would include multiple colors for a specific purpose (Purple for wisdom, protection and intelligence; yellow for academic performance, concentration and creativity; etc.)

I will also use acrylic paint. You may have other ideas as well, though my only experience so far with paint is acrylics. Again, these work great on canvas items or stones that can be used indoors or outdoors (with a protective sealant).

Oh, and I use gel pens or colored pencils to add symbols to my coloring pages. Sometimes I use white to keep it invisible to the naked eye. For example, I recently colored a rainbow for the Rainbows Around the World event and added a gold ankh in the center of the rainbow. It just seemed fitting to add Divine protection and eternal life to God’s promise. 😉

You can also use something like clear nail polish, if you need your symbol to not be noticed.

You Have the Power

Women (and men) are powerful. Mothers (and fathers) are powerful. The love we have for each other, our children and others we protect gives us power. Love is a powerful thing. You don’t need to have Native American ancestry. You don’t need to be “special”. Just tap into the love you have for the person you intend to protect. Allow that energy to fill you up and flow through your body. Feel that Holy Light rise within you, and then think about your intention. Light the wick of that intention (use a candle if you like), and send it as a prayer to Heaven. You can even write a special prayer if you would like, but keeping it very simple is perfectly okay as well. Intention is everything.

Use your symbols to protect, to create, to give, to hope, to be …

You have the power! Remember who you are. Feel it. Be it. Use it to make a better, safer world.

Be the healer. Inspire. Empower. Transform.

Much Love,


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