EVE Gives Justice

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

You may be familiar with the symbol of Lady Justice that shows up in many courthouses, law offices and legal educational institutions. The Lady Justice statue is usually in the form of a woman who is standing, typically dressed in a toga-like robe. She holds a set of scales in one hand and a sword in the other and is typically blindfolded.

Lady Justice can be traced back to several different Goddesses, from Maat, Themis and Justitia to the modern Ladies of Justice today.  The point is, Lady Justice is a feminine power that fights for justice that is compassionate, fair and honest. These are all things that justice should be. However, there are some that need help getting that justice.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and a group we at Angel Messenger wholeheartedly support is trying to raise money to help victims of Domestic Violence. You may have noticed the name “EVE” as one of the places you can chose to donate to when purchasing items from our store.

EVE’s goal is to End Violent Encounters.

They are currently preparing for their EVE Gives Justice Gala.
This event will be online October 23, 2020 at 6:00 PM EST.

(Even if you’ve found this post after this date, EVE is a wonderful organization that helps people all year long, and they need donations.)


You can donate directly to EVE and help those who are trying to break free from their abusers …

A $25 donation gives a survivor assistance in completing a personal protection order.

A $50 donation advocates for a stalking survivor.

A $100 donation provides a survivor legal representation at a Personal Protection Order hearing.

You can also write in a donation amount. Any amount helps. Remember, your dollars added to the dollars of others makes a difference!

Rise Goddess Rise!

We have been trying to get Goddess energy to rise in this country, in this world, and this is an awesome way to do it! Not only is Lady Justice Goddess Energy, but EVE  …. “Eve” is the “original wound“. This is an amazing opportunity to heal the Divine Feminine! This is an important and necessary way to bring safety to those who need help getting it. Please consider making a donation.

Angel Messenger donated $100, and I really wish I could have given more. That’s why I’m writing this post, and reaching out to our audience. This is a call for Justice where You Have The Power to Make a Difference!

Bless you,


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